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Unexpected Angel by Sloan Johnson, Review and Interview by Dee

Unexpected Angel
 by Sloan Johnson

I know you all have seen the hot hot hot cover!! If not, take a look at it HERE ... Heck.. here ..

Dee’s Review

Holy crapballs! I don’t know how to start this review! This wasn’t just your normal love at first sight book. It drama that was braided into the love, then you sprinkle in the BDSM and you get the Unexpected Angel sundae that hits all the right spots.

 The thing I love about it though, is not only is the BDSM intermixed in this, but it’s new to Tasha, so Dylan has to spell it out all and start her into it slowly. So she’s not just thrown in the deep end. I loved that about it. It wasn't just lets flog her, tie her up, and spank her.. no it was let’s start slowly, see what you like, and if you want to stop or don’t like it.. that’s ok with me. Please Dylan.. feel free to spank me.. Uhhmmmm. Did I just say that out loud? ooops.. Akward...

*clearing throat* Moving on... So, he was accepting of introducing her slow, and she was accepting of trying new things. But like I said, that isn’t even the best part. The drama. HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER, the drama! Dylan is freaking amazing and such a gentleman.. for a STRANGER!

 I mean he literally gives her the shirt off her back. And the man knows when he wants something and he holds back nothing to get what he wants.. or to protect what is his.. His words, not mine. And well, Tasha is his. He knows right away. It is effortless for him. So when the shit starts to go down, Dylan and his boys have her back. I love it. And it wasn’t just a BAM! DrAMA.... it was introduced slowly. And you have to pay attention because everyone you meet matters. Its just all tied together so awesomely. I love the way Sloan wrote this. How she used their relationship as the foundation, but built the drama around it, and as the relationship was built- you took that ride with them. And it wasn’t just sex, you literally took that emotional ride with them. You learned about them, as they learned about each other. I love when a book does that for you- take you on the ride with the characters. And let me tell you, I Took this one. I couldn’t stop reading. NOT.  ONE. PAGE. This an awesome freaking book. I kinda thought it was him.. but was surprised at the depth of his issues.

I give it 4.5 hearts.. wanna know why it’s missing half a heart? Because the book ended way too soon for me. But I do look forward to that little teaser she gives us in the end. Give me more Sloan, give me more!!

I recently ran into Dylan and Tasha. Check out my chat with them at a WI football game..

Dee: Hey guys! Umm.. Hi. How are you?  *points to self* I’m Dee from Book boyfriend reviews. I don’t know if you remember me, but we met through Sloan.
Dylan: Hey, how are you?
Tasha: Hi Dee. How are you?

Dee: Good, good. I am on my way to find my friends but could use a beer.. Can we grab a beer and chat for a minute? I’d love to ask you a few questions. Totally laid back, of course. Like not stalkerish and crazy, because that’s annoying, and well, I’m not annoying. . . or a stalker. .  I’m rambling again, aren’t I? *looking down*
Tasha: *laughing* Yeah, you are.

Dee: Sorry, I’m so nervous. *Staring at Dylan* Hi… Sorry, Yeah…. I’m so nervous.
Dylan: *smirks* It’s okay.
Tasha: It’s okay Hun. Grab a beer and ask away.

Dee: *still staring* …. Ummm. . Okay. Yeah.. I’m just gonna dive right in..Dylan, what was it about Tasha, besides her being in white, that called to you that night at the club?
She looked so out of place, I couldn’t help but notice her. Now, I’m happy as hell she didn’t fit in because I probably wouldn’t have looked twice if she had.

What about her immediately made you think she needed your protecting in the club? Why didn’t you think she couldn’t hold her own?
That club, on that night, is all about walking the lines of what’s normal. It was fairly apparent she had never seen anything like that before. And it wasn’t so much whether or not she could hold her own, it was more the fact that I don’t trust most of the assholes that hang out there.

It sounds kind of fun.. Crap, did I say that out loud? Oh god.. okay, moving on.. What is your favorite part of her evolution during your relationship?
Every day, she opens up to me a little bit more. Seeing the way she puts her full trust in me is amazing. It’s a gift I have no intention of taking for granted any time soon.

If she never would have agreed to try the ropes or spanking, what would you have done?
I’m honestly not sure. The only thing I know is there was something about her that made me open up to the idea of changing what I wanted if it made her happy. I would like to think I would have been content with just her if she had said no.

**Clearing my throat**  Okay, yeah.. ummm… {I really need to stop staring at him} Next Question.. What’s your favorite thing about her?
I said it a few minutes ago. Her trust. With everything she’s been through, it would be easy for her to close off completely but she hasn’t. I have to work for it, but when she gives it to me, everything is worth it.

That’s so sweet…*Looking at Tasha* I’m totally swooning right now. Does he have a brother? I’m kidding..*looking back at Dylan* next question..What’s the one thing you’re dying to do together?
Just one thing? That’s like taking a kid to FAO Schwarz and saying they can only pick one toy! But if I had to choose, I can’t wait to go into some more advanced shibari configurations with her.

Oh god.. where’s my beer.. Okay, I need a topic change.  Tasha.. What about Dylan made you trust him so resolutely so quickly?
I don’t know. And that’s what scared me the most about him. There was a look in his eyes that made me feel safe. The fact that he seemed to know what I needed, whether or not it was what he wanted, also helped me with that.

What is your favorite thing about him?
He’ll probably hate hearing me say it, but I love his tenderness. Beneath all that muscle, he’s sweet and caring and somehow knows what I need before I do.

Aww.. yeah, totally swooning. What’s the one thing you’re dying to do with him?
Zeke keeps showing me some rope stuff because he thinks it’d be funny for me to tie up Dylan and have my way with him. I’m not sure about funny, but I do think it would be hot!

Oh God.. did it just get hot out here?? * fanning my face** Is Zeke here? NEVERMIND!! Don’t answer that!! It totally did get hot.. oh god.. I need to focus.. okay.. next question..What made you feel so at home with him and at his house?
Did I have a choice? Seriously, I wasn’t comfy by any means, but figured I might as well not fight it.

Did you ever think he was too good to be true?
I still do, just about every day.

I would too!! Seriously.. he’s amazing.. **Sigh** umm.. Did I just sigh out loud and you hear it? That’s so embarrassing… Oh god.. *turning beet red** Okay.. next question.. What’s his best form of ‘punishment’?
Best for me or best for him? For me, I’d have to say I am learning to love a good spanking. Sometimes, I’ll be a brat just so he will spank me. Best for him is definitely denying me orgasms. Lucky for me, it’s also something he’s not very good at. He doesn’t like punishing himself at the same time.

Okay Quick fire round… Then I’ll let y’all go..
Inside or outside.. outside
Out to eat or order in.. order in
Chocolate or vanilla… chocolate (did you really have to ask ;) )
Ropes or handcuffs.. ropes .. **Oh dear**
Shower or bed.. bed
Top or bottom.. bottom
Restrained or restrained.. blindfolded
Beer or hard liquor.. beer . Cheers to that!
Football game or park .. football game
Club night or  movie night.. movie night
Pizza or steak.. pizza.
Whipped cream or chocolate syrupchocolate syrup (whipped cream can sour quickly)  **oh reeeeeallly?!!?**
Heels or tennis shoes.. tennis shoes (actually, flip flops)  ** Now that’s my kind of girl!!**
Lingerie or naked..naked (lingerie never lasts long)  **Choking on my beer**

Okay on that note, I’m going to go. I guess I’ll be seeing ya’ll later. I’m taking off before Zeke comes around… He seems like the type of guy that could get a girl… uhmm… nevermind.. I’m rambling again. Thanks for the beer, and the chat. Y’all have a good day and enjoy the game!

I want to thank Sloan for introducing me to Tasha and Dylan.. and Zeke and everyone else.. I so love you for this lady!!!!

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