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MASON! MASON! yes I said MASON...I have another special scene for you....

I am beyond excited for this exclusive!!! 
You all know how much I LOVE MASON! 

He is just...well look at him. (one of the ways I visualize Mason)

for all of those who are Team Mason fans, As well as Metamorphosis fans I present you with this:

Hidden Scene ~ Mason & Scarlett
High For This ~ The Weekend (Ellie Goulding cover)
She is Love ~ Parachute

“I love you, Rat. I love you so much and I want you to make love to me right now.” 
The words that had just tumbled from my mouth echoed loudly through my head. Still cupping his face in my hands just centimeters from my own, I looked in Mason’s hooded eyes to gage his reaction to my deceitful declaration of love. I feared that he would question my intent or sincerity, but instead his gray orbs lit up and sparkled down at me.
“Say it again,” he whispered, a smile playing at the edge of his mouth. 
I took a deep breath and made the final decision to see this thing through. Lying flat on my back with his beautifully massive frame hovering over me, I felt safe, protected, and cherished in his presence. But most importantly, I didn’t feel alone. I couldn’t do alone.
“I love you,” I whispered.
“And what else?” He leaned down to lightly kiss my lips, but made sure to simultaneously lower the weight of his hips so that his erection was once again pressed against my clit. My hips naturally lifted up to his to increase the friction and I moaned softly into his mouth.
“Make love to me Mason. I need you inside me,” I panted.
“My pleasure, Angel,” he drawled and blanketed himself over me. 
I had thought that the sexual interactions Mason and I had shared before were passionate, but nothing could have prepared me for the intensity that followed those three words. At first, he kissed me ever so delicately and purposefully, taking his sweet time assaulting my mouth and tongue with his own. My hands ran through his barely-there dark hair and grabbed the back of his neck. I pulled down on him, indicating that I wanted him to increase the force, but instead he withdrew from my mouth and shook his head at me.
  Mason’s eyes twinkled mischievously, “Slow down, Angel. We aren’t in any rush.” He ran his nose across my jaw bone to my ear at a devastatingly sluggish pace, all the while making slow, deliberate circles with his hips against mine causing  the buzzing ache between my legs to continue to build. When he finally reached my ear, he bit down on the lobe and I groaned with pleasure. He continued his pecking and nipping down my neck and sternum until he had shimmied himself down the bed to be eye level with my breasts. His hard cock was no longer in contact with my body and I sighed at the absence; however, Mason quickly rerouted my thoughts as he drew one of my nipples between his teeth and pinched the other at the same time. I squealed at the initial flash of pain but immensely enjoyed the warm, moist tongue that followed, kissing and sucking the discomfort away. He spent equal amount of time on each heavy breast and the anticipation building inside of me was reaching a dangerous level. I wiggled against him and I could feel him laugh against my sensitive flesh. 
He slowly continued his tantalizing treatment by trailing kisses down my stomach towards the throbbing that I needed him so badly to address. Not quickly enough he had made his down my body and was snuggled nice and securely between my legs. I could feel his warm breath on my inner thighs and again, I instinctively lifted my hips up to him, wanting him to abate the ache that was getting more powerful by the second.
His mouth barely brushed against my sex and I groaned aloud. He pulled back slightly and looked up at me through his heavy lids. “You like that, Angel? You want more?”
“Please Mase. Don’t tease me,” I begged him. “I need you. All of you.”
I wasn’t sure if it was the please or the I need you that he couldn’t resist, but moments later his lips crashed on my mound with such force that my hands flew straight to the back of his head. “Oh God,” I muttered. He skillfully used a combination of his mouth and fingers to tempt and torment my already aroused and wet core. I had a strong grip on the back of his head, as I shamelessly grinded against his face. I could feel the wave building, gradually at first, but soon at a rolling-out-of-control speed straight to the fire that burned deep inside me.
“I fucking love the way you taste… like my own slice of heaven.” I melted at his words as he continued to unknowingly bury my sorrows in his touch. Mason grabbed  a hold of my hip bones as I bucked out of control, spreading my juices on his hand and face, until my body relaxed into a purely euphoric state.
Kissing his way back up my thin frame, my body quickly came back to life and by the time his lips had reached mine, I was humming in anticipation yet again. Mason’s gray eyes sparkled down at me, full of love and affection, and for a brief moment I felt a twinge of guilt. But when he leaned down and kissed me thoroughly on the mouth, and all negative thoughts were replaced with my overwhelming need to feel wanted and loved. 
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Mason asked as he raised up a bit to look deep into my eyes.
“More than anything,” I replied, nipping at his bottom lip. “Make love to me, Mason.”
He leaned over to his night stand and grabbed a condom out of the top drawer. He skillfully tore it open with his teeth and sheathed himself in seconds. He lowered himself back down on top of me, locking his eyes on mine again. 
“I know this is going to be uncomfortable at first. Tell me if you need me to stop, okay?” Mason instructed me. I nodded my head and reached up to cup his face. I was nervous, so fucking nervous, but I needed it. There was no way I was backing out.
Nestled between my legs, I could feel the tip of his erection pressing against my slick opening. He slowly tried to work his way inside me, and I could feel my skin stretching to make room for him. It was uncomfortable but not excruciating pain like I had expected. Mason stopped moving to check on me and after reassuring him I was fine, he continued to try and work his full length inside me. The further he went, the more it hurt- burning, ripping, stretching. I wrapped my arms around his back and buried my head in his shoulder, biting down gingerly. I needed the physical pain. I needed it take away all of the other pain
“Mason, please, just get it over with,” I pleaded. 
“Are you sure?” he asked unsure. 
I nodded my head against his body. “Yes, I need you completely inside me now.”
He pulled out the little ways that he had managed to maneuver and looked at me with adoration. “I love you, Scarlett.” As he kissed me hard and possessively, devouring every inch of my mouth, and without warning, slammed deep inside my body.
I would’ve screamed loudly had his mouth not been covering mine, so instead I dug my fingernails into his back. He pulled back slightly and pounded inside me again.
“Oh shit, Scarlett,” he cried out. “You feel so fucking incredible.” He continued the strokes in and out and after a little while the pain had decreased quite a bit, and an aching pleasure took it’s place. 
“Oh God…” I breathed, arching my back to be closer to him while my hands continued to grasp his broad back. I couldn’t get close enough to him, I had to make sure he didn’t pull away from me… make sure he didn’t reject me. I needed him to make me somewhat whole again after the last two days had shattered me into pieces. “Please Mason…” I begged. “Don’t stop.”
“Not a chance,” he grumbled, without breaking the rhythm of his powerful thrusts. “I’m close Angel.”
We were both silent from that point on, only the sounds of our bodies hitting one another could be heard until I felt his big strong body tighten up and pound into me with three long, hard, final strokes. He went limp on top of me and buried his face in my neck. We laid like that for a while before he rolled off of me onto his side. He quickly discarded the condom and rejoined me on the bed. Pulling me up against his body, his big arms completely enveloped me and I snuggled sleepily to his chest.  
“My Angel…” was the last thing I remembered him saying before I passed out from full body exhaustion.

Whew....well now that was...Wow....
I want to thank Erin Noelle for once again letting me do this exclusive. It means a lot to me, that she allows me to share my passion for Mason with/to others. 

In case you missed the last Mason POV I featured here is the link...
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And here is the link to my review of Metamorphosis in case you  happened to miss that...
Review for Metamorphosis

Thanks, once again for letting me bring these exclusives to you and THANK YOU ERIN NOELLE! I Love your face hard! I still want to hump your leg (hehe)....You are extraordinary!!! 


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Wreck Me by JL Mac Review and Giveaway!

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Life can be cruel. People can be ruthless and evil. The world can be cold and uninviting. No one knows these things better than Josephine Geroux. By her own definition, she is a twenty-five year old “nobody with nothing,” and she is content to stay that way. Growing up an orphan has made her tough and indifferent to the people around her until she meets a strangely familiar man with a face that haunts her for reasons she can’t understand.

Despite the pain that will inevitably ensue, she makes it her mission to discover what parts of her tragic puzzle she is missing. On her journey to discovering why the she feels an alarming connection to an absolute stranger, her greatest fear is reawakening the demons and darkness from the past that will surely overtake her if she lets her guard down. 

Little does Josephine know that the past should be the least of her worries. She is toying with a man who has already broken her heart once. She just doesn’t realize it.
Although she makes it a point to avoid interactions with others, Josephine’s life becomes entangled with the enigmatic stranger. Before she realizes it, she has given herself over to the one person who is close enough to wreck her.

                   ************MY REVIEW:*******************

Wreck Me has totally Wrecked me! 
I am going to show you all the emotions this book put me through first...ready?........

First I was like....

Then came...
Yup thats the order in which JL Mac decided to reel me in, stay up late, get so far in I was wanting more then, she ripped out my heart! WTF?

I am still at a loss for words. I have literally been sitting here for about an hour just trying to process all of the emotions that I felt while reading this book. I finished the book 2 days ago!! Usually I can just come to the computer sit and just let my fingers fly across the keyboard, this time....I am still reeling and struggling to figure out all of this, it is an.....
That is what this book is exactly! Ok lets see if I am coherent enough to get all this out. We meet Jo/Jojo/Josephine who has had a pretty shitty life. Everything she has ever cared about has been torn away from her. She is the type of woman who needs no one and devours men because she doesn't feel the need for a relationship nor has ever felt the need to had one until.....
She meets Damon, Alpha male, totally gorgeous, incredible, sexy, seductive, amazing, just simply hot! 
Their first date goes a little like this: ITS HOT!!!

Come to find out he, is exactly what she needs. They have this unexplainable familiarness about each other but can not seem to pinpoint what precisely that is. Until they can figure that out they decide to be umm "friends with benefits" if you will. 
"I too feel like I've been waiting for him without even knowing it. I too feel the connection that says I could never want another man the way I want him, but I also know that I am not the dating type. I don't even know how to be someone's girlfriend"
Damon is just, oh I can not even begin to describe him think Christian Grey and Gideon Cross type of man. They all have that authoritativeness about them that makes you want to obey any order they give. I trust that they will not hurt me and will put my needs and interests first. Yup, this is Damon. Except, I felt he is a bit softer not so rough around the edges. He knows what he wants commands attention and is sexy as hell. 

Then, I am excited for Jo because I felt like finally, this woman has a chance at real happiness with this man who wants nothing more than to protect her. 
He has broken down her walls and is helping her heal. I could not get enough of them being together and gaining ground on this new thing to both of them called a relationship and not to mention the sex is SPECTACULAR! 
This is the part where JL Mac pulls the rug out from under me! SERIOUSLY? 
and when I feel my heart can not take anymore she does this to me....
Now, I am sitting here in shock with a broken heart and I can not comprehend how the hell all this happened. JL, I thought we were getting somewhere....I thought you had my best interest at heart! No, instead you grabbed my heart RIPPED it out of my chest, threw it to the ground stomped on it and then ground it with your shoe into the dirt, then if that wasn't enough picked it up and tore it to shreds!....CAN I HAVE MY HEART BACK NOW PLEASE???
I feel as though I am all over the place with this review. I do not want to give anything away and if I say one thing then it leads me to say something else and then BAM Spoilers...and I really don't want to do that because I want you to experience every emotion, every frustration, every arousal, everything that this book has to offer.

Here are a few quotes that made me fall for my new book boyfriend Damon....
"You may not realize it yet, but you're mine. Not because I am claiming you. You're mine because that's how it is. I feel like I have waited my whole life to find you. Before we met in that store I dreamed of you every night. I wondered where you were and when I'd find you."
"You think you can't give that to me, but I am going to prove you wrong. Just let me prove you wrong, Josephine."
"I'd never deny you. Please don't deny me."
"I can't explain it. I saw you and everything came together for the first time in my life. It felt like breathing. You are the one who is out of my league. I don't deserve you. Trust me." 
*Swoon* now comes this part the rating...So I keep waving between all these emotions, I am still raw and really trying to process it all. In the end I have to go with my heart (even though I can not locate it at the moment) I gave Wreck Me.....
5/5 hearts 
Be sure to go back to my FB page. I am giving away a copy of Wreck Me....

Here is the link in case you haven't been on my FB page yet.
Book Boyfriend Reviews Facebook Page!

J.L. Mac is twenty-six years old and currently resides in El Paso, Texas, where she enjoys living near her parents and siblings. She was born and raised in Galveston, Texas, until she married her husband in July of 2005. She has two young children and is married to a soldier in the United States Army. J.L. and her family have lived all over the United States and have enjoyed each new experience in each new place. J.L. admittedly has had a long and sordid love affair with the written word and has loved every minute of it. She drinks too many glasses of wine on occasion,and says way too many swear words to be considered “lady-like.” J.L. spends her free time reading, writing, and playing with her children.

Where to find JL Mac

Where to purchase Wreck Me

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Cover Reveal for Moving Forward by Erika Taylor

Moving Forward
by Erika Taylor

Jesika Reynolds’ heart was left broken one year ago when her husband died, leaving her and her son alone in this world. Slowly, she started putting the pieces back together of her life. Knowing that she may never open herself up to love again. That was until the day Derek came into the picture.

Why does this gorgeous stranger seem to care so much, so suddenly?

Derek Jordan's charm drew her in with an instant connection, and familiarity that helps her feel at ease. Her heart is falling at his feet, but as their relationship grows, so does a secret from both of their pasts that neither saw coming. One by one, the threads slowly start to unravel.

Can their newly sought love stand up against the secrets that life is unlocking to their pasts? Or can they decide together that moving forward and forgetting the past is the only option for them to find true happiness?



Let me start off by saying, I love my bestie Mallory all the time but sometimes… I really, really love her. She always knows how to pick my spirits up, or how to get me to do something I think is completely crazy, but is actually so needed. So, with that being said, the fact I haven’t seen Derek in four days sucks. No, scratch that, it completely blows. 
Admitting that I actually have a crush on someone is still hard to admit to myself. It almost feels like I’m cheating on Jake. The fact that I’m thinking about seeing Derek more than thinking about how much I miss Jake is making me feel somewhat guilt ridden. Then again, I also know that it is something I need, I know I will never forget Jake…no matter who is in my life but that doesn’t make it any easier. I’m kinda confused by these sudden feelings I’m having for someone who is practically a stranger. 
When I get home after being thoroughly disappointed again that there was no Derek at the school, I feel like I’m about to Hulk out. Maybe it’s the way he left me Friday night…a little worked up, hot and bothered, moisten between my legs…freaking feeling like a lioness in heat. 

He’s a freaking tease. He did this to me on purpose. 
I walk into my room and on my bed is a little purple with yellow polka dots gift bag with a card sticking out. I take the card out and it reads ‘Thinking of You in Your Time of Need’ on the front. 
“Humph….” I say to no one in the room. I open the card and read it aloud. “Hey Jes! I know you’d never buy this for yourself, but trust me when I say, you need it! Seriously, I am your Best Friend. Love ya, Mal.” 
I dump the bag over and pull the pink tissue paper away. “What the hell is that?” I say, again to no one. I pick it up and I swear I’m holding a bedazzled tampon holder. It’s small, fits in my hand and it’s slightly bigger than a lipstick holder. I go to open it and the damn thing starts buzzing and shaking in my hand. I drop it. 

Holy shit! 
Mallory bought me a battery operated toy. I start laughing thinking about our conversation after the concert. She was so right, I would never buy myself a battery operated toy or any kind of sex toy. 

For the last year, sex has been the last thing on my mind. The fact that I’m now experiencing some signs of sexual tension makes me blush as the butterflies start to flap around because I know damn well who is responsible for these reincarnated feelings. 


Erika Taylor was born into the army lifestyle as an only child. Being the only child, she learned to keep herself entertained by unleashing her inner tomboy. Fishing, navigating through the woods and tree climbing were a few of her favorite escapes as a child along with her fast growing love of video games. While she is still a down home girl at heart, she grew to love music and left the wildness behind. She is a devoted lover of music and a closet groupie. Genre of choice is always rock but she has been known to kick it old school from time to time and jam to the 90s greatest hits. Her passion for music fueled her imagination and she has since found at age twenty-nine that she loves to read. While reading didn’t seem to interest her growing up you will almost always find her with her nose in a book nowadays. Erika is currently a native to Oklahoma where she lives with her husband and five small children that they have combined between the two of them. She admits to loving caramel frappe’s, getting her hair done, Ace Ventura When Nature Calls and candy of choice being Airheads. She blames The Hunger Games book series for her newly formed addiction to reading, which has since brought on her desire to write. She is currently working on her debut novel “Moving Forward” set to release March 23rd, 2013.


Brett Fabrizio

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The Submission of Alistair Ingram Excerpt, Review and Blog Tour

Hello my peeps today kicks off the first day of The Submission of Alistar Ingram blog tour!

Excerpt from book:

Alistair moaned and thrust his hips into Black Betty.

This wasn’t right. He wasn’t supposed to be enjoying himself.

Well, he was. That’s what she was paid to do. But…


She stood and unclipped his handcuffs from the chain over the bed. His arms fell like

dead weights, his hands pounding into his abs with a dull thud. She unlocked the cuffs and tossed

them on a side table. “We’re done here,” she said, reaching behind his head to unbuckle the gag.

He panted and worked his jaw back and forth before a smug smile stretched across his

lips. “We’re not done.” Alistair tugged the blindfold down around his neck and gazed at Black

Betty with dark, lust-struck eyes. “We’re nowhere near done. We’re only getting started.”

A nervous flutter rose in the pit of Black Betty’s stomach. She might look and act tough,

but in reality, she was five foot four, one hundred eighteen pounds to his six foot something and

probably one-eighty at least.

She knelt and picked up her whip. “We’re done when I say we’re done.” With a flick of

her wrist, the leather strap cracked against the mattress. “We’re done, Doll.”

Alistair grasped the end of the whip and wrapped it around his hand twice. “And I said

we’re not.” One hard yank and the whip was out of Black Betty’s hand and in his control.

Panic lurched up her throat like bile. The last man who stood before her with a

whip…well, that ended badly to put it mildly. “Put that down.” Her demand came out with a

hitch making it sound like a plea.

He lifted his chin with a tilt of his head, appraising her. “I think you like it this way best,

don’t you Black Betty? You secretly want a man to be in charge, to dominate you. I can see it in

your eyes.”

What he saw was fear, but she’d never—not ever in a million years—let anyone know

she was afraid of a man. Never again. Least of all Alistair Ingram.

What choice did she have but to play along?

She sauntered past him on shaky legs to the end of the bed and gripped the brass

footboard for dear life. “What will you do to me, Master Ingram?” she whispered to hide the

tremor in her voice.

He tossed the whip aside and narrowed his eyes.

And those eyes said it all. He didn’t need to speak. It was payback time.

Alistair unbuckled his belt and tugged it through his belt loops. Folding it in half and

grasping it with both hands, he cracked it twice while striding toward her with a predatory gleam

in his eye. “Turn around and bend over, Doll. You’ve been a naughty girl tonight.”

    *********My Review:*********

Have you ever looked at a book cover and though to yourself, damn that looks really good?
That is how I felt when I looked at this book cover. I wanted to know how Alistair was put into Submission.

As soon as I began the Novella, I knew I was in for a ride! I mean Alistair is at a Dolls and Dom's with Black Betty. The story develops as these two seem to hate each other but have this unexpected pull towards one another.

Things will never be the same for either of these two after their first encounter together.

I am happily reading and really getting into the story then:

SERIOUSLY??? I could not stop after learning about Black Betty, who she really is and her past. Then Alistair comes along and practically whisks her away...I was not expecting that one. I mean its a love/hate relationship with these two.

Then some of this happens:

 which leads to this:

and I was doing this:

By the time I was more than halfway through this novella I was like this:

Really? Really!!! I couldn't believe it either!!

Then it through me for another loop which had me like this:

I was completely taken aback by how wonderful of a man Alistair is. I could not put this down for a second...eating become non-existent because I could not get enough of these characters. By the end I was happy and wanted to do this to everyone I live with:

Kelli Maine once again has done a great job in captivating me to the point of starvation (ok, not really but just go with it peeps!) I was not expecting certain points in the book. 

Alistair is wow! yummy and awesome,caring, loving and sensitive, he has grabbed my heart and squeezed it. I don't know if I want him to let go just yet but I am content for the moment.

Bethany is pretty bad ass as a dominatrix (Black Betty) but, also has a side that nobody sees. It was fascinating to watch her come out of her shell and let her guard down. Not an easy thing, for this woman to do. 

Thanks, Kelli I enjoyed the ride and can not wait for more. 

I rated this book with: 4.5/5 hearts

*ARC provided by author for honest review*

Author: Kelli Maine
Kelli's FB author page: Facebook
Kelli's Blog

Where to buy this book:
Amazon Barnes & Noble

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Very Excited to be apart of this tour

Yup yup yup!!!

Here is the tour schedule so you too can watch Alistar be submitted hehehe

 2-18: Book Boyfriend Review-

2-18: Up All Night Book Blog-

2-19: Hesperia Loves Books-

2-19: Wolfel's World of Books-

2-20: Reviews by Tammy and Kim-

2-20: Ravishing Romances-

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Check back in on the 18th :)

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Review of FURY by Michelle Pace and Tammy Coons

I want to say thank you to my guest reviewer and good friend Kristie who did this review! I love her so much, she is one of the GREATEST people I know....enjoy.....oh 1 last thing isn't this cover hot?! (hehe)

Fury by Michelle Pace and Tammy Coons

4 Stars

Being raised by her mother and along with her brother and sister Cheyenne Carson had a tough upbringing.  She was a good kid, received good grades loved to read, write and listen to music. At 17 she fell head over heels in love with a 21 years local singer. Things were great until the abuse started. Her mother, although slow to recognize the signs, ended up saving her. After her mother passes away from breast cancer, Cheyenne gets her dream job as a music journalist for The Sound Wave. She works with her best friend Steph, who happens to be The Sound Waves photographer and very good at what she does.  Cheyenne is offered her dream assignment, one that will make her well known everywhere. She and Steph, along with a new intern Goddess they get an all access pass to tour with the British rock band Fury, their latest album has gone triple platinum and until now, they have never granted interviews.

“I’m drawn to her. I have been since the moment she appeared on my terrace. Her indecisiveness is just driving me mad. And this Nathan facet is like rubbing salt in the wound.”

Their boss introduces them to Fury’s manager Ian, and there is something about him that makes Cheyenne uncomfortable.  The initial meeting with the band goes awry and things just seem to go from bad to worse.  When Cheyenne interviews Fury’s Bassist and one of the founders, Scot Charles, things heat up. He is everything she swore to stay away from but the attraction that they share for one another is too strong to ignore, then you throw the bands keyboardist Nathan Clayton in the mix and things get extremely competitive. Then we have all the drama for Steph, when first meeting the band, Phillip Kersey, the bands lead singer thought she was paparazzi- so he broke her camera. Nathan who knows exactly who she is was star struck, he loves her photography. Phillip and Steph’s working relationship is not ideal. Phillip acts like a diva and refuses to cooperate for the photo shoots and interviews. Then you have Goddess, the intern who acts like a groupie. Cheyenne does her best to keep things professional for all of them but fate has other plans in store. Things start to heat up and their situation seems to get dangerous.  Cheyenne is in a position to finally make her dreams come true and the skeletons in her past slowly start to surface and the choices she makes or doesn’t make will impact her future. The question Cheyenne must ask herself is does she follow her head or her heart?

“Scot, do you still believe in love at first sight?”

I enjoyed the characters in this book.. I loved Scot, he is a hottie but he is also so down to earth and very smart. He is a romantic at heart. I also adored Phillip. As much of an ass he was, I couldn’t help but to have a soft spot for him. Steph is the best friend anyone could want. She is honest, caring and supportive.  Cheyenne is beautiful and broken, afraid to love and afraid to be loved. She has a tendency to over think things which end up making things worse. She, like most of us is her own worst enemy.
I enjoyed the interactions of the characters and the issues surrounding them.. I was able to figure out the plot but that didn’t ruin any part of the story for me at all.  This book has a little bit of everything suspense, comedy, fear and romance.

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Plastic Hearts by Lisa De Jong Cover Reveal

Plastic Hearts by Lisa De Jong
Release Date: March 1, 2013
Genre: New Adult

My life has always been safe. I like it that way. I grew up in a fake society where plastic hearts rule. If our hearts are made of plastic, they can never be broken. My parents have expectations and I do everything I can to meet them, even if it means giving up on my own dreams.

Now, all I want is to be free to make my own choices.

Dane Wright is everything I have been warned to stay away from. We met one night while I was with my perfect, parent-approved boyfriend and I haven’t stopped thinking about him. I don’t want to like him. I am doing everything I can to ignore his pull, but my heart seems to want what it cannot have, what it has never had.

Can he measure up? He may think I am too good for him, but maybe he is too good for me.

Life is a series of choices and I have never been able to 

Designer: Michelle Preas

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Cover Reveal for Rebecca Berto's Drowning in You

Title: Drowning in You Author: Rebecca Berto Expected release date: April 12, 2013 Genre: Contemporary Romance Age Group: New Adult Cover

Designer: Okay Creations OkayCreations
Jacqueline Barkla Photography
Reveal organized by: AToMR Tours
Goodreads: Goodreads/Drowning in You

Book Description:

Secretly crushing

Crushed by a tragedy

Charlee May’s been crushing on Dexter Hollingworth since she was fifteen. Five years later, a horrific skiing disaster at Mason’s Ski Lift Resort leaves her millionaire dad critically injured and her mom dead at the hands of Dexter operating the lifts. Charlee is suddenly the sole caretaker for her little brother while their world falls apart.
Dexter couldn’t be more different from Charlee. He’s tattooed, avoids exclusive relationships and his Dad has a fair share of illegal dealings. With Dexter’s reputation, almost everyone believes he planned the Mason’s skiing disaster.
And after all these years he’s still crushing on Charlee May, the girl who’s
too good for him.
When this cruel twist of fate ties Charlee’s family and Dexter’s reputation together, Charlee and Dexter wonder if their feelings are reciprocated, while Dexter discovers his dad is trying to steal the May’s millionaire fortune.
But like an addiction, one look, one touch, one taste—they’re hooked no matter the consequences.

About the Author:

Rebecca Berto writes stories that are a bit sexy, and straddle the line between Literary and Tear Your Heart Out. She gets a thrill when her readers are emotional reading her stories, and gets even more of a kick when they tell her so. She’s strangely imaginative, spends too much time on her computer, and is certifiably crazy when she works on her fiction.
Rebecca Berto lives in Melbourne, Australia with her boyfriend and their doggy.

Where to find Rebecca Berto: