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Different type of Review/Discussion for Metamorphosis by Erin Noelle

Scarlett MacGregor has lived a very sheltered life courtesy of her over-the-top controlling parents. Having never been to a co-ed party, much less on a date, Scarlett has relied on her books, her music, and living vicariously through her best friend Evie to keep her sanity as she's patiently awaited her freedom from their rule.

When Scarlett and Evie go away to college, Scarlett quickly meets Ashton, Dylan, and later, Mason, and is thrown into a crash course of like, love, and lust. With Evie's help, she must figure out the difference in the three and which one she wants before she ends up without any of them.

Metamorphosis is the story of Scarlett's transformation from a young, naive girl to a strong, mature young woman and her search for self-discovery and true love.

The author had contacted me and asked me to review her book. I had heard good things about it, so I was honored to do the review.

I have mentioned that on Facebook I belong to a group where we talk all things book. This one happened to come up and we decided a group read was a great idea. As we were reading we were "discussing" and I was thought what a great way to do a review. So I asked two of my many many friends from that page if they would do this with me. They have agreed and I know its a bit unusual but I thought you all would appreciate the 3 different perspectives to this book.

I want to introduce my friends Kaci and Heather:
Welcome to my little blogging piece of heaven that I call home!

HeatherSo glad to be here!!
KaciThanks for having me!

So glad you both agreed to help me out. Alright lets get to this and talk book!
KaciReady, set, go...
Heather:Lets do it!

 The beginning we have Scarlett a sheltered girl who has never experienced anything because her parents were cray cray! how did that make you feel about reading a book like this?

Kaci:I was excited to see just how cray she might go. I had a feeling once she tasted a little bit of freedom, she would run like crazy with it.

Heather:I liked watching her explore her freedom! I loved how she got to explore it with her best friend Evie!

Speaking of Evie her best friend, she was wild so them sharing a dorm I had a feeling things were going to get wild and crazy.

Kaci:LOVE Evie!! I think having Evie was probably the best thing for her in terms of her newfound freedom. Evie was there to show her the ropes, let her have fun, but make sure she didn't make a complete ass of herself!

BBR: I agree. Evie is the type of best friend every girl should have. She kind of gave her boundaries.
Heather: I loved Evie!!! I think Evie helped her. Kept her balanced.
Kaci: Exactly! Fun & Fiesty, but protective & caring.

The author did a great job because, she talked about book boyfriends, I was laughing at the girls on their first night out.

KaciThat was most definitely one of my favorite parts of the book, because let's face it, we're all book whores here!

BBR*raising hand, lowing head* yes I am a book boyfriend whore!
HeatherI loved the references to Book Boyfriends!
BBRI loved that she used Book boyfriends that we all love!
KaciNo sense in any of us trying to deny that. I was just excited to see my ultimate book boyfriend, Kellan Kyle, made the cut!!
BBRor just that fact that she used them at all, most books talk about the girls liking/reading books but never really go much further, I loved that the author did.
Kaci: And the second I saw the Abby/Travis reference my mind immediately went to you Sandie!
BBR: *SQUEEE* Travis Le sigh

HeatherI was excited that Travis made the cut!!!
BBRI was so giddy when the reference was made to Travis and Abby! I was like, I want to hump Erin's leg LOL
KaciShe would probably let you too, Sandie. Love Erin!
Heather: Yes, Love Erin!
BBROh she had me at "I need to change into my Team Edward t-shirt" I am team Emmett but I will let her slide with Edward.
KaciLet's face it, I was pretty much grinning the entire time I was reading this book. I loved everything about it. If I wasn't grinning, I was "awwing" or "that's so sweet-ing" or "ugh-ing"

Lets talk Book Boyfriend potentials in the book Ash

HeatherI loved Scarlett's reaction to the first time she saw Ash!

BBR: When she met Ash! Ok ok I was a swooner. He seemed so perfect and the description, surfer! I died I was like OH HELL YEAH!
"My mouth fell open as the breath escaped my lungs. He stood what I guessed to be close to six feet tall with a lean but muscular build. His dirty long hair looked as if he had just run his fingers through it and the sexy five o'clock shadow on his face made me want to feel the scruffiness under my hand."
KaciUh yea. Taylor Kitsch immediately popped into my head.

Heather and I both have no idea who this is so we grab our phones and quickly google him.
Kaci***gasp*** Gorge ladies, simply gorge!!

BBR: *mouth open, drool coming out of my mouth* yeah thats a good description/pic Kaci.

Heather:That is a good fit for Ash!
BBR: Holy Hecks!! whew its hot in here?? 

HeatherHoly Hell he is Hot!
KaciFor reals, TK gets my blood boiling!
BBRI loved that the author used Taylor Swifts song Trouble when Scarlett was at the party so fitting!
KaciI pretty much despise Taylor Swift so I didn't even really get that reference. Guess I need to look it up.
HeatherI don't know the song either.
BBROh hahaha Well its a good song. That song fits Ash perfectly.

What about the reference Evie makes to Scarlett about Taking Chances was that fair?

HeatherI thought the Ruining Me reference fit better!

KaciHer current sitch with Ash & Mason (or was it just Ash & Dylan at that time??) was very much relatable to TC. but I think Scarlett was more open about her thoughts/feelings with the guys than Harper was.
BBR: I agree Kaci...I loved that Scarlett was just so honest even if it wasnt what the person wanted to hear. She knew that was the only way to let her feelings/thoughts be known. No beating around the bush.
Heather: Scarlett was honest with her feelings!
Kaci: Ash was the one that couldn't get his head out of his ass long enough to tell her his true feelings!

BBR: Ok Im so excited I am squirming in my seat thoughts about Mason!
HeatherOMG! I freaking loved him!
BBR: my panties need to be changed just thinking about him.

"I tried very hard to pay attention to the conversation that was going on around me but I kept finding my attention and eyes turned in on the guy holding the microphone. I was awestruck. He was tall, probably six-five or six-six, and his defined muscles were on display via the sopping wet black t-shirt was plastered to his chest. His dark hair was shaved close to his head and tattoos covered both arms and crawled up the front and back of his neck."

So this is Heather and Kaci's Visual Version of Mason:
and this is mine:
Either way its a win win!

**This is where you can see which guy we are rooting for!**

Kaci: BUT, in his defense, bc I am Team Ash (even though I really really love Mason too), I think he really was truly trying not to hold her down. He knew that she had never even been on a date, let alone had a bf. He knew that in his current state of "affairs" he was not the right guy for her to jump into a relationship with, no matter how much he wanted her. She needed to test the waters.
BBROk in regards to Ash I get that but seriously? if I wanted to be with someone I would be with them.
Kaci: Dammit Sandie, he was just trying to, somewhat, do the right thing! He didn't think he was good enough for her. Whereas Mason, who, might I add, is also a manwhore, had no prob whatsoever letting her give him head 5 mins after meeting. Just sayin.
BBR: HAHAHA I don't think Mason did that after he meet Scarlett. I understand somewhat what/where Ash was coming from but hello Travis was the same way and he changed while with Pidge so I don't think his logic works.
HeatherI don't think Mason did anything after he got with Scarlett
Kaci: Whatevs! Everybody's all Mason and his tattoos and his piercing (which I love too, don't get me wrong), but I've still got Ash's back!
Heather: He (Ash) said he didn't want her, but then got pissed when she was with Mason!
BBR: LOL I love the fact that we all have a different POV for them
Kaci: I was wondering about Mason too Heather. I'm thinking you're prob right tho.
Erin has created a shitstorm of bickering bookwhores!
BBR: That is my point too though I think Mason, saw Scarlett and knew she was worth holding on to and even though he was a man-whore stopped because she was what he truly wanted
Kaci: But we don't know that he did for sure...
BBR: Unlike Ash, he wanted her but in his way. He held her at arms length and was still with other women in her face, True we don't know for sure, but you never read about him with someone else where as Ash every time I swear I turned around he was with another woman
Kaci: Word. I can't really argue that point :(
Kaci: And for me, his (Mason) whole "I'm so in love with you" declaration kinda came out of nowhere to me. I didn't realize up until that point that his feelings for her really ran that deep.
BBR: I saw it. I knew he really cared for kinda threw me too with that whole declaration but he's hot I would have melted, Sorry I'm a sucker for guys with piercings and tattoos 
HeatherI had a feeling he was falling for her!
KaciI thought he was falling, just not quite that far or fast I guess. Maybe I was just in my Ash bubble

Ok so then we come to the point of where I cried....I won't say who or what exactly happened but you ladies should know right?

Kaci: I totally saw it coming :(
BBR: Really I thought something but not THAT! I was devastated 

Heather: I saw it coming too :(
KaciI was expecting more of a Edge of Never type sitch though. I wasn't really diggin Scarlett's reaction to it though. I thought it coulda been more dramatic
Heather: Scarlett's reaction was a shock to me.

OK enough with the heavy...HAHAHA that was a line in Breaking Dawn.

Nicknames! Yes? no and why?

BBR: I have to give it to Ash, (sigh) only because of the story behind his nickname for her and that was what made me be all goggly eyed for him.
HeatherI loved how her called her Butterfly!
KaciYep! It had the most meaning! Obviously the author thought so too.
BBR: Mason's was kind of eh, I mean don't get me wrong if he called me Angel I would have creamed on the spot but yeah Ash's was better! (I can play nice and give credit where credit is due)
Kaci: LOL Sandie! Loved that she got his designed tattooed on her, but was thinking wtf about the placement of it.
BBR: RIGHT! I was like huh that is not where I would have gotten a tat, glad I wasn't the only one
Heather: I loved that too! I liked how he went and got it done on his forearm
BBR: Yeah, Yeah after the fact that he was a total dickdouche to her then he realizes UGH
KaciBackoff Sandie!!
BBR: true or not? that was a douche move...I think that was why I got so upset with him.
Heather: I was pissed at him for that!
Kaci: Oh yes, I had a total Jack F'in Carter moment during that whole scene! I was so pissed and him!! And then right after that, I was even more pissed at Scarlett for what she did!
BBR: Yup me too...kind of like Olivia from the opportunist right? 
Heather: Yes, I don't like what she did either!
Kaci: Exactly!! I was screaming at Erin "didn't they read TO?!?! Didn't she learn anything from Olivia?!" And she's gonna regret it in Ambrosia when she ends up with Ash 
BBR: She's not ending up with ASH!
Heather: I still don't believe that Ash has changed!
Kaci: We'll see Sandie, we shall see.
Heather: She will end up with Ash, but I don't think he deserves her!
Kaci: Maybe not yet Heather, but I still think he can. Just think about what KK did to Kiera before they ended up douche.
BBR: UGH! NO NO NO.....That's it I am going to write a book about all the rockers that get left by the girl....My poor Ollie and Mason they can live with me 
Kaci: No way Sandie!! Kellan got the girl!!
BBR: Alright I can give you that Kaci. Damn it
Heather: We can run away with them Sandie!
BBR: Yeah but Ollie didn't!!
Yes Heather we can LOL
Kaci thats Kellen Kyle hellooo I would have left Denny too (sorry Denny)
Kaci: Ikr?! Kellan is the ultimate rocker book boyfriend. He'll always be #1, always!
Don't kill me, but I don't know Ollie.
Heather: Kaci you need to read Bound Together! Ollie is amazing!
BBR: I would never kill you Pea, LOL Ollie is from Marie Coulson's Bound hottie Book Boyfriend Worthy and yeah. Jared the other guy in book he's a hottie with a tie. A lot of peeps like Jared but I am a sucker for a guy with skilled fingers and piercings just sayin

How do you each rate the book and why?

Heather: I gave it 5stars! I love when a book draws me in from the beginning. I didn't want to put it down. Also I couldn't stop thinking about it when I finished. I WANTED more!

Kaci: I gave it a solid 4, but the more I talk and think about it, I may have to upgrade it. It may require a re-read, a little slower this time. That's what I had to do with BD. The first time I read it, I only gave it 4, but I absolutely could. not. stop thinking about it, so of course I read it again and it's been a 5 ever since. I think I'm in the same boat with this one. Can't wait for Ambrosia!!
I did love Meta from Page 1 though and that's pretty rare!

BBR: For myself I have to say that it was a mixture of angst, drama, swooniness and awesomesauce. It had all the elements of what I look for in a book, the story came together and the fact that the author put in things that us bookies could relate to and understand was the best past for me. Then the author had me days later still contemplating certain things about the book I gave it a 4.5!

Whoo Hooo thanks ladies this was fun I enjoy doing reviews like this gives the readers different perspectives which is always a good thing

Heather: Thank you for having me! It was a lot of fun.
Kaci: I had a lot of fun too! Anytime you wanna talk Will Cooper, I'm your girl!!! 

This was a little different but, I hope you all enjoyed the review/discussion. As you can see we get very passionate about our book boyfriends. In the end its fair to say that this book has 2 swoon worthy guys that make the list of Book Boyfriends.
Ash and Mason. 
Now its up to you to decide which one of these would be your book boyfriend, heck you can even be greedy and say both! This book is a definite must read. I enjoyed it from page 1. I can not wait for the sequel and I am going to BEG Erin Noelle to hurry because I can't sleep or eat knowing that my Mason might get heartbroken *SOBS*.
In the end I think its safe to say combined we have a rating of 4.5 (I don't have 1/2 hearts)

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  1. Btw, Sandie, I have upgrade to a 5 Star rating!! I haven't had a chance to re-read this yet (though I'm dying too), but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since I finished it almost 3 weeks ago. That alone warrants an upgrade by my standards!