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MASON's POV from Metamorphosis by Erin Noelle

As many of you know, when I love a book and find a new book boyfriend I sometimes can get a bit carried away, if you don't know then...

And that's okay! You will quickly find that I ummmm tend to get a bit Stalkerish PASSIONATE about the men I want to run away with.

Alright I am totes team Mason and I know MANY of you are team Ash (Blah) and I will still be your friend because I am just awesome that way LMAO.

So for all of us who just love Erin Noelle and her book Metamorphosis here is MASON's POV and I just have to say, this made me LOVE him even more, so here you all go....oh wait here's a visual of my Mason before you read


Tonight is going to be good, I thought to myself as I stared at my reflection in the mirror one last time before heading out the door. Scratch that. Tonight was going to be fucking fantastic. 
Call it a premonition, a hunch, whatever you want, but I could feel the nerves in my gut building in anticipation of something. I just wasn’t sure exactly what for. It definitely wasn’t about performing at my brother’s bar; I had been singing in front of crowds of people since before I could remember. The only time I got nervous when taking the stage now was if I knew that someone important might be watching or listening. Maybe that was it. Maybe a scout or a producer or someone with a connection to the music business would find their way to the old mechanic-shop-turned-bar that I considered my home away from home, and help Jobu’s Rum get our foot in the door, or rather, out the door. I could only hope, because I was more than ready to get the fuck out of Texas. There was nothing keeping me here anymore.
I grabbed my keys from the bar and flew down the two flights of stairs to my car. I folded my large body into the driver’s seat.  This would definitely be the last sports car I ever owned. They were great to look at and were fast as shit, but I was way too big to fit inside comfortably. I needed to break down and go buy the Harley that I had been eyeing for a few months now. I would do that soon. I turned on some old school Beastie Boys with a beat that matched my spry mood and made the short drive over to the bar.
Cruz and Sebastian were already sitting at our table when I walked in. I wasn’t surprised that Aaron wasn’t here. Ever since he had started dating Sophie a few months ago, he was late for everything. They couldn’t keep their hands off of each other and apparently they often got side-tracked when trying to get dressed to go anywhere. I was jealous as hell at his happiness, but I wasn’t about to get on his ass about it until it interfered with something serious. I knew all too well that the honeymoon phase would wear off quickly and the next thing we knew, he would be running late because they were fighting over something irrelevant and petty. Relationships were for the fucking birds.
Seconds after taking my place on the barstool, a waitress set a beer on the table in front of me, making sure she rubbed her boobs against my back and arm in the process. I was pretty sure her name was Tiffany and I couldn’t remember if I had fucked her before or not. I didn’t think so- maybe that would change tonight. I flashed her one of my panty-dropping smiles with my “thanks” and she all but melted onto the floor. A good night indeed.
Led in by Sophie, Aaron finally showed up about half an hour later and the four of us quickly ran down the lineup for the night as we downed a few beers. Tiffany stopped by to “check on me” a few more times and I chuckled at her frustration by the other girls that had joined the table. To make sure she knew I was interested in hooking up later, I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close to me one of the times she walked by. 
“Hey beautiful, you got plans when you get off tonight?” I whispered in her ear. She shook her head and I could see the pulse in her neck speed up. This was going to be too easy. Maybe I should just take her to one of the dressing rooms now and actually get some sleep tonight. As I pondered the thought, the band on stage announced they were about to play their last song. Well so much for that bright idea. “Good, don’t make any,” I said and lightly kissed her neck. I slid off my stool and gave the rest of the guys the “let’s go” nod. I smacked Tiffany’s ass as she walked away and that made her squeal like a twelve year old. God, I hope she didn’t make that awful noise when I fucked her later.
~.~    ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~ ~.~
The set was flowing nicely, even Aaron was able to pull his head out of his girlfriend’s ass long enough to concentrate on the music, when she walked in. I don’t know what it was about her that made me look at her the minute she stepped through the door, but it was like a light beckoning for my attention. I momentarily forgot the words to the song I was singing, and I hoped that no one except for the band would notice. I would’ve looked around to see other’s people’s reaction but I couldn’t draw my eyes away from her. 
After I got back on track with the music, I watched her walk across the room, never once looking up at me almost as if she didn’t hear me. She was with two other girls that were pretty hot as well, but she was… angelic. I had seen many beautiful women before… shit, I still had sex with a Victoria Secret model on a regular basis, but there was something different about this girl that attracted me and it wasn’t just about her looks. Her outfit was anything but angelic. The black and red sheer/ lacy thing and tight ass jeans she had on screamed naughty girl, and I loved that long, dark, silky hair- it was perfect to wrap around my hands and pull during the throes… But there was something about her face that was so completely innocent, the way her eyes were darting around the room, looking at everything as if it was the first time she had ever been in public, trying to soak everything in. One of her friends was holding her hand and practically dragging her along. I chuckled to myself and nearly lost my place again. Okay, Rat, focus dumb ass. Stop acting like a little bitch. 
I forced myself to look around the room at the rest of the crowd as that song ended and we began the next. I looked down at the group of females that were taking up the half of the dance floor closest to us. The same old group looked up at me, and I groaned internally. Some of them were borderline pathetic. I couldn’t help myself, I needed to see her again so I visually searched the area that she was headed and found her at the tables of one of the bands that had played earlier. She was standing off to the side while the blonde friend appeared to be introducing her and the other friend to the people at the table. Her shyness was adorable even from this distance and I wondered how easily I could make her blush. 
Again I made myself look away and make eye contact with some of the other bar patrons. When Cruz began the opening chords of I Want You by Kings of Leon, one of our favorite covers to do, the women went wild. I have to admit, there was just something about this song that was so fucking fun to sing. There was nothing like finding a hot ass chic in the audience and looking into her eyes when I sang “A choke and a gag, she spit up and came back for more, And said I want you just exactly like I used to…,” I loved knowing that her panties were most likely getting all wet from it. It was always at that point of the night that I claimed my victory; the rest of it was just collecting my prize.
I returned my sight to where she was sitting and she was staring directly at me, open-mouth gaping. Oh, I was about to have some fun with this. I gave her a devilish grin and was going to give her my best seductive eyes but she looked away immediately. What the hell? I continued looking at and singing to her thinking that she was going to look back in my direction, but she never did. The blonde friend kept looking up at me and smiling and then leaning over and whispering to angel girl. I was ready for the set to be over with, quickly. I needed to go meet this girl and figure out what the deal was. Was this all just some hard-to-get play? Something told me no, but I had to find out more. 
After we finished up and I showered and changed out of my sweaty clothes, I wasted no time in approaching her. She was still sitting in the same place, but as I got close to the table she jumped off of her stool and I heard her ask the friend, “Do you want to go to the bar with me to get another drink? I don’t feel like waiting for the server to come back around.” Her friend mumbled something about company and then she turned around and I got my first good look at her close up. I was dumbfounded. Sure, she was pretty. Most people would probably even say beautiful, but there was just something about her brown eyes that fascinated me. The sparkle in them was so vibrant, so pure… almost as if they were untainted by the real world.
“Hey, I’m Mason, but most people call me Rat,” I said sticking my hand out, finally breaking the silence. God, I sounded like such a fucking tool. 
“Hi, I’m Scarlett. It’s nice to meet you, Mason,” she responded hesitantly and put her hand in mine. The feel of her skin against mine made me catch my breath. 
“I overheard you saying that you were headed to get a drink as I walked up. Would you be interested in joining me for one at my table?” I hoped that my usual charming instincts, whatever the hell they were, were working because I felt like the biggest idiot and I didn’t even know why. Part of me hoped that she would say no just so I could go over to Tiffany and the night would be easy. What the hell was I doing over here anyway? It was still fresh in my head what the end result was the last time I felt like this around a girl. 
Scarlett looked around the table until she made eye contact with the small Asian friend. They seemed to share some unspoken conversation and then she grabbed her purse and smiled at me, “I’d love to.” I was in so much trouble.
Back at the table I introduced Scarlett to the guys and Sophie, and her sweet shyness was evident. Everyone was giving me questioning looks, but I just smiled and shrugged. I wasn’t sure what I was doing either. She was so different from the kind of girl I usually hooked up with. This was going to get interesting. After making our way around the table, I sat on my stool and decided to do an initial test of the waters. She had let me hold her hand as we walked across the room, but I wasn’t sure how she was going to react to any more touching. Without asking, I grabbed her waist and pulled her onto my lap, leaving one arm wrapped around her waist. She stiffened a bit at first, but quickly relaxed and got comfortable on my leg. Her content smirk as if she was pleasantly surprised to like the closeness of our bodies, made me even more curious. 
Tiffany brought over the two beers that I had hand signaled at her with a scowl across her face and slammed them on the table. I gave her a warning look not to push her attitude. She knew damn well not to act that way if she wanted to keep her job. I looked at Scarlett to see if she had noticed Tiffany’s behavior, but instead found her staring over at the pool table area. I wasn’t sure if she was just looking around in general or if she was looking at someone specific, but either way I wanted her attention back on me. I wasn’t quite sure what to say or what type of conversation to start up. I usually didn’t do much talking to chicks. So instead, I decided to really push my luck, and do what I do best. I placed my hands on either side of her face and pulled her eyes to look into mine. I couldn’t take it any longer, I had to taste that sweet mouth. I brought her lips to mine and tried to deliver the softest, most tender kiss that I could, but it was nearly impossible when I just wanted to devour her. 
My tongue instinctively found her lips and ran lightly around the perimeter, silently requesting entrance. I needed some part of my body to be in some part of hers immediately. She whimpered and her lips separated granting me access. Her tongue felt like warm melted caramel against mine, and I nearly came in my pants when she flicked my lip ring with it. I had to pull away from her before I lost my mind. The things I had done with girls might make a porn star blush, so why in the world was a kiss making me feel so out of control. Because I had never kissed an angel before, that’s why.

Awwwww! see told ya he's amazing, and beautiful and just GAH makes me wet my panties! sorry LOL

Hope you all enjoyed as much as I did and soon I will be doing a giveaway with some pretty special items so get ready!!!

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  1. This was amazing!!!! I want more of Mason`s POV <3

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  9. Sorry folks, team Ash for me. He is just so yummy and thoughtful. I was undecided until the Prologue to the book... then I read the Ash POV excerpt, which isn't public yet, but omg. Love him!!

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