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Yes I am a stalker a passionate blogger/person when it comes to the men that I love. I have many but this year I have become infatuated with 3 and they all hold a piece of my heart!

True I am not, but hey I have never claimed to be so shut it lady! In honor of the 3 men that have stolen my heart for Valentines Day, I have decided to let you all have a piece of them as well. Seems fair to me. I will let you too become attached and obsessed with them. I am not at all selfish and believe these men deserve to be pimped out as much as possible! So to begin I start with an interview with one of the men and well his GF since I have to play fair. (ugh)

My interview with Brandon (sigh) oh and Spencer from 
"Where I Need to Be" by Kimberly Knight

Spencer and Brandon walk in hand in hand into my office. They stop and stare at my BBR Banner.

Me: Hey guys welcome to my lil piece of blogging heaven, *smiling* oh do you like my banner?
Spencer: I do. Didn’t Kimberly Knight make that for you?
Me: Yes, she did.
Spencer: That guy Joe is hot! * she said biting her lower lip, trying not to smile*
Me: Oh guurl YES, yes he is *winking at Spence*
Brandon: *Groans*

Walking them over I have them sit on the couch in my office. 
Me: how are you both doing? *I look over to Brandon, le sigh*
Brandon: I’m doing good, Sandie. How are you?  *he rests his hand on Spencer’s knee*
Me: I'm great *staring at Brandon with a big cheesy smile, reluctantly turning* and you Spencer?
Spencer: I am doing really well. Thank you.

Spencer we know how you met Brandon, how did you manage to workout with him next to you? I would have fallen on my ass staring at this fine specimen!
Spencer: *laughing* trust me, I am surprised I didn’t! Now I know why gyms have the mirrors on the walls. 
Me: So you can check out the hot guys?
Spencer: Exactly!
Me: So glad they thought of that must have been a woman's idea!
*we both laugh*
turning towards Brandon....

Brandon I have to ask you what were you thinking when you were dancing with Spencer in the night club in Vegas?
Brandon: Aw –– first, I was thinking how the hell she was letting a guy dance with her like we were. During the first song, Ryan and I shared a look and then I saw Spence look at Ryan so I hoped she knew it was me. 
Spencer: I knew it was you as soon as you placed your hands on my hips…and when I looked at Ryan’s face *she said smiling up at Brandon*
Brandon: Then as we danced and things became heated, I wanted to fuck her in the club’s bathroom but I didn’t want to push my luck.
Spencer: I’m glad you didn’t, not sure I would of. 
Brandon: I know, I figured you weren’t the type.
Spencer: And you are?
Brandon: No, that’s not what I am saying. *groaning* Next question, please.

oook, soo anyways *hehe* I really love both of your friends, Spencer *I stare at her in her eyes* can I please be like the 3rd wheel of your friendship with Ryan? I mean the way you both have each other’s backs and ready to fight for one another I would fit right in! What do you say?
Spencer: Sure but you might have to be the fourth wheel now. Becca, Ryan and I have become really close over the last few months.
Me: Deal!!

Brandon Hi-five for your favorite football team being the Dallas Cowboys *Don’t really care what team he likes I just wanted him to touch me hehe* 
Would you ever consider moving back to Texas?
Brandon: You like the Cowboys too?
Me: Suuuure I do.… *I look away nervously*
Brandon: Haha okay. Well I don’t think I would move back. Spencer and I were just there over Christmas and even though I miss it, my heart is in San Francisco now. *he leans over and kisses Spencer on her head*

OMG Spencer you and I so need to party together, those text messages back and forth with Brandon that you don’t remember seems just like me. I could tell you were mortified but were you surprised by how fast this relationship was evolving?
Spencer: Definitely! I still am. I guess when its meant to be, things just happen. *pats Brandon’s hand that’s resting on her knee*
Brandon: Wait till you read what happens in Wanted. 
You can not say things like that and not give details you little tease you! luckily you are cute so I will let that pass...so what about you Brandon? are you always this natural in a relationship?
Brandon: No, this has never happened to me before. I usually have my guard up but with Spencer––I just knew she was the one. 

*awwww that's so cute, too bad it's not me sitting there with him instead of her, but I am just waiting. I have 2 others I can pounce on LOL*

Now for real I want to give you a high-five for telling Travis what you did! That was awesome. I would have personally kicked his ass, but I was glad you did what you did. Did he say anything back to you?
Brandon: Not really. He mumbled a thank you which I tried not to laugh when he did. I think he was just shocked that I actually approached him but really, if it wasn’t for him, I would have never met Spencer. I’m actually not sure why I did it *laughs nervously* I wanted to punch him more than anything but you know what they say, kill them with kindness.

you can kill me with kindness if you would like *big smile* 
Ok, I just to say that I love Max as well! How about an update on Ryan and Max?
Spencer: Well we just had our dress fitting. I can’t wait to see her walking down the isle in it. It is so beautiful and our bridesmaid dresses aren’t hideous so that is always a plus! I haven’t really seen Max since we went to Seattle for New Years for the grand opening of the gym. I’m sure Ryan has him busy planning the wedding.

Brandon while I applaud you for not being a dumbass and just taking Christy’s word about the baby being yours, I just want to understand WTF were you even thinking being with that crazy ummmm witch?
Brandon: I swear she wasn’t always crazy. When Kimberly tells everyone my point of view, you will learn more about her and really I think she just got crazy once she saw I was dating someone new so fast.

What happened to Christy anyways?
Brandon: Nothing yet. She is still awaiting her attempted murder trial. 
oh my gosh that chick has some screws loose and I hope they throw the book at her!

So what can we expect next in your story? Marriage, kids, kidnappings?
Spencer: Oh God, kidnapping? I hope not! 
Brandon: I’m not sure what’s in store for our story. You’ll just have to wait and read it. *Brandon winks at me..oh my God Brandon winked at me!*

Ok this is just random questions, answer with whatever pops in your head

Vodka or tequila? S: Vodka B: Vodka
San Francisco or Santa Barbara?  S: San Francisco B: San Francisco
Giants or Dodgers? B: Giants! S: Giants!
Kings or Oilers? B: Sharks!!! S: For realz, Sharks! HEY!!
Short or long hair? B: Long S: Short
Favorite color? S: Pink B: Green
Favorite position? B: Reverse Cowgirl S: Doggie
Bed or shower? S: Bed B: Bed
Kellan or Christian? B: Who? S: Shit…that’s hard. Both?
Kiera or Ana? B: Who? S: Ana…Kiera is whinny
Ollie or Jared? B: Who are these people? S: That book is on my TBR.... get to it girlfriend (team Ollie)
How many children do you want? S: 2  B: 2 *each share a look*
Boys or girls? S: Boy first, then girl B: What she said
Baseball or football? S: Baseball B: Football
Giving or receiving? S: Receiving B: Giving

Brandon what are you getting Spencer for Valentines Day? or are you taking her somewhere romantic?
B: I can’t ruin the surprise but I hope she likes it.
S: I’m sure I will. It can be you in a bow for all I care. *Spencer laughs then kisses him lightly*
Man I seriously need me a Brandon!

Whew that was fun, sooooo ummmm Brandon can I get a long nice hug?
B: Of course!
S: Sandie, I’m watching your hands.

Fine I will play nice *hugging Brandon, inhaling his scent ahhhh*
Thanks guys I can not wait for "Wanted" tell Kimberly to hurry up already I am having Brandon withdrawals!

Alright peeps, ahhhh that guy is just dreamy and let me just say yes he's sooo fine ladies and more, he's muscular and I just wanted to lick him. Who's got the whipped cream??

So for the giveaway yeah let me get back on track...
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