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MASON! MASON! yes I said MASON...I have another special scene for you....

I am beyond excited for this exclusive!!! 
You all know how much I LOVE MASON! 

He is just...well look at him. (one of the ways I visualize Mason)

for all of those who are Team Mason fans, As well as Metamorphosis fans I present you with this:

Hidden Scene ~ Mason & Scarlett
High For This ~ The Weekend (Ellie Goulding cover)
She is Love ~ Parachute

“I love you, Rat. I love you so much and I want you to make love to me right now.” 
The words that had just tumbled from my mouth echoed loudly through my head. Still cupping his face in my hands just centimeters from my own, I looked in Mason’s hooded eyes to gage his reaction to my deceitful declaration of love. I feared that he would question my intent or sincerity, but instead his gray orbs lit up and sparkled down at me.
“Say it again,” he whispered, a smile playing at the edge of his mouth. 
I took a deep breath and made the final decision to see this thing through. Lying flat on my back with his beautifully massive frame hovering over me, I felt safe, protected, and cherished in his presence. But most importantly, I didn’t feel alone. I couldn’t do alone.
“I love you,” I whispered.
“And what else?” He leaned down to lightly kiss my lips, but made sure to simultaneously lower the weight of his hips so that his erection was once again pressed against my clit. My hips naturally lifted up to his to increase the friction and I moaned softly into his mouth.
“Make love to me Mason. I need you inside me,” I panted.
“My pleasure, Angel,” he drawled and blanketed himself over me. 
I had thought that the sexual interactions Mason and I had shared before were passionate, but nothing could have prepared me for the intensity that followed those three words. At first, he kissed me ever so delicately and purposefully, taking his sweet time assaulting my mouth and tongue with his own. My hands ran through his barely-there dark hair and grabbed the back of his neck. I pulled down on him, indicating that I wanted him to increase the force, but instead he withdrew from my mouth and shook his head at me.
  Mason’s eyes twinkled mischievously, “Slow down, Angel. We aren’t in any rush.” He ran his nose across my jaw bone to my ear at a devastatingly sluggish pace, all the while making slow, deliberate circles with his hips against mine causing  the buzzing ache between my legs to continue to build. When he finally reached my ear, he bit down on the lobe and I groaned with pleasure. He continued his pecking and nipping down my neck and sternum until he had shimmied himself down the bed to be eye level with my breasts. His hard cock was no longer in contact with my body and I sighed at the absence; however, Mason quickly rerouted my thoughts as he drew one of my nipples between his teeth and pinched the other at the same time. I squealed at the initial flash of pain but immensely enjoyed the warm, moist tongue that followed, kissing and sucking the discomfort away. He spent equal amount of time on each heavy breast and the anticipation building inside of me was reaching a dangerous level. I wiggled against him and I could feel him laugh against my sensitive flesh. 
He slowly continued his tantalizing treatment by trailing kisses down my stomach towards the throbbing that I needed him so badly to address. Not quickly enough he had made his down my body and was snuggled nice and securely between my legs. I could feel his warm breath on my inner thighs and again, I instinctively lifted my hips up to him, wanting him to abate the ache that was getting more powerful by the second.
His mouth barely brushed against my sex and I groaned aloud. He pulled back slightly and looked up at me through his heavy lids. “You like that, Angel? You want more?”
“Please Mase. Don’t tease me,” I begged him. “I need you. All of you.”
I wasn’t sure if it was the please or the I need you that he couldn’t resist, but moments later his lips crashed on my mound with such force that my hands flew straight to the back of his head. “Oh God,” I muttered. He skillfully used a combination of his mouth and fingers to tempt and torment my already aroused and wet core. I had a strong grip on the back of his head, as I shamelessly grinded against his face. I could feel the wave building, gradually at first, but soon at a rolling-out-of-control speed straight to the fire that burned deep inside me.
“I fucking love the way you taste… like my own slice of heaven.” I melted at his words as he continued to unknowingly bury my sorrows in his touch. Mason grabbed  a hold of my hip bones as I bucked out of control, spreading my juices on his hand and face, until my body relaxed into a purely euphoric state.
Kissing his way back up my thin frame, my body quickly came back to life and by the time his lips had reached mine, I was humming in anticipation yet again. Mason’s gray eyes sparkled down at me, full of love and affection, and for a brief moment I felt a twinge of guilt. But when he leaned down and kissed me thoroughly on the mouth, and all negative thoughts were replaced with my overwhelming need to feel wanted and loved. 
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Mason asked as he raised up a bit to look deep into my eyes.
“More than anything,” I replied, nipping at his bottom lip. “Make love to me, Mason.”
He leaned over to his night stand and grabbed a condom out of the top drawer. He skillfully tore it open with his teeth and sheathed himself in seconds. He lowered himself back down on top of me, locking his eyes on mine again. 
“I know this is going to be uncomfortable at first. Tell me if you need me to stop, okay?” Mason instructed me. I nodded my head and reached up to cup his face. I was nervous, so fucking nervous, but I needed it. There was no way I was backing out.
Nestled between my legs, I could feel the tip of his erection pressing against my slick opening. He slowly tried to work his way inside me, and I could feel my skin stretching to make room for him. It was uncomfortable but not excruciating pain like I had expected. Mason stopped moving to check on me and after reassuring him I was fine, he continued to try and work his full length inside me. The further he went, the more it hurt- burning, ripping, stretching. I wrapped my arms around his back and buried my head in his shoulder, biting down gingerly. I needed the physical pain. I needed it take away all of the other pain
“Mason, please, just get it over with,” I pleaded. 
“Are you sure?” he asked unsure. 
I nodded my head against his body. “Yes, I need you completely inside me now.”
He pulled out the little ways that he had managed to maneuver and looked at me with adoration. “I love you, Scarlett.” As he kissed me hard and possessively, devouring every inch of my mouth, and without warning, slammed deep inside my body.
I would’ve screamed loudly had his mouth not been covering mine, so instead I dug my fingernails into his back. He pulled back slightly and pounded inside me again.
“Oh shit, Scarlett,” he cried out. “You feel so fucking incredible.” He continued the strokes in and out and after a little while the pain had decreased quite a bit, and an aching pleasure took it’s place. 
“Oh God…” I breathed, arching my back to be closer to him while my hands continued to grasp his broad back. I couldn’t get close enough to him, I had to make sure he didn’t pull away from me… make sure he didn’t reject me. I needed him to make me somewhat whole again after the last two days had shattered me into pieces. “Please Mason…” I begged. “Don’t stop.”
“Not a chance,” he grumbled, without breaking the rhythm of his powerful thrusts. “I’m close Angel.”
We were both silent from that point on, only the sounds of our bodies hitting one another could be heard until I felt his big strong body tighten up and pound into me with three long, hard, final strokes. He went limp on top of me and buried his face in my neck. We laid like that for a while before he rolled off of me onto his side. He quickly discarded the condom and rejoined me on the bed. Pulling me up against his body, his big arms completely enveloped me and I snuggled sleepily to his chest.  
“My Angel…” was the last thing I remembered him saying before I passed out from full body exhaustion.

Whew....well now that was...Wow....
I want to thank Erin Noelle for once again letting me do this exclusive. It means a lot to me, that she allows me to share my passion for Mason with/to others. 

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Thanks, once again for letting me bring these exclusives to you and THANK YOU ERIN NOELLE! I Love your face hard! I still want to hump your leg (hehe)....You are extraordinary!!! 



  1. Mason is the man!!!!! I would love to be Scarlet for a hot second. That's a lie. I'd need at least an hour!!! Lol. Luv this, love u guys!!!!!!

  2. SA-WOON! I seriously LOVE Mason. And that was just hot! Loved it!

  3. Was that not the one thing in the book that was missing to fully experience Scarlett's journey!? Erin Noelle is pure greatness. Thanks for featuring this book and our "little extras" Sandy. We love your blog!

  4. Mason is my guilty pleasure. And I do mean guilty. I literally fell off my sofa reading this and my dog went into hiding. I am like in pain waiting for this sequel and I so want it to be Mason!! In the words of the immortal Beatles, "Let it be, let it be"....Mason!

  5. I love this! This was great Sandie.