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Winning Back Ryan by S.L. Siwik blog tour and giveaway


After a horrible day at work, I came home to find my a curious position. After determining why he was unhappy, I, Anne Watson, decided to try and fix our broken relationship. My four closest male friends, however, had another idea. Revenge.  
**Content Warning: This book contains a sexual assault scene and mature material. ** 

Top Ten Book Boyfriends 
  1. Travis Maddox 
  2.  Kellan  Kyle 
  3. Edward Cullen 
  4. Gavin Blake 
  5. Bennett Ryan 
  6. Max Stella 
  7. Gideon Cross 
  8. Lucas 
  9. Shades 
  10. Rule 

Top Ten Love Triangles 
  1.  Edward, Bella, Jacob 
  2. KellanKiera, and Denny 
  3. Travis, Abby, and that other guy ;) 
  4. Emily, Gavin, Dillon 
  5. Emma, Cole, Evan 
  6. Elizabeth Bennet, George Wickham, and Fitzwilliam Darcy 
  7. Bridget Jones, Daniel Cleaver, and Mark Darcy 
  1. Jay Gatsby, Daisy Buchanan, and Tom Buchanan 
  2. Allie, Noah, and that other guy ;) 
10.Harper, Brandon, Chase (Few pages into this series.) 

Five Fun Facts: 
  1. I am a chocoholic. I have reserve stashes strewn about my house. 
  2. I grew up horse-back riding and competed seriously. Instead of turning pro, I went to college instead. 
  3. My favorite color is purple. 
  4. I have thirteen piercings on my body-9 in my ears, 1 in my nose, 1 in my labret, 2 in my belly button. 
Large crowds make me nervous. 

Excerpt Ben and Annie in the park after a night of drinking: 
“Oh, look!” I shouted, pointing ahead.  Ben looked ahead at the large park in front of us. “Do you have any idea where we are?” I whispered. He shook his head. I laughed so hard that I snorted. “Come on; let’s go see what trouble we can get into over there.” 
We walked through the park for a while before I complained about my feet hurting from my high heels. In front of me, I saw a fountain, so I let go of Ben’s arm, running towards the monument. 
I yanked off my heels, tossing them and my pocketbook onto the ground before climbing into the fountain. 
 “What are you doing?” he shouted in exasperation. 
“Cooling off,” I explained as I began running around in a circle. When I made my way around to him, I splashed him with water. “Come on in.” 
He glanced down at his now wet clothes, then up at me.  
“That’s it. You’re going to get it now.” I shrieked as I began running in a circle, wading through the water, making sure that I didn’t slip on the coins littering the bottom of the fountain. I heard splashing behind me, so I knew he was gaining on me. I turned around, kicking water, spraying him from head to toe. He wiped the water off his face, before splashing me with water, his strong arms being able to spray me with more water that I could ever hit him with in one try. 
My hair and polka-dotted dress were soaked, and I wrung my hair out before shrieking and running away from him.  
“Watch out! I’m gonna getcha!” he shouted as we ran around the fountain. On one trip around, I was looking behind me and smashed right into his chest. When I looked up, I realized he had figured out to run in the opposite direction. He flashed me a cocky grin as his hands grabbed my arms to keep me from falling over as I laughed loudly. I placed my hands on his chest to steady myself more as the world began to spin, feeling the wet cotton beneath my fingertips, his chest heaving. I glanced up into his whiskey-colored eyes, who were staring down at me with an emotion I couldn’t place. They slowly made their way down my face, stopping on my lips before his brows pulled together.  He took a step backwards, and then hopped out of the fountain.  
The world was still spinning, though, so I stumbled backwards and held on to the statue in the middle of the fountain, throwing my arms around the marble. I wrapped my right leg around the base, while my head rested against cool tile as the water sprayed down onto my body. I licked a drop of water hanging from my upper lip and when I opened my eyes I found Ben looking at me with that same expression I had never seen on his face before. 
“Why did you get out?” I asked.  
“Someone needs to watch out for the cops while you frolic around like a faerie.” 

About the Author: 

She loves going to NJ diners on the weekendor inspirationdrinks a pot of coffee a dayand loves finding new music to add to her playlist.  Author to Just Good Friends and Winning Back Ryan. 

 Getting Back Annie, Office Perks, and Sirens and Sweethearts are soon to be released. 

Have you ever in your life had someone you truly love tell you things that made you feel less then worthy? I know I have. I have even felt as Annie did. Like it was my fault by being cheated on. I loved and hated the main character. I hated her because she was with an asshole who treated her like crap and cheated on her. I loved her because she had the courage to grow and see that he was not what was best for her and grew in confidence. Ryan is the ultimate jerkoff. His ass cheats on Annie then the bastard tells her its her fault that he did so! I was like....
 I know at the time Annie didn't have the courage to fight back. I seriously wanted to choke Ryan out! 

Annie has many guy friends who love and care about her. Enter Brian and Ben. Ahhh the makings of a love triangle. Both of these guys have loved Annie for a while. I liked both characters but I think Ben many be a better choice for her. Yes, Brian is her BFF but idk, I like Ben. 
Yes, there is even an OH SHIT moment where I cringed. Some guys are just plain assholes and need to be kicked in the balls. What?? its true don't act like you have never thought about it, at least once in your life.
Overall I liked the book. I could connect with Annie. Maybe not the whole all these guys are in love with me but ya know what I mean LOL. I rated this book....
3/5 hearts

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