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Submit by Melody Anne

by Melody Anne

Arianna Harlow has a choice. Does she choose love or self-respect? Will she give up her freedom and become nothing but a shadow of herself?

This is the exciting sequel to the NYT’s and USA Today best-selling book Surrender. In Submit, Ari faces an impossible ultimatum. She needs to decide whether to accept Raffaelo Palazzo’s indecent proposal and stay at his side as his bought mistress, under his complete control in his world and in his bedroom. Rafe holds the keys to her mother’s happiness, and Ari must choose love for her mother or respect for herself and for the morals her mother instilled in her. You’ll find out that decision in this book and discover the unexpected repercussions of what Ari does choose.

In Surrender, we were also introduced to the dynamic story of Shane Grayson and Lia Palazzo. See where their story leads as the Surrender Series continues.

Watch as two strong, confident women make choices that will affect their lives forever.

Who will submit? Will it be the women or the men?
Dee's Review
I've read surrender and I really liked it, so naturally I read the sequel. I liked this book.  I like that not only do we learn more about Rafe and his hoe (oops that slipped) of an ex, but we also learn more and delve more into Lia and Shane. We get to see more of their feelings for one another and how he fights it. Boy does he fight it. And Rachel too, the playful little minx..  I love Rafe's sisters. I love that they have promised Ari that she's truly a friend now. She's not just Rafe's girl, she is not truly a friend. And I think for Ari, that's something she's been missing and something she needed. I love that we see more of both sisters, and their personality. We see Lia and her determination to get what she wants, and her unwillingness to give up. And Rachel we see her ability to flirt and manipulate to get what she wants. Shane, never stood a chance. Sucker! HOOK. LINE. SINKER.

We also learn more about Ari's mom and what life is like after the hospital.  Yay mom- working and getting her groove on. I can say with both story lines running, I wasn't sure it was going to be able to flow like it did. But it did flow smoothly. I will also say I was afraid what Rafe was gonna do when Shane's truth came out. How was he gonna take it, was he gonna be mad. Of course he's mad... YIKES

But I also didn't see Lia taking everything to the exteme she did. I wanted to yell at her. LIke hello isn't this what you wanted? Stop being a drama queen!!

Let me tell you what I did love. I loved their time in New York and when he finally comes out of his shell and has a good time. I loved their time in Vegas. Thunder Down Under. But when he tried to make her jealous... I sat there like. No he didn't just say that! You didn't just try to make her jealous.

Ugh. God I hate that. But the man does know how to handle her. How to make her toes curl and her knees weak. And you have to love that. All in all I really did like the book. I can say I didn't see the ending happening the way it did. I had my stomach on the ground by the end.  It literally dropped. Didn't see that coming. So where do we go here?  Well see in book 3. I give this book 3.5 hearts.

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