Monday, August 26, 2013

Sweet deception Review

Sweet Deception 
by Grace Henderson

Three years ago, tragedy struck Cassie Wilson’s family and pushed her away from her hometown. Now, one phone call pulls her right back…

Cassie’s had more than her fair share of heartbreak and the last thing on her mind is finding love. But when she meets the charming, arrogant and drop-dead gorgeous Blake Richards, she has to decide whether she can open up her heart to him.
Blake has a bad rep with women but that doesn’t stop them lining up to spend the night with him. What he wants, he gets. And he wants Cassie.
The attraction is obvious, but Cassie soon realises he’s holding something back. When his past threatens to destroy his future, will he share his most guarded secret with her? A secret that connects them both, in ways neither could have imagined.


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Dee's Review:

I don't want to say that this book was predictable, but some of it was. Okay, maybe not the book..but the common thread between them. I kinda saw some of it coming. I didn't know what it was, or what was going in... but you just get this feeling that Blake and Cassie are linked between the biggest events that they have went through. Cassie had had a rough time of lately. From losing both her parents to walking in on her boyfriend cheating on her with her friend, who is also his secretary (SLUT!).. 

Then her Gran had a heart attack. So she goes back home to look after her. Pretty shakey ground we have here for her. But, as it is with any small town, everyone know everything about everyone. So she starts to help out in we grandmothers flower shop and runs into super hottie Blake and her old best friend. Blake is our typical ladies man narcissistic hottie. But this ladies man also has some pretty dark secrets that are eating him up. He lost someone extremely close to him so he keeps people at a distance. Sex is just sex. He doesn't do relationships. But then he meets Cassie and she flips his ladies man world upside down and breaks those barriers down- just as he does for her. It was so cute the way they started their relationship kind of hiding it. But she keeps getting g these weird warnings from people when they find out their dating. Lets not forget all the jealous hoe bags, yes Amber- I'm talking about you. Jealousy is a hard pill to swallow for the sluts.. i mean ladies. 

 Ugh, I don't know how she dealt with that... woman, and I use that term loosely.  Sabotage seems to be the name of her game. But he's Cassie's hero and they're both so drawn to each other like a moth to a flame. I was struggling with the secret he holds being kept locked up for so long. I was like okay, out with it already. Is it really worth losing someone you love? Because you know you love her.. just ADMIT IT! But then once she finds out the truth of it all, I'm not sure what makes it worst. Not coming from him or the secret itself. Once you find out the whole story you're kind of heartbroken for both of them. You can't blame the people involved but what she does with the information shows how strong she is. All this time we've seen sweet, spunky, sassy Cassie. Now we see how strong she is. 

The only thing you can tell through the story is that they're losses are linked in some way. All in all this was a good book. I liked it. I give it 3.5 stars. Oh... And I think you'll like the teaser at the end ;)

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