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Prodigal Son Interview

Walking through the kitchen, I notice the time. I have a dinner date with my buddy Paul. He should be here soon. The steaks are on the grill, potatoes are in the microwave, and corn is boiling. Well I should say my steak is on the grill, his is warming. *shaking my head* As I shut the fridge I hear the doorbell ring, and I go answer it. HOLY HELL Paul is tall. Well, I’m short, so everyone is tall to me. And LORD HAVE MERCY he’s hot. Okay, taking a deep breath, thinking to myself “ I can do this.”

Hey Paul, come on in. Steak is on the grill. I told you if you agreed to this, I would cook you dinner. So, no complaining- the meal is free! *winking at him and walking in the house*
Here..take over the grill and I’ll make the salads and we can eat outside. Deal?
Smiling, I do like short women, couple that with steaks on the grill and I’m happy.

*smiling* Glad I can please you. Want a beer? Or wine? Guest choice..
Beer is fine thanks

My kind of man… Guiness, Bud, Sam Adams, Heineken or Yuengling?
Anything as long as it’s cold and wet.

What? I like beer.. and wine.. okay, pretty much any alcohol. Okay, the deal at my house is—you man the grill, you are the DJ. So tell me your favorite band…
I don’t have a favorite band, I like a bit of everything.

Okay, then I’m leaving on the oldies. So let’s talk while you cook.. and we have music on. Book 1 left us kind of hanging with that phone call your mom answered- can you give me any hints as to what happened next?
Ah, difficult to do without giving too much away. I can tell you I’m none too pleased when I wake up.

Did you bring me any teasers for book 2? Or release date info?
I’m allowed to give you a teaser. I don’t have any news on a release date yet.

**I open the teaser and read the excerpt he provided**

“Paul.” Matt croaked into the darkness, his throat dry from sleeping with his mouth open. “Paul.” He forced his voice box to work and spoke a little louder, this time throwing a glare in the general direction of his brothers’ bed. Lifting his head, he grabbed his pillow and flung it across the room.
A sudden thunk of something hitting him in the back of the head had him stirring and that’s when he noticed his alarm bleeping and stretched out a hand to blindly bash the button.
“Turn your alarm off, it’s five o fucking clock in the morning.” Matt hissed.
“I’m doing it, keep your hair on.” Paul hissed back, finally managing to hit the correct button and easing his legs over the edge of the bed. Sliding from the bedroom, he silently made his way down the stairs and to the kitchen, only flicking the light on once the door was closed.
Switching on the kettle and grabbing a mug and some milk, he leant his forearms on the work top and rested his head on them. God, he was tired but perhaps he would be able to sleep during the four hour train journey.
He made a quite a pleasant sight this early in the morning, leaning over, smooth skin stretched over taught muscle, long legs snaking down from slim hips to end in bare feet. He was only just covered by his boxers but she knew what pleasure the hidden goodies could bring her. She gave herself a shake, knowing she shouldn’t think of him that way as she closed the door behind her.
The kettle switched itself off and Paul prepared to move from his relatively comfortable position to finish making his tea when cool hands stroked his ribs and firm, full breasts pressed into his back. What the hell was she doing here? He thought, how didn’t I notice she was here? Those pointless questions revolved around his head as her hands traced his muscles. His spine tingled from her touch and then tensed as he remembered what he had done the previous night along with the realisation that he hadn’t bothered to wash before crashing into bed and he smelt like another woman.
Still with his forearms resting on the worktop, he turned his head to the side to look at her over his shoulder, “Don’t touch me Suzie.” He spoke quietly.
“Why not? You like it.” She smiled at him, her hands stilling but not leaving him.
“You told me you wanted to make a go of your relationship and I think that perhaps you should so standing here, touching me, isn’t helping your cause.”
“Good point. But by doing this, I’m not undermining my relationship.”
“Ok. How about, I can’t do this Suzie. I can be your friend or I can be with you but I can’t be your plaything when the mood takes you. Ok, that’s a lie, I could totally be your plaything but I want more and you know it.”
“Does the fact that you stink of sex and another woman have anything to do with you not wanting me to touch you?”
He straightened then, his hands still resting on the side. “Probably.” He admitted.
Suzanne stepped back, giving his back one last stroke before she walked around to the other side of the breakfast bar. “What’s her name?” She asked.
“What’s it matter?” He countered. “What are you doing here?” He changed the subject.
“I have an early flight to catch, a customer wants me to go to New York shopping with her for her daughter’s wedding and as your house is closer to the airport, I stayed here. Why are you up so early?”
“I’m going to Gloucester, got a train to catch.”
“Want a lift to the station?” She asked.
“Er yeah, do I have time for a quick shower?”
“A very quick one yes.”
And a very quick one it was. Before she knew it, they were in her car heading for the train station. Finding a convenient space for her little car, she hopped out to unlock the boot so he could retrieve his bag.
“Have a safe trip Suzie.” He slammed the boot and stepped away, “And thanks for the lift.” He began to walk away before seeming to think better of it and turning back.
His fingers traced its way down her cheek before slipping around the side of her neck to gently cup the back of her head before his lips lowered to hers in the merest hint of a kiss with the gentle caress of his tongue over her lips as he pulled back, looked deep into her eyes before turning away again and making his way to the guard at the platform.
He didn’t look back, didn’t even attempt too and she had the distinct feeling he had just said goodbye.

Holy crap Paul.. really!! You’re gonna leave me hanging like that! Man..GAH! Tease.. *sticking my tongue out at him*
Careful, I might find other uses for that tongue.

*Staring at him for a minute before responding* Stop joking around. Let’s take the food over to the table and chat while we eat. So, how did the process for your story becoming a book start? I mean did you already know the author or how did it happen?      
I was already friends with the author and she had been writing a version of Prodigal Son for years. I finally persuaded her to let me read it and along with her children, encouraged her to self publish. I’ve never seen anyone quite so nervous. She’s glad she did it now.

Did your relationship with your father ever get better?
That’s something that is not mendable.

Did your sister ever find out about you and her best friend?
She will eventually. You’ll find out how and her reaction in Father & Son.

Are you still really close to your brother?
Yes, always have been, always will be. Apart from my Uncle John, he’s the one who has always looked out for me, kept my secrets and gives it to me straight. He doesn’t bullshit me.

Is everything that happened in the book true? Or is any of it fiction?
The majority of it is fiction. There are parts that have been drawn from someone’s experiences and the characters are based on people the author knows. Some of the things I say are straight from real life me, I’m a funny guy! Word to the wise, never piss off a writer, they have the ability to eviscerate you in fiction.

Do you still own the landscaping business?
Yes I do. It’s a lucrative business and something I’m good at.

Was it difficult to run a business at such a young age?
It was only difficult due to the restraints of my age. I had the drive and determination to succeed and I think I did a reasonable job of that.

Do you regret anything?
To say I have no regrets would be a total lie. Yes I have a few but I don’t dwell on them, what’s the point? At the time whatever it is that you regret seemed like the right thing to do, it’s all history, in the past. Learn from it, move on. On the whole, I am a very fortunate individual.

Would you do anything different in life?
There are a few things I would do differently. I’d wait until I was a bit older to have children for example but I don’t regret having them. I’m enjoying being a parent to a teenager so it worked out ok. I’d try not to be quite so much of an asshole as a younger man if I had my time again and there are a few paths that I took that would be avoided the second time around.

It seems that at the age you were at in book 1, there was an awful lot of sex going on for you. What's your favorite past time now that you've grown up? Or is it still sex?
Not going to lie, I love sex. I have a high sex drive that hasn’t diminished but it isn’t the be all and end all that it once was.
I like going to the movies and getting immersed in a good film. Live music has always been a big thing in my life and I get to gigs as often as I can but I’m equally happy cuddling up on the sofa and watching a film. I am a man of simple pleasures.

Where would you love to visit? Where have you visited? What has been your favorite place so far?
I’d like to go back to the USA at some point if I can pluck up the courage to stomach the flight.
I love Spain and Italy. I appreciate those places more as I get older as both places have a tremendous sense of family and that’s something that is very important to me.

What’s your biggest fear?
Flying! Apart from something happening to my family that is fatal/ terminal, there isn’t really anything apart from those large flying coffins that I truly fear.

Oh my god!! Me too! I am so scared of heights.. like I will legit cry.. anyway.. What about your kids..Favorite thing to do with kids?
We all enjoy swimming, I have many happy memories most of which happened in the water. I enjoy working out with my eldest son, sort of makes it a challenge for the old man to keep up with him. Just spending time with them is great to be honest.

Oh man, I can so totally related. How many kids do you have now?
Real life – two. As Paul Jensen – wait and see!

Damn you and your teasers!!!  *Just as we finish dinner, I hear the doorbell. * Here, let me take your plate, get you a refill and answer the door. As I answer the door I see that Sandie and Shannon have arrived with alcohol and ingredients for s’mores.
Hello ladies, very pleased to meet you.

Well Paul, the group is here now. So now we have the questions from all your followers. Let’s start a fire and make some s’mores. That way I have fulfilled your chocolate requirement.

You’ve made my day, I love s’mores.

As we all sit around the fire, we start reading off the questions that I got…

Shan: Any ideas when the next book will be out?
This year, hopefully, fingers crossed. Sorry, I don’t have a date

Dee: What's the best part of RP'ing on twitter?
I’ve met lots of interesting people and made some new friends

Dee: The worst part?
The demands on my time and the odd person who thinks they own me but for the most part, it’s a good laugh.

Sandie: What's your most hardcore fantasy?
Now wouldn’t that be telling? I’ve already done most of what I fantasize about. I’m guessing you mean in a sexual way? Well, I’ve done threesomes, groups, a touch of swinging and a little BDSM. This boy has skills.
San: Awwww yeah P you and I were cut from the same cloth. I think This is why I like you so much, otherwise you'd bore me and I'd have to unfollow you on twatter!  OUCH! *glares at Dee* WTF its the truth.
What makes you think I wouldn’t hunt you down if you did that?
San: *laughs hard* good thing you don't bore me then! *winks at Paul*
Dee: *pressing the beer bottle to my forehead* Dear God. This is going to be a long night.

Shan: Have you ever been caught masturbating?
San: Bahahahaha now that is funny...but did you stop or cum?? What? I'm curious geez!
Dee: Seriously San??!! Really? *pointing at Paul* You DO NOT have to answer that.
San: Gah Dee *pouts*

Dee: Have you ever used a sex toy in bed?
Yes, frequently and not just one
Dee: Oh dear god…next question…please…
San: Okay now we are getting somewhere! What toys? and like bondage or just like vibrators? or other women? 
Endless possibilities with toys, bondage etc. I’ll try everything at least three times to determine that I like it.
Dee: SANDIE!!!! PAUL!!! Oh dear lord.

San: If you could only have one type of sex for the rest of your life, what would you choose: oral, anal or regular?
As much as I love all three, I’d have to say regular because of the possibility for erm, slippage, a misplaced cock could end up elsewhere and I’m a happy man!

Dee: *spitting out my beer and clearing my throat* ermm…ooookay..Hair down there or… errmmm… all bare?
Manscaped baby
San: *pats Dee on back and can't stop laughing and shaking head* Oh Dee

Shan: When is the last time you've masturbated?
This morning
Shan: *fanning myself* Really? *that is hot*
San: OMG I think I am in love with him *looks to Dee* can we keep him?? 
Dee: If I said no, would you listen?
San: Good point I will go get the handcuffs!!

San: What makes you nervous?
Flying, heights, failure, feeling weak/vulnerable.

Shan: What are you afraid of?
Above all else, flying. I don’t have wings therefore I am not meant to fly.

San: What could make you cry?
Losing my Mum would devastate me, yes, I am still a Mummy’s boy. Equally, anything happening to my kids or wife would absolutely crucify me.
Shan: That is so sweet

Dee: I think you are the authors muse. Is that true, & how closely does the book follow RL Paul that she knows?
I was best friends with the author’s brother, we all got to know each other well as we hung around together. I am her muse to a certain extent but also probably her biggest pain in the arse. She uses a lot of nuances from my real life character in her portrayal of Paul. It’s funny for me to read as it brings back memories of things I’ve said or done and it’s interesting to see them in writing from the perspective of another person.

Shan: Does you like shy, reserved, subtly sexy women or more 'all out there, no holds barred types?
I like confident women, one’s that will give me a challenge and expect me to rise to it with aplomb.
San: I am confident! Just sayin...

San: What's the one thing you find sexiest in a woman?
Dee: Hells YAH! More men need to appreciate that.
Shan: Damn straight they do. Always knew you were a good man.

Shan: Would you say that you,Paul, are romantic?
When it suits me to be, yes.
San: and when is that? are you like me and butter someone up to get laid? 
Fuck yeah
San: *Gives Paul a high-five* That's whats up!

San: Describe the kind of father you think Paul will be?
I think Paul will do absolutely everything he can to make sure his child has a great life. He’s sensitive and caring anyway, I see no reason why he wouldn’t lavish those traits on his child.

San: how you think his own father son relationship will Impact that?
I think the animosity in his own relationship will make him strive harder to be a better father figure than the one he had. He definitely won’t want his child to fear him.

Dee: What sort of person do you prefer to tweet with on twitter and why? * don’t look at me, I just wrote down what they sent in*
I like people with a good sense of humour and a sound knowledge of music. I really enjoy the ones who like a laugh but don’t take it too seriously.
San: Yup I agree 100% except you forgot, ppl who don't act all high and mighty and think they are better then others...*Looks over to Dee and Shan and shrugs mouthing what??**
I thoroughly enjoy talking to the RP’ers I’ve got to know, there’s also a certain sense of security talking to them. There’s been a lot of hassle lately on Twitter and a few of us have stuck together through it.
I appreciate them having my back as I have theirs. There are some very good people behind these characters and I am honoured to know them. People need to realise these men and women give up their own time to play a role for their enjoyment and not to go fishing for who is behind the character.
Enjoy us as the people we portray, it’s why we are there. It doesn’t matter who is behind your favourite character, it’s the skills they have to bring these characters to life that really matters.

Shan: What is the bigger turn on- Eyes colliding across a room or the brush of a hand down a spine?
Eyes colliding, has to be, endless possibilities if you get the look just right.
Shan: *sigh*
Dee: *groan*

San: If you can change one thing in your life, what would it be and why?
My Father.
San: yeah but ummm then you wouldn't be here.
You’re kidding right? Look at me, I got these looks from my Mum. She’d have had plenty of options.
Dee: Bahahahaha.. well okay then.

Dee: If you were to meet someone iconic who would it be and what would you ask them?
I’ve worked with a lot of people that would be regarded as icons so they don’t hold the allure for me that they do for some. I’d like to go back in time and meet Norma Jean Baker aka Marilyn Monroe. I’d ask her if she had her time again, would she make any changes and why.

San: What has taken you so long to grow up and get married and be in your kids’ lives?
Quite simply, women. I love them. Makes me selfish and perhaps very weak but there it is.

Shan: What are your future plans?
Be happy, healthy and lead a good, simple life with my family.

Dee: Do you really envision staying long term to RP as Paul?
No-one knows what’s around the corner. For the time being, as long as it’s still a pleasant place to be, I’ll stay.

San: What does your wife REALLY think or feel about twitter? Does she really not mind?
She’s completely fine with it. She says it keeps me out of trouble and to be honest, I’d probably be all up in her business if I didn’t have something to keep me occupied.

Shan: what dictates your mood swings?
I’m just moody, full stop. It’s a character flaw but I’ve given up trying to change it as I know it doesn’t work. I am who I am.

San: Why do you out so much of your personal info instead of just pretending to be Paul? What are you trying to accomplish?
I’m not trying to accomplish anything by it. I have nothing to gain or lose from it and there are no deep dark secrets that have been betrayed.

Shan: If you could do anything for a profession, what would it be?
A movie producer. Make shit loads of money but not have to be in the public eye.

Shan: if you could revisit any moment in your life, what would it be and why?
 I wouldn’t revisit any of it. There had been good and bad but it’s done. No point in going back over it.

Dee: Describe your first date- where did you go, what did you do?
I’ve never really dated, not really my style.

San: if you were lucky enough to win the lottery, what would you do?
Pass out probably especially as I don’t play it.

Shan: if you came across a genie to grant you 3 wishes- what would they be?
Dee: there are three of us... wish granted. What more do you need? … just sayin..
Hehe, Dee, you could all take it in turns for a “rub”
Dee: throwing a marshmallow at his head and completely missing.
Wish 1 – More patience, I lack it in spades.
Wish 2 – I’d wish for my house to be magically decorated so I don’t have to do it.
Wish 3 – Immortality for my family and myself.

Dee; If you could go on a dream holiday, where would it be?
Always wanted to see Texas and be a cowboy for a while.
San: **falls out of chair laughing hysterically**
Dee: My parents have horses, we can totally take care of this right now. Just a short car ride. But, the only exception is, you can’t wear a shirt.
Ok but I want a cowboy hat and chaps
Dee: Done.. I’m taking pictures as evidence!

Shan: You tweet fairly educated. What kind of schooling do you have – college/degree?
I walked out of school at fifteen, hated the place. I did my exams and left. I returned to college in 2000 and completed a course that should have taken six weeks in three days which included another five exams but other than that, I didn’t have a long stay at college; I refused to go to university. What I’ve learned and achieved has been through getting out in the world and just doing it not from what I’ve learnt in a book.

Dee: do you flirt for sake of your character or because the man sitting behind the account WANTS to?
The man sitting behind the character is a flirt, it’s the way I am.

San: Can I please walk up and down your naked body wearing just my Christian Laboutins?
I’d enjoy that.
San: ok then **pulls out her heels and a cowboy hat** you said it!

Okay, we’re going to turn this into a QUICK FIRE… you gotta give us the first answer that pops in your head.

Dee: Blondes, brunettes or redheads, which do you prefer?
All of the above

San: Boxers, briefs or commando?

Shan: Favorite kind of food?

Dee: Favorite color?

San: what’s your ideal date?
A successful one
Dee: Successful as in you get laid? Typical male.
Some form of sex or foreplay is a successful date

Shan: What types of books do you read?
Anything that I can get my hands on usually or whatever my wife has downloaded.

Dee: Are you a butt or a boob man?
Dee: I got major junk in the trunk. Just saying..
I’ve noticed, you just haven’t caught me looking
*choking on my beer and clearing my throat* Okay, not gonna lie. I’ve totes been checking you out all night. How do you like now!

San: favorite quality in a woman?
Brutal honesty
San: that's totes me!

San: favorite sexual position?
On my knees with her on my lap.
Dee: *looking up at the sky thinking, then looking back down* What? Oh.. it’s my turn? I was … uh…thinking.. about his previous answer…MOVING ON…favorite place to have sex?
Over the bonnet of the car
Dee: Oh dear..*pressing beer bottle to my head* Ummm…what’s the most embarrassing thing you ever did?
Proposition a teacher and have to make an excruciatingly public apology

San: what’s the wildest thing you have ever done?
Wouldn’t that be telling?
San: No! you tell me yours and I will tell you mine *grins*
Come sit on my lap and I’ll whisper it to you
San: *walks over and sits on Paul's lap* ok big boy should know better then to ever challenge me *smiles*

Shan: do you dislike anyone in your family?
 I can’t answer that, they might read this.

San: do you feel you’re a better lover now than you were as a teenager?
 Definitely, without a doubt.

Shan:  Rug or Bare floor?
 Bare floor, carpet burns are a bitch.

Dee: Oral- give or receive?
 Give. I love going down on my woman.
Dee: *Standing quickly* I need a beer, anyone need a beer?
Shan: Girl, sit down.

San: soft sensual kisses or rough hard ones?
 A little of both, start of soft and let the moment build to rough hard ones

Dee: what’s your favorite thing to do with a girl?

Shan: What’s your favorite sex toy?
 Anal beads
Dee: *groaning* I think I’m too close to the fire, It’s getting so freaking hot. Either that or I need more beer.

San: Do you think you could handle Suzie and Carmen's pleasure at the same time?
Oh hell yeah. They are both quite demanding, so I'd need a week to recover, but yeah.

San: Do you prefer cars or trucks? What’s your favourite type of vehicle?
Cars, low slung, fast and sporty and always in black

Dee: Favorite article of clothing on a woman?
Fuck me heels and a diamond necklace, nothing else
San: OMG that is so totes my fav thing to wear

Shan: Are you spontaneous or do you like things planned out?
Spontaneous mostly. I rarely make plans

San: Are you more like your mom or dad?
My temperament I.E, my moods and venomous tongue come from Dad, my caring side from Mum

Dee: DO you have siblings?
Yes  I do

San: Favorite number?
4 but I prefer even numbers over odd ones

Shan: What is the one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I’m not as confident as I appear to be

Dee: What is your favorite type of clothing to wear?
When I have to wear clothes it’s jeans and t-shirts

San: Do you wear cologne, if so what brand?
I don’t wear it on a daily basis but if we’re going out or if I want to smell pretty I’ll wear Paco Rabanne 1 Million or anything by Hugo Boss
Dee: *leaning over to sniff him* uhhh.. You all totally just caught me sniffing him didn’t you? Awesome, that’s embarrassing. With that, I’m getting more beer and we’re ending this Q&A. Now it’s just chill time.

I hope you all enjoyed our interview and reading about the time we spent with Paul. I know we all did. When we find out more about the release date of Father and Son, we will be sure to let you know.

Prodigal Son can be purchased on Amazon, Kobo, B&N, Smashwords and Goodreads . IN the mean time here's the cover for Father and Son.


ps i will leave you with this little tid bit.. here's an idea of what my pictures of Cowboy Paul COULD MAYBE possibly look like...

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