Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Edge Cover Reveal



Attorney, Fallon Markwell, isn’t easily intimidated. Working
her career she has learned to go toe-to-toe with the worst of them. Going
undercover is something she is used to doing. Posing as Fallon Kelly should be
easy, but she is learning it is becoming more and more difficult as she
develops feelings for the one man she can’t have. She is using Sergeant Major
Luke Roberts to solve her case. Once he learns about her lies he will never
speak to her again. In fact, if she isn’t careful he could cost her her career.

Sergeant Major Luke Roberts isn’t afraid to go after what he
wants. And he wants Fallon Kelly, he has his own agenda. She’s a beautiful
woman who could provide some nice arm candy to a few events he must attend and
rock his world in the bedroom.

He offers Fallon a proposition she can’t refuse, although
the deal breaker could be the non-kissing rule he implements in their

After a P.I. Fallon has worked with for years is murdered
and people close to her are in harm’s way Fallon must reevaluate what’s
important. Can she trust Luke to help her if he knows the truth? Can she trust
him with her heart as well?

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