Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Game Changer Review by Dee

The Game Changer
By J Sterling

Jack & Cassie's story continues in the follow up to the Best Selling book, The Perfect Game.

Thrust into the spotlight, Cassie must learn how to navigate the waters of this sometimes unforgiving and cruel world. It's a lifestyle that makes you question your happiness and sanity as the past is never truly far behind.

How do you stay together when the world's trying to tear you apart?

Dee’s Review
When I finished this book, my first reaction was holy shitballs, holy shitballs.. I needed that. I really really needed that kind of a book. The ones that  just suck you in and you can't put it down until the end. God it was sooo good. There was so much drama and we all love Jack F'N Carter. But holy shitballs... Oh I said that already didn't I?  Okay, okay let me start over. 

Jen did an awesome job of picking up where we left of in The Perfect Game. She did a wonderful job of jumping point of views without it being confusing or losing steam along the way. She also did a great job of the focus not only being on the mistakes that Jack made, but also on the mistakes that Cassie is making- even when it doesn't seem that big, it's still impacts their relationship.

 Let me stress that it’s mistakes that he made. She told him to prove it, and he does just that. He makes every effort to prove it and he does a damn good job. And I'll repeat what Grams and Gramps tell Cassie: Love is all that matters. And this love, their kind of love, you don't give that up, you fight for it. 

And boy did they fight. They fight fans, Chrystle, online posts, paparazzi, men and even each other. When he turns the tables and tells her to prove it, I almost lost my shit. Who thought that would ever happen. All our characters return, even Melissa and Dean. Meli, Oh my god. Her run in with Chrystle is freaking hilarious. Like hold my belly laughing hilarious. And a long time coming. I loved how Cassie made him tell her everything from his point of view from when he found out the truth to the night he showed him. How he felt. How everything was from his point of view. I think she needed to hear it, but so did we.

  As the story progresses, I wanted to shake Cassie. Why is she keeping everything inside. Why isn’t she sharing. Jack can’t do much without knowing what is going on. GAH ! Finally they talk, finally she agrees to be part of a team and guess who shows her skanky little face.. I think that part may have been the best part of the whole book. When Cassie and Chrystle come face to face. BEST. PART EVER. When I saw she showed up I was like... OH HELL NO!

Then she started running her mouth...

At least that's how I felt. and Jack was all..
But damn if Cass didn't get on in there. And then there was the time when Meli got her digs in on the skank..

Then Meli and her boss have their back to clear their name with all the BS that Chrystle was pulling. I was like YES!! It's about time stuff stop working against them!!!  I just all around loved this book. There isn't one thing I didn't like. I especially like the way the bitch gets put in her place. It was awesome. Jenn does a really good job of making sure all the emotions from The Perfect Game carry over. That everything you feel from the first one is still present and you don’t forget one thing about what is going on. You don’t just read it, you feel it. You take the emotional ride with them through the whole thing. I will say this- I do feel bad for Dean. Poor guy, that may have been the one thing that I didn’t like. Well, and Chrystle- GAH ! Don’t get me started again.  Deep breath. Deep breath. I give this book 5 hearts

The Game Changer can be bought on Amazon and  B&N

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