Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Penance of Black Betty by Kelli Maine Blog Tour

I am so excited for this tour! I love all things Kelli Maine and especially Dolls and Doms! Alistair anyone?

Alistair Ingram is finally the man he wants to be, with the woman he wants to be with. No longer ruled by his manager, producer, agent or fans’ desires, he and Bethany “Black Betty” Stavars have settled into his LA mansion and have started a life together. Everything is as it should be…until he gets the call that Bethany has been brutally attacked in their home. 

Alistair can barely stand to see Bethany’s bruised and battered body, but that’s not the worst of her injuries. She regains consciousness thinking she’s still married to her ex-husband—the man responsible for putting her in the hospital in the first place—and has no recollection of being with Alistair.

Unable to coax her brain into giving her any memories of the past ten years of her life, Bethany struggles to comprehend how she could’ve ended up on the other side of the country—California instead of Florida—and living with superstar actor, Alistair Ingram. Even worse, how had she become a dominatrix at a Vegas men’s’ club? 

Lucky for her, the past few months have been detailed in black and white newsprint in every gossip magazine she can get her hands on. 

With their relationship hanging in the balance, there’s only one thing Alistair can do. Jog her memory the best way he knows how. In bed.

**Author Interview questions**

1. What was your inspiration for writing Alistair and Black Betty?

I stumbled across the logo image found at the top of www.dollsanddoms.blogspot.com and had to write a story around it.

2. If you could cast them in a movie, who would you select?

Alistair is Chase Crawford and Black Betty is Kristen Bell!


Once again Kelli knocks it out of the park!

I absolutely LOVE this story of Alistair and Bethany. These two characters have me cheering and rooting for them when it seems like the whole world is against them.

The beginning of this novella had my stomach in knots, Why? oh no! Damn it run Betty RUUUUUNNNN... Those were all things I yelled at my kindle as I felt anxiety sweeping coursing through my body.

Bethany (Black Betty) has been found by her ex and beaten, poor Alistair is away shooting his movie when he gets the call. Rushing to her side in the hospital he finds that she does not remember anything from the past 10 yrs, she doesn't remember being a dom, being with Alistair. I may have shed a few tears. 

Poor Alistair, he never gave up. He stayed by her side. He may have fell in love with Black Betty and all her sassiness, but this new sweet, trusting Bethany is completely different. He even says he feels like he is cheating on Bethany, which is ridic, I mean she is her. Its crazy and intense and wonderful. 

The way he cares and loves her, made me fall for Alistair all over again. He showed her how much he loves her and would do anything for her, and even though Bethany can not comprehend this, her body ist seems is the only part of her that does remember him. 

This novella made me have anxiety, made me fall in love with Alistair more, made me crave for more and left me satisfied. OK well maybe not really because I truly love these little novellas. If you are looking for a quick wonderful, story packed full of sexiness and drama then pick up The Submission of Alistair Ingram (B&N or SMASHWORDS iTUNES and KOBO) and its free right now, then get this novella. Trust me you will not be disappointed! Check out the book trailer at the bottom for The Submission of Alistair Ingram.

I rated this novella
4.5/5 hearts

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