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Book Boyfriend Reviews is in Heaven!! It's Kerry Heavens Day!!

Kerry Heaven’s Day

I don't know if you guys have taken time to read Just Human, or the sequel Still Human yet. If not, you totally need to. They are one of the best romance books I have read in a long long time. The characters are so real, so relate-able. Is that a word?? If not, I just made it one. 

So I (Dee) got the opportunity to sit down with Kerry, have an interview and talk books, motivation, movies, and sex, of course! Well really, I asked and she was awesome enough to indulge with me! I was even able to get a chuckle from her husband! *high fives all around* 

So ... please read on and see why we love Kerry here at BBFR!

Hi Kerry, thank you so much for taking the time to sit and chat with me. I am so excited for our readers to get to know the woman behind the Just Human/Still Human series a little better.

You're welcome, thanks for having me. 

Okay, let's get to it. You ready? okay.. here we go..What or who are your inspirations for writing?

I think I get inspiration from everywhere; I'm never really switched off. People's behaviour fascinates me. I am never short of character inspiration. Words mostly inspire me though. Song lyrics, lines in films, sayings and quotes. I have been collecting quotes for years and frequently people say things and I have to write them down. If something makes me feel, it's worth noting down.

What prompted you to start writing?

I had always wanted to write a book, but a death in my family is what forced me to stop thinking about it and start doing it. I just couldn't face the idea of carrying a dream around and passing up the best opportunity I'll ever have to act on it. My kids are at school now and I have a chance, so I took it. Life is short, act on your dreams.

If you could change anything about your books, which one and what would it be?

Practically everything and almost nothing! If I look at them now, I cringe and glow with pride in equal measure. There isn't one huge glaring thing I'd like to change, but as they are the first things I have ever written I do find a lot of fault. I wish they were perfect, but I'm most definitely not perfect so what can you do?

What do you when you have writers block?

I'm pleased to say that so far I haven't really had it. I mean, I do spend hours, sometimes days staring at a blinking cursor, inching forward in my word count. But I haven't had the dreaded BLOCK. When it happens, it's more that it's just not flowing. But the thing with self-publishing is that there are always a million things to do. So My time not writing is rarely wasted. But I do force myself to write something, even if it's just crap. Because I can always delete it, it just helps morale if I am moving forward.

What is the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you?

I read somewhere that a good writing practice is 1000 words a day, so in the beginning I stuck to that religiously. It really works for me, but at the moment, I'm trying to double it, that's not fun.

Where and when do you get your best writing done?

Any time, day or night, but always at my desk.

What is your all time favorite genre to read and book?

I just love my genre, adult romance/erotica is what I love to read and write. I always think my taste is more on the erotica side, but if could only have one book to read forever I would have to pick Reckless - for the epilogue alone. A very good friend of mine says that the Reckless epilogue is the epilogue against which all epilogues should be held. I have to say, I agree. So I guess I'm all about the romance really.

Is there any genre you want to write in the future?

Just Human is very much a romance, which wasn't my intention. I thought I would write an erotic book, but the characters wouldn't allow it and they wouldn't get out of my head. I do have an idea for a story that is pure erotica, but I am very happy in romance for now.

If you weren’t writing what would you be doing?

Wishing I was writing! No, I am always being creative in some way. Before I was writing I was baking and making bunting and personalising things, I enjoyed it, but it never felt like I had found my thing. I have had to give all of that up because writing leaves me with no spare time, but I don't miss it.

Do you ever get embarrassed writing sex scenes?

No, I have no problem writing them. It was difficult in the beginning letting people I know read them, but writing them was never a problem.

Have you ever used any one in your personal life as inspiration for a character and do they know?

Of course! Everything I have written has been in someway inspired but my real life. Danny and Liv are both sides of me. but all the supporting characters are from my personal life. Some are mash-ups of several people, some are just directly represented. Right now I am writing something that is completely inspired by the people in my life right now. Inspiration is everywhere.

Has any of your family read your books? How did they react?

My mum has read both books, so have a couple of aunts and my sister -in-law. I suppose they know me, so it is no great surprise to them how and what I write. After my mum finished the first draft of Just Human, we were in line to go into the Harvest concert at my children's school and she turned to me and said that she did have one problem with the whole thing. She said she really didn't think Liv would deep-throat on the first night! I told her to try and remember that they'd had sex before and that they were trying to pull out all the stops after so long apart. It was only after five minutes of intense negotiations that the grandmother of another child behind us piped up. She said she thought we both had a point, but she had never heard a conversation like that take place between mother and daughter! My mum is the one person I don't ever try to censor myself with, it is weird to most people, but it works for us!

hahaha...That is awesome!  I can't believe the lady turned around. I would have been beet red!

DO you have to ‘test’ out any of your sex scenes prior to writing them?

Write what you know, that's all I'm saying!!

Awww... sooky sooky now.. 

How much of your personal experiences end up on paper?

Again, write what you know! With Just Human and Still Human, I took from my life as much as possible. I wanted to make it real, so there was no point in trying to write about a world I don't know.

thinking...***Must re-read series and take notes***....

How has social media impacted your writing?

SO. MUCH! I write about it because it is so much a part of our lives now, I think it is false to overlook it. But that aside, I would not have published two books this year without social media. Twitter has changed everything for me. It has given me a network, opportunities, friends, fans. I would be still dreaming without it and I wouldn't change it for anything. My next book is inspired by life on Twitter. One or two people I have met have been hugely inspiring in creating Spencer and Jazz. The story is set around the characters use of Twitter and it is a look into the goings on behind timeline. I'm really excited about it!

** read an exclusive excerpt from her new book at the end of the interview**

How do you deal with negative criticism or reviews?

You can't please everyone and it is bound to happen. If I read a negative comment, I still think, wow another person has read my book! First and foremost, that is flattering and mostly even people who didn't like it are fair about saying why. It sucks reading flippant negativity about something you have put your whole existence into. I don't think people always think about that when they are sharing their negative opinions. That said, I have been lucky and it is a very low percentage compared to the positivity I have had. I have been blown away.

What is your ideal vacation?

A whole week reading somewhere warm with a pool, a bar and food! Oh, and no one talking to me...not even to ask how my book is!!

Favorite movie?

Dirty dancing
*high five* NO body puts baby in a corner!

Favorite song?

Some kind of wonderful - The Drifters...see my real life is all over those books!
hahaha now that song is playing in my head!

Best memory?

Holding my son for the first time. Obviously my daughter too, but he was my first.

Best surprise some one surprised you with?

My husband proposing. I knew it was coming, but I wasn't expecting it that night, he was behaving weird and really pissing me off, then he floored me and pulled out a ring!

And You surprised someone?

I threw a surprise 50th for my mum, it was a fab night!

Best gift someone ever gave you? Have you gotten gifts from fans yet?

I had my daughter the day before my 30th, so my husband always claims that she was his birthday gift to me! Sure, thanks for that darling, for your birthday I'm going to get you ten rounds with Mike Tyson and then have you stay awake for six weeks. I think then we will be even!

bahahaha...Men just don't understand :)

I have had a beautiful framed Just Human photo collage, sent to the UK from Chicago. But it was from a friend, not a fan. I'm still counting it!

Do you have any tattoos? Plans for any? Piercings?

I have two tattoos, but want more and my nose is pierced.

Most embarrassing sexual experience?

I almost got caught doing something quite experimental in a friends house! I didn't get caught, but that kind of potential humiliation stays with you! No, I'm not sharing, the friend is still close and has no idea. I will say, it was with my husband!

Does size matter?

Haha! Should I say no and move on? I guess it depends on how you use it, I'll leave it there before I get into trouble!

Last thing you did for an adrenaline rush?

Singing. I sang in a choir for a couple of years and that was a constant rush.

Okay.. Quick fire

Chocolate or vanilla - Vanilla

Kinky or vanilla - Kinky
*high five* that's what I'm talking about

Eating in or dining out - Eating in

Whipped cream or chocolate syrup - Whipped cream

Handcuffs or blind fold - Handcuffs

Motorcycle or car - Car

Heels or tennis shoes? - Tennis shoes

Jeans or dresses? - Jeans

Hands or mouth? - Mouth

Girth or length? - Girth

Spit or swallow? - You're killing me! Swallow
hahah inquiring minds want to know!

Indoors or outdoors? - Indoors

Missionary or doggie? - Doggie

Foreplay or just get down to it? - Foreplay

Manscape or peenafro - My husband is practically unable to breathe from laughing at this question! - Manscape

:D I know, I know, you love me for asking all the important things! SO what we need to remember is NEVER give up on your dreams, and always manscape my friends, ALWAYS! Say No to the Peen Afro! 

Kerry, thank you so so much for sitting down with me!! I had a great time and I'm glad you had fun chatting with me! Mr. Heavens.. glad I could get a laugh out of ya! You guys are great! 

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Just as we promised here is a teaser from Kerry's new book....

Tuesday 16th April 2013


“Holy fucking hotness!!!” Mags gasps, clapping her hand over her mouth as soon as she realises we are in a public place. She lowers her voice and hisses, “who is that?”
“THAT, is Spencer Ryan.” I reply triumphantly.
“Well, Spencer Ryan is delicious!” She says, drooling. “Where can I get me some Spencer Ryan?”
“Firstly, let me be clear, Spencer Ryan is not for you, he is mine! Secondly, he is British, which by default also puts him in the ‘Property of Jazz’ category. You know the rules, you get musicians, I get any and all Brits. So anyway, I found him today and get this, outside of modelling he is a personal trainer. Imagine him spotting you at the gym.” I sigh. I have, if truth be told, been imagining it all day. So far I have imagined quite a few scenarios featuring young Spencer and not one of them require him to be dressed.
“Oh my god. I couldn’t let him watch me at the gym, he would see me sweat!” 
“But imagine if he was sweating too…” I drift off again.
“You’re stalking him aren’t you?” she says with that knowing look. I open my mouth to dispute her accusation, but close it again fast. 
I am stalking him. 
I know it.
She knows it.
“What are we talking here, Facebook, Twitter?”
“A website for modelling, one for the fitness thing, a Facebook fan page, a personal page and he’s on Twitter.” I admit, sighing. I’m pathetic! 
“So lemmie guess, you’ve subscribed and liked and followed.”
I hang my head in shame and nod.

“Wow!” She laughs. “You have been busy!” 

Here's a little more info about Kerry, see why we love her:

Terrible wife
Mediocre mother
Appalling housewife
Fashion graduate
Wedding coordinator
Sex toy salesperson
Shop manager Designer
Font collector
Romance addict
Fancier of nice men
Ok, fancier of almost all men
Awesome cupcake baker
Incessant singer
Film buff

You can always contact Kerry at her social media links below: 

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