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The Infamous Ellen James By NA Alcorn Blog Tour

We are soooo excited to be apart of this tour! I mean yes we know the author and parts a bit more intimately than most....What??? Oh get your mind out of the gutter! Or keep it there it doesn't matter. LOL We are so proud of NA <--- so odd calling her that. Anywho we love her so BOTH Dee and I wrote a review for this book! SO make sure you read both damn it! LOL 
<3 Sandie


The Infamous Ellen James
 (The Infamous Series #1)

Meet twenty-eight year old Ellen James. A sarcastic, feisty, foul-mouthed ER Nurse. She is snarky, sassy, and sometimes crudely inappropriate. After a terrible breakup with her fiancĂ©, Ellen has promised herself that she will never make the mistake of falling for another man again… and physicians, well she’s more than written them off.

Once she meets sexy Trauma Surgeon, Dr. Trent Hamilton, this promise is unbelievably hard to keep. This too-hot-for-Ellen's-own-good man is undeniably sexy and down-right irresistible. He leaves her breathless, speechless, and irritatingly turned on. He makes her fantasize about him in all kinds of dirty, inappropriate ways.

With the help of her obnoxious, and often times hilarious best friend Amy, Ellen will find herself in several crazy, embarrassing situations.

This is a story of friendship, love and how one very sarcastic woman can find the strength to pick up the pieces after having her heart broken. 

In her first novel, N.A. Alcorn provides interesting takes on the word vagina, while giving you a reason to re-think your next visit to the Emergency Room. This book is bound to make you laugh, smile, and provide you with enough sarcasm to choke your grandmother. No, N.A. doesn’t want anything bad to happen to your Grandma Ruth, but she does want you to strongly consider re-naming your vibrator after a guy who’s at the top of your spank bank rotation. Be prepared for dripping juice-boxes, awkward pelvic thrusting, and a little suspense to keep your snatch on edge.

Warning: This novel contains explicit sex, profanity and far too much vaginal humor. This novel is not meant for anti-fornicators, up-tight prudes, or virgins who refuse to go to Pound Town.

N.A. Alcorn is a wife, mother, labor and delivery nurse, writer, and blogger. She lives in Cincinnati with her husband
and three-year-old son, Sid. In her spare time she enjoys reading, writing, running, and having inappropriate conversations with her blog besties. She also has a serious addiction to music and her all-time favorite band is Incubus. Her ability to eat an ungodly amount of Reese’s Cups in a fifteen minute time frame would quite literally blow your mind.

Do you like the writing style of Tara Sivec? Yeah me too. N A Alcorn has a very similar writing style. It keeps you on your toes, keeps you laughing but still has drama that you can't get enough of. Let me tell you, the amount of names she came up with instead of vagina will have you laughing it up. I don't mean like one or two giggles, I mean like waking up the person laying next to you because you are laughing so hard, tears are running down your face and you can't talk.

 The relationship between the characters is fantastic. I don't mean just between Elle and Trent. Well, I mean that relationship is just fucking hot.. and there is hot fucking too. But her relationship with Amy is seriously tears streamin down your face funny. Warning do not read this in public. I am sure people were looking at me like I should be locked up in a loonie bin.

 Maybe I should've just started reading aloud. There's a thought. Note to self. Read dirty smut aloud. Start a movement! I feel like had I read this out loud and passed on the laughs, maybe I could've brightened someone's day. Maybe that laughter could've made their day, because it made mine. There wasn't any point of this book where I though "I wish this would happen". Natalie does a perfect job of balancing humor, love, serious drama, and then still has room to leave you swooning over Dr ThrustMe and his super hero cock, Dr Hammer. You can't help but want more.  I really thoroughly loved every damn page. And I really want to know about the twitter relationship Amy had. That just sounds .... interesting. 
I gave this book 5 hearts.

Well shit where do I even start? Damn me and my having friends who are bloggers turn author, now I have to be like totes and completely honest and say I love you NA and don't hate me!

OMFing juice box! I loved this book, I laughed my ass off. I didn't know what to expect and yes, the author is a friend. BUT, I am not biased in the least I am an HONEST reviewer, and that is what I do especially if you are my friend. When I tell you I laughed I mean I was full on 
We meet Ellen an ER Nurse who finds her fiancè dicking another woman. So what would any self respecting woman do? Cry to her BFF and try to get over him, while consuming large amounts of alcohol duh! Oh and her ex a is a Dr. where she works. She swears off men and well physicians all together. Then enter Dr. THRUST ME errrrmmm I mean Trent lickable Hamilton. 
“The first step in fixing a problem starts with admitting you have a problem. My name is Ellen
and my traitor nipples have an addiction to sexy physicians.”
Ellen gets herself into some interesting situations. I love her and her BFF Amy. I swear that is Dee and I, ok well except we have never in person but I'd like to think this is exactly how we would act! 

Oh man and when I got to Dr. Simon BAHAHAHA well let me just show you.
"Okay....okay.... Go ahead and intubate, let's continue CPR and prepare to.... SWEET MOMMA’S PUSSY... BIG LIPPED VAGINAS...prepare to defibrillate…..PULL ON MY PUBES!" Dr. Bill yells a little too loudly while making it quite obvious he is pretty worked up and extremely nervous."
I am laughing all over again just thinking of that scene. Oh man and when I got to Snookies babies... 
Oh GAWD, I can't even begin how to tell you my sides are hurting and I am laughing out loud BUT WAIT it gets better! all I have to say is....

I swear I laughed so much. I loved that NA Alcorn's characters are relatable, I mean who hasn't written their cheating ex's dick a thank you letter on a napkin in a bar before?

This had to be one of the funniest books I have read all year. I promise all of you that this is a book you do not want to miss. I mean super spunk, meat curtains, muffs and juice boxes! What could be any funnier? 

I can not wait for Amy's book because I can just imagine the shit she gets into. I sooo wish these characters were real because I would never have a dull moment. Bahahaha never mind if only you all could listen to the voxers of me and my friends.

I rated this book....hmmm I think maybe 3.5 hearts...LOL just kidding... I gave it a solid 4! thats good right? LMAO alright my real rating is........




.................... I just like messing with the author..................

Did I scare you? Isaak thought it was funny....

5/5 hearts

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