Thursday, September 19, 2013

To Know Her Blog Tour

Sara Hudson doesn't remember her own name – or anything else about her life. When Derek Clayton rescues her from a deserted highway, Sara finds she can’t say no to the sexy stranger. Lost from all she knows, Sara becomes the submissive to Derek’s dominance. Although she doesn’t understand why she yields to his demands, she can’t deny the blazing passion for the man who seems to know exactly how to satisfy her needs. 

The only thing Derek Clayton has more of than secrets is money. He offers Sara help with one goal in mind – to keep her in the dark until he can work out the events that left her stranded without a memory. Can they give up the constraints of the past to find their happy ending or will his secrets and past love threaten their future? 

**This 17,000 word novella is intended for mature audiences. It contains a submissive amnesiac seduced by a sexy stranger whose smooth talking skills and sweet kisses leave them burning up the sheets with smoking hot sex.

About Renee

Renee Burke has sampled life in Louisiana and the East Coast before finally settling down in the Midwest where she met her husband.  She was destined to be a teacher and loves instilling a love of reading in her students and trying to draw out their inner writers.

Renee has enjoyed romance since she was old enough to buy her own books, but her writing developed slowly as she balanced life with her family and a desire to “do it right.”  Her husband gave her the push she needed with a writing course several years ago, and she was off!  She has finally learned that romance should be felt rather than overanalyzed.  She loves reading and writing romance with a wide range of emotion and humor.  Her close friends all enjoy swapping author and book suggestions and looking for the next hot, sweet love story.

Renee claims her phone e-reader app allows her more reading time than ever before.  “People think I’m busy with important emails and let me read uninterrupted!”  Besides writing, Renee is crazy about spending time with her two handsome sons and amazingly devoted husband. 


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Dee's Review
So I was trying to figure this book out. Random woman walking down the road who can't remember anything... So you pick her up to help her and... Sleep with her. More than once. Okay. Alright I can buy that. Then I started to wonder, why does her body respond so well to him when her mind has no idea who he is? Almost like without thinking she recognizes he's a Dom and she's a sub. Hmm... I may need to re-read that purely for investigational purposes...right.. investigational purposes.. I need to think about this more... Everytime you think she's about to learn something, he finds a way to stop her. But boy does she learn some pretty amazing things. Still not who she is, but life changing information. Yet she still can't figure out what it is about this man that makes her feel so safe, and home. So she starts to dig. Doesn't find much... but what she does just breaks her heart and she ends in tears. For a novella this little read had me sitting on the edge of my seat, nervous, anxious, and wondering what the hell was going on... And horny as hell of course. I really liked this. You'll never believe how this story unfolds. Want a quick read? You have to pick this book up. I give this 3.5 hearts.


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