Sunday, September 29, 2013

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I was thinking of how to revamp this blog, I mean I love reading and writing reviews but sometimes I just want to let out pent up frustrations and well since I have a blog I decided what if one day a week I do that. I mean I will still talk books but just not a review. Dee and Shannon REALLY shouldn't let me near this blog at 3:34AM cuz shit like this happens
What I really want to do is vlog, cuz I think I am funny and you would all be able to see my kids, When a camera goes off or comes on they run to it and want to be all up in it. They get that from me, I am a total ham! I tried a "trial" one and I couldn't stop laughing, kids coming in and out of frame, yelling "SUCK MY BALLS" by my boys in the background. Me constantly yelling and telling them "SHUT UP BEFORE I...." (Many variations came out, like) 
"before I rip your balls off and there is none to suck"...or..."Beat you." 

Now before you go call the authorities please realize I never beat, hit, choke, smack my kids. They may get me upset but for the most part they crack me up. Plus a dead giveaway is that I am LMAO. IDK if that vlogging idea will ever turn into fruition, but I think you would all laugh at our disfunction and IDK if that is responsible parenting. Ok who am I kidding it's funny. I will probs get people hating on me and my parenting because of this but I say Eff you up the butt. My kids are very well rounded and educated. All 5... ALL 5 are GATE students (that means Gifted and Talented education.) They are very respectful and know when to play and when to stop. They are kids and they say and do shit that kids do. They do not cuss but I do have to speak to them about inappropriate remarks they make to one another cuz again THEY ARE KIDS. Don't act like you never cussed at school with your friends and then acted a different way in front of your parents. Same shit. Anywho, I was saying about Vlogging...I will re-try it. Hopefully and fingers crossed that my kids are calm that day. *GASP* Great Scott I have an idea I could give them nyquil bahahahaha just kidding. 

If I make one and the point to this post is, what would you all like me to vlog about? I have MANY subjects like....
1. Favorite book series Paranormal/YA/NA/Contemporary 
2. Best Alpha male Gideon vs Christian
3. Best Villans in a book and why I LOATHE them
4. Why I like certain genres
5. Me vlogging a review?

Let me know the one that gets the most responses is what I will vlog about, and I make no promises about theses pesky children of mine. LOL

Thanks for reading my ramblings and continuing to support the blog. I appreciate every one of you! 

Sandie!!! (The awesome) <-- Bahahaha
 my self proclaimed nickname

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