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A Window to Love Review By Shannon

A Window To Love
By: Fifi Flowers
Release Date: August 10, 2013


Melissa Bennette, a young beautiful woman

 who has tragically lost her parents in a

 devastating plane crash, is set to spend 

another Christmas holiday alone until one 

night as she gazes into the dressed up 

holiday windows of New York City and her 

path crosses with the gorgeous man of her 

dreams. Evan Duke is the world's top male 

model, dreamed about and wanted by 

women everywhere, but he only has eyes for 

her. This erotic tale of twists, turns and 

surprises stretches from twinkling lights of 

New York tthe sun drenched beaches of 

Santa Monica to the art world of Paris. With 

each destination, the layers of their lives and 

closely held secrets fall away as a beautiful 

love grows out of the weeds of self doubt 

and heartbreak.

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About the Author:

“Art is an experience that transcends all 

cultural boundaries... it makes us feel!” Fifi 

Fifi Flowers is an internationally known 

artist who paints her daydream city of Paris, 

adding her special flair of whimsy and fun to 

the iconic images of Paris. Beautiful things 

that surround her daily life are what inspire 

her to paint. Setting a mood... playing with 

colour... experimenting with patterns and 

textures... painting on canvas or archival 

paper. Fifi has taken her love of Paris and 

romance to the pages of her first novel, A 

Window To Love, due out on August 11th, 

2013. Fifi's love of writing began at a very 

young age, and finally, during the Fall of 

2012, she sat down, and instead of putting 

paint to paper, put her pen to paper and 

began her first novel. A Window To Love is 

the first in her series of eight romance 


Fifi has a bachelor's degree in Art and a 

minor in Art History from California 

Polytechnic University. She also attended 

UCLA Film School for Production Design. 

Fifi resides in the Los Angeles area of 

California… but part of her heart resides in 

Paris, France. 

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Shannon's Review:

You know a book is good when it starts off 
with hot, steamy, juicy sex. Yes this book did and I loved every minute of it.

Melissa Bennette is lost and lonely. She is 
gorgeous, funny, and smart. I love how she speaks French in the book, especially during intimate scenes. I think you will really enjoy getting to know her.

Evan Duke is well HOT. I mean he is a model but he drips with sex. I could lick him all over all day long. *Dazing off with a look of wanting*

Sorry back to the review, got a little excited. 

He is a man you see in your fantasies but he

is a prince charming. He is sweet, jealous 

when he needs to be, hot, sexy, charismatic, 

enchanting, and did I mention hot!!! Ladies 

he is total swoon worthy.

This is a first to a series to come. The next 
will have new characters but equally hot. The author also says that Evan and Melissa will be returning in the future. YES!!! They are extremely sizzling together. 

I loved the art, language and places visited 
and talked about in this book. I really loved how the art was incorporated, but then again I love the arts. I am giving this book 4 hearts. You need to go get it now and read this steamy, love story.

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