Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dance for Me by Helena Newbury, Review by Dee

Natasha is one of the most promising ballet dancers at the prestigious Fenbrook Academy of Performing Arts and she’s just landed a life-changing audition. But no one knows the guilt she carries...or the damage it makes her inflict on herself when she’s alone.

Darrell is a multi-millionaire designer at 25. But past traumas have pushed him into isolation and the intense pressure of his work has brought him to the edge of burnout. Seeking inspiration, he sees Natasha dance and hires her as his muse.
As she dances for him, the two become entwined in a passionate but troubled relationship. He starts to see the pain inside her and helps her gradually lower her defenses...but Darrell has demons of his own. Can two broken people save each other? Or will the darkness they’re hiding consume them both?

This New Adult Romance is recommended for 17+ due to mature themes, sexual situations and language.
About the Author
Helena Newbury is a New Adult Romance author with a love of bakingly hot summer days, strawberry gelato, good coffee and interesting people. Unlike the characters in her debut novel, Helena cannot dance, act or play anything (though she is substantially more flexible since she started writing Dance For Me and tried doing dancer’s stretches, so she's hoping that something will rub off on her from each book).
Helena writes in a very noisy, very busy coffee shop which means she sometimes ends up mainlining caffeine to keep her seat. You’ll know when this happens because she'll still be on Twitter that night at 4am.
Helena loves meeting and talking with other authors, traveling to new places and discovering new books.

Dee's review
I love that this was a different story line. She is a ballerina with issues from her past, who is still in school for dance. He is haunted by the death of his parents and is an engineer. So you're wondering how their paths cross? How the heck do these people meet? Well for one, he crashes one of her auditions and two, he needs a muse for his creations and tracks her down. So he pays her to dance for him. No, not like that fellow perverts. Dance, as in ballet. Pointe shoes and all. He even builds her a stage..in his basement...so she can dance. It's really not as creepy as it sounds. He literally pays her to be his muse. There is an instant connection. The desire. It's all there. Building between them. It's not only them though, and this part made me laugh. It's also there for their best friends, Clarissa and Neil. That unexpected desire. Except with these two, they are like oil and water.. and let me tell you, it's quite interesting. But they just can't fight it either. Anyway, Darrel wants to tell Natasha what's haunting him. What his night mares are, especially once they fall in love. But he can't. Neither can she.  She can't tell him about her nightmares or what she does to herself. They both are so afraid to lose what they have, but letting their demons rule them. I was so nervous for her. And yes, kind of mad. Mad because I don't understand why she would want to do that. Why she needs to do it. But isn't that what we do as humans, we get upset about things we don't understand? Sigh.... she explains it, the reasoning, the need, and I kind of got it. Not saying I accept it, but I understood the need for it. Then, oh my god, he tells his story. You hear what his nightmares are and why he does what he does. I seriously felt like my heart broke. I can't fathom that. I just wanted to crawl in my kindle and hug him. Like just hold him like a little kid. And this Carol chick. I wanted to kick her ass. I wanted to attack her. Like go full fledged psycho on her. Cat fight and all. But, the end,  all of it, had me laughing, smiling, and literally throwing my arm in the air "breakfast club" style screaming yesssss! I loved the ending. Minus the Aston Martin. *Cringe* But all in all I loved it. It was awesome. I give this book 3.5 hearts.

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