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Inescapable Desire by Danielle Jamie Review by Ricky

                Inescapable Desire 


Savannah and Kayden's relationship is full of passion; the 

chemistry between them is undeniable, but will their 

relationship be strong enough to with stand jealous exes and 

an unexpected tragedy that threatens to tear them apart.

After giving up on love, Savannah built a fortress around her 

heart; until Kayden storms into her life breaking through her 

resolve and the walls she built around her heart. Savannah 

took a huge leap of faith deciding to move from Los Angeles 

to Galveston Texas. She wants to be closer to Kayden and 

away from the insanity of L.A. Being the daughter of Country 

Music's Hottest Duo and having a very public break up has 

made life in Los Angeles almost unbearable.

As soon as Savannah begins to feel like her life is finally 

piecing back together, men from her past come back into her 

life causing strain on her very new relationship with Kayden. 

Just when she thinks things cannot get any worse tragedy 

strikes; sending Savannah’s world crashing back down 

around her. Will her relationship with Kayden, be strong 

enough to with stand the new obstacles thrown at them? Or 

will it tear them apart forever?

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Ricky's Review:

Okay so this book leaves off exactly where book one end. That is a good thing especially with book one ending on a cliff hanger. Okay so book one ends with Logan showing up at Savannahs, and your thinking OMFG. Well that is what I was thinking. I really can’t stand Logan. I just want to see Savannah kick him right in his boys but find out that Savannah has a hell of a right hook.

Then we meet Jacob. The gay hot new neighbors that just moved in, but we will meet his lover, Zak, later.

Thanks to Jacob, Savannah doesn’t have to go totally crazy on him

So Savannah is now with Kayden and things are going really good. She moved to Texas from L.A. and she is happy about the move.  She still has her dream job and only has to fly L.A. once a week.  Brooklyn decides to move with her cause you know bff’s  have to stick together.

So in this book Savannah and Kayden are still new into their relationship and it seems to be going really well. All of Savannah friends are liking him better then Logan, which isn’t saying much, and her parents and family love him already. Same goes for Kayden’s friends. They have never seen someone have the effect that Savannah has on Kayden. 

There is a lot of sex in this book. And I mean a lot. So much that I am jealous that he gets it as much as he does. I will not talk about his member. You will have to read this and make your own judgments on it. But me I had to tell my wife and she was like WTF. Yea make your own assumptions.

There is a lot of partying going on here. I mean so much that I think I actually had a hangover after reading those parts. But damn do these people like to drink and dance.

And let me warn you that this book will end on big cliff hanger. But once you read that last sentence, please don’t close the book go a few pages past cause there is a little surprise for you.

I give this book four hearts cause it will have you wanting to start the next book right away.

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