Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Lost Souls By Madeline Sheehan Blog Tour and giveaway

Tahyra Petros tried desperately to save herself and her sister, and instead ended up forever changed.

Shandor Asenov battled with death, and lost.

Hockey Sava, in a valiant attempt at saving his friends, vanished.

Caroline Andrews lost her brother during a violent attempt at survival and was subsequently left alone in the hands of an unknown fate.
And, Marko Siwak disappeared in the middle of the night and was never heard from again.

These are the stories of their journeys lost in a world where devastation knows no boundaries, where enemies await them at every turn, and where heartache, loss, and death supersede happiness, peace, and love...and the destiny that awaits them.

"Not all those who wander are lost…
- J. R. R. Tolkien

What is fate? Or destiny? 
Do we each have a predestined plan? A path to follow on our journey, mapped out long before us? 
Does someone, something, somewhere, already know what hasn’t yet come to pass?Are words such as chance, fortune and luck, just words?Are we all just pawns in a game being played by a force of power, so much bigger than us, a force so great, so unfathomably paramount that we, as mere humans, simply do not have the ability to comprehend it?
What if the answer was yes?
What if every step we’ve taken, every choice, every mistake we’ve make, every success, every sad or happy moment in our lives, every person we’ve met, every feeling, every emotion we’d ever experienced, every single breath we’ve taken, our first and our last…  
What if every single moment of our lives was, is, will be --no matter who you are, poor or wealthy, famous, criminal, loved or hated – what if it was all an inevitability, a foreordination, utterly uncontrollable by us?
Would it still be worth it?


I enjoy when authors dabble and write different genres. To me when an author can do that and do it well, it shows that they are the truly talented. Many of you know how I felt about reading Madeline's other book. After reading that and discovering that she wrote paranormal I was like oh hells yeah. I love this series. This book is no exception.
If you have not read the other 2 books in this series you need to get on that NOW!
I had wondered what happen to some of the characters and in this book I get my answers. I enjoy reading books about the end of the world and how all the survivors do in fact survive. What and how they overcome obstacles. This has multiple POV. It flowed well, I was never lost and the stories blended together nicely that I never felt cheated. I dislike reading something and feeling like something was left out or it needed more. Nope Mads did a great job of not losing or confusing me. She is truly a talented lady.
I am a sucker for paranormal and I was like YES! Madeline has done a great job of pinning down this genre. 
I gave this book
4/5 hearts

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