Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

Dee and I would like to say Happy Mothers Day to all you wonderful ladies. I know mothers are not always appreciated enough, or we feel we need more attention, but at the end of the day to see our babies sleeping safe sound and peaceful is all I ever need.

Firstly, Happy Mothers Day to my wonderful mother Emily..
Who taught me that even though life gets hard you keep pushing, learning and growing. Its never easy but she has the strength of a lion! She came to this country with nothing but provided my brothers,sisters and I, with everything she could. Working 2 jobs and sacrificing herself for our needs. She taught me that school is the most important tool we can have, knowledge is power. She kept me safe and loved me during those years I was unable to care and love myself, drugs were a bad part of that time, but none the less she loved me regardless and helped me out of that. She also put up with my mischievous teenage ways, even when I came home pregnant at 16 she loved me, helped me grow. I stand strong today as a mother because of all the things she taught me. I am not ashamed of my past and who I am, because that would mean I am ashamed of my mom. So Thank you Mami Te amo!!

To my babies, I love you. All of you are the reason I continue to push and strive for my dreams and goals. You are all my best friends. You teach me things everyday......

Seriously had no clue what Roblox was and oh the mindless hours of Austin and Ally and Victorious that I have watched to make you happy. The hours of listening to the Biebs and 1Direction. Learning that I'm a milf (<-- this made me laugh) and to calm yo tits! 

Happy Mothers Day to my partner Dee! Best decision I ever made was asking her to be my boo. 
I never knew that meeting you on twatter would have lead to this incredible friendship! Thanks for putting up with my craziness and for being there on the phone/voxer/kik/text when I have been frustrated or sad/crying. You are way more than a partner and friend, you are my family. I love you!
And next time you send salsa just add that precious baby in the box (hehehe)


So From us to all of you hard working mothers we love you and appreciate all that you do. 

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