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Blog Stop for Sweet Ride by Maegan Lynn Moores

Blog Stop for
Sweet Ride 
by Maegan Lynn Moores

Appearances can be deceiving.

Payton Clare, the easy-going, fun-loving party girl, moves to Del Mar, California to be closer to her best friend. No one knows that a violent act in her past has left her damaged beyond repair. 

She finds it hard to trust men, especially Jack De Luca, the badass, motorcycle-riding, undercover cop who had the potential to turn into something more. Jack’s been absent from her life for years and has just ridden back in town and struggles with his own personal demons. 

Can they find their way back to each other, overcoming their pasts to make a life worth living together?

Dee’s Review:
Let me tell you how much I love books about Motorcycle clubs. I LOOOOOVE Them. And this book was no exception. Add to that the hot steamy romance and drama and BAM!!! You’ve given me a book hangover. So you have to remember that this is book 2 in the series, Wilde Ride is book one. Wilde Ride give you the background for this book. You may want to look into that before reading this book. I recommend both. Okay…now onto the book.... 

I love the chemistry that Jack  (aka Diesel) and Payton share. She is such a wild child. Holds nothing back, tells you whats on her mind, and does what she wants. She's a wham bam thank you man type of lady. 

Until Jack.. but they aren't together anymore..even though he's all she has thought about.. and her for him. He’s such a badass. The muscles, the Harley, knows how to talk dirty…

.If you know their history, you have to question if they can make it work. Can she give him another chance, while he’s working, and she's working??? she’s also pretending to be in a relationship to make him jealous? There were so many times when I was like OH YES, she has GOT to make this work. He's trying to hard. But she just keeps pushing him away. I'm reading this like..COME ONE PAYTON!

 Then after we learn of what he went through..I’m like LOVE HIM PAYTON! Then when we learn about what she went through, and why she has nightmares… I was all.. JACK YOU GO GET THEM BOYS!! 

And… That scumbag… with her sister!!! Oh that’s not all the drama, don’t worry.. Then add in how it ALL ties together and you get some major OMG moments. 

Man Jack is hot! Had to throw that out there….Sorry, off topic there. Okay. So, Not only do we have all that drama, we also meet his family. SURPRISE PAYTON! And oh heavens..that is...umm...interesting.. I have no further comment. Let me just say I highly recommend this book and this you should read it… AFTER you read Wilde Ride, of course.  I give this book 4 hearts.


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