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Sandies Ambrosia review

Sandie's Ambrosia Review:

I am literally the type of sick where you want to lay in bed and never get out. Hide under the covers and escape reality because for some reason being under the covers is better then facing the real world. Yes, I get that I can not do that, but UUUGGGHHHHH I am seriously not wanting to do this.

Here it goes I am jumping in and just baring my soul. DO NOT BE MAD AT ME.....Know what I don't care be mad, be upset be anything you want to be because...well just read my damn review and see why.

Ambrosia starts off where Meta left off. My head is all over the place so I am going to do this review in gifs ready.....
My Review in gifs.....
Super excited to read this! MORE MASON!!! WHOOO
Ok Scar and Mason go through and talk about shizz
Now they are getting it on! OH YEAH
Yeah What Kevin Hart said its about to GO DOWN!!
DAMN!!! now that is a hot ass scene
Really do you really have to leave and do this to me??
OMG why does this have to happen pretty sad.
UGH! I hate that you miss him too!!! Stupid guys they suck
Say wha?? did that bitch really just say that? Oh hell no
She's like totes freaking out for something that is not even true!! WHAT THE FUCK!
Are you kidding me??? your kidding right? she has to be kidding
Yup thats what I am saying...I can't even believe this shizz
 He did what? and she what? am I trippin?
Nice! she's on vacation and people are all going crazy! nice
I think, yeah I am pretty sick at this point
WHAT THE FUUUUUUCCCCKKKKKK....thats it everyone dies

So that was probably confusing but I am so upset, like really upset so just fair warning this may not be pretty.
First off WTF! he just takes her back no questions asked? like seriously? Ok I know this is fiction but really? REALLY?? 
I loved how romantic, understanding and caring that Mason is but, sometimes I just feel like he's too much of a pushover. I like guys that give me space and help me grow but fuck dude grow a pair sometimes. Lucky for him he is the quintessential rocker book boyfriend, and I love his ass other wise I'd be switching teams....uh no not Ash I mean Max! LOL kidding Dee.

Alright so while Scarlett was gone for 8 months, Mason was busy getting his music out and noticed. Enter the BITCH Bentley whom Mason has been uhhhh....mmmmm....using to satisfy his manly needs. Oh and she is his bands manager! I know I was like seriously. So now that Scar's back Bentley is pissed that Mason will no longer be using her. Women are crazy just sayin. Anyways Mason will be moving to Austin to get a record deal or wahtever so what does this mean for him and Scar? well a long distance relationship duh! 

Then you know there is still unresolved issues with Ash. I have to say that in this book he kinda made me like him, just a little bit. So he gets to tell Scar his feelings and its at this point that I am rolling my eyes and thinking that the Ashers will be swooning. Ok he did make a few points that I was like damn him. 

Max returns in this installment and I am glad. I think a few girls are now team Max. He's a good guy *cough* and friend. 

Ok so now the gifs above, damn lets see so there are a lot of hot scenes where I was like DAAAYYYUUUMMM!!! Then there were scenes where I was like WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT???? I think my emotions were never settled on just one. Thanks Erin. Then I think I actually had a heart attack. Ok not really but my chest hurt and I was gasping for breathe I just couldn't believe what I had just read. I think pissed yeah I was pissed then I continued to get pissier and angrier and then I chucked my kindle. 
Yup that was how it pretty much went. BTW Erin you owe me a new one, cuz that shit wasn't even right. I cried, I know most ppl didn't but I am so connected with these damn characters that I was pissed and I cried. I don't even understand where Scar's head is and I get upset. You are all probably like whoa what happened?? yeah well you have to read it. Let me just say this


WTF is wrong with girls? women? I mean you have a great guy that will just about do anything for your selfish bratty ass and you treat him and do that shit to him??? REALLY!! and what the hell you are like telling him you you you but your ass has a car get the fuck in your car and drive to see him! A relationship is a two way street. Why was he expected to do all the work? This is where I get pissed at women girls, (because I hope to gosh that no woman would act this way!) because they expect the guy to do EVERYTHING for them, they expect sacrifices and moving of mountains but girls can't give shit back in return. They can't be like oh hey let me help out this wonderful man and meet him half way, hell sometimes meet him more than half way. I am pretty sure if you want that person in your life you will do anything to help out right? or is that just me?
Then to just believe some other person instead of like TALKING TO YOUR BOYFRIEND you do what you do. Next you just started a whole shit storm. I can't even begin to understand the decisions you have made. Finally I get to the part where I literally got sick. I was upset, depressed, rocking back n forth crying in the corner. Okay maybe not but damn it, WHO DOES THIS SHIT! Then I remember, Scarlett does thats who. And WTF all these fucking guys just are big ass pussies. What guy do you know would seriously put up with this shit? IDC how innocent or naive you are no man will put up with that shit. Sorry butterfly/angel/flamingo whatever NOT GONNA HAPPEN. 
Okay rant kind of over. But on the flip side of this, I really hate when ppl go all crazy on the author saying that the character is this or that, please remember she is a 19 yr old girl who was sheltered most of her life. Her best friend died and really has nobody to help guide her. She is doing the best she can in the circumstances, be it as it may shitty choices are indeed made, but I made pretty shitty and stupid choices at that age. I did drugs, I was in an abusive relationship, I cheated, I lied, I did things that would put most people to shame. These were my choices and my life. Like Scarlett I made mistakes but from those mistakes I grew and learned and moved on. So before you get all judgey (not really a word but go with it) remember that this is fiction and Scarlett is young and navigating her way in this world, with no real best friend or mentor. She has 2 guys vying for her affection but never seem to tell her she is wrong, and 1 guy who loves her as his best friend but again never tells her or sets her straight. She has to fall and get back up and move forward but I am confident that because of all the bad choices she will be even stronger and more open to the world around her.
Now that this review has gone on for pretty much FOREVER, you are all probably thinking ummm what the hell are you going to rate this book?
So I was going to be mean just cuz I was pissed and be like 2 hearts LOL I am kidding...But for reals, I loved the way Erin wrote this book, I loved that the book evoked all of this from me. I loved that I was blissfully happy to so pissed I was raging. I do no think I have EVER written a review this long. Know why? cuz this book pissed me off and I had to let it all out. Sooooo for that I am giving this book
5/5 hearts

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