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Promise Me
By Barbie Bohrman

Release Date:  May 28, 2013
Genre:  New Adult Romance

Sabrina Chandler must go back home to face her past and confront her once best friend and ex-boyfriend who betrayed her in the worst way possible.
Returning to her past also means coming face to face with the boy who was standing in the shadows one fateful night. The same boy she made a promise to and who unknowingly walked away with her heart.
Can she move forward with her life when her heart is still 10 years in the past?

About Barbie:

Barbie Bohrman was born and raised in Miami, FL. She moved to the New Jersey after getting her Associates
Degree in Liberal Arts at Miami-Dade Community College. She currently resides in the Garden State with her two children. Her hobbies include movies, great TV shows, reading, reading, and even more reading.

Barbie can be reached on facebookgoodreads and twitter

Dee’s Review

There are so many good things to be said about this book, I don’t know where to start. It wasn't just a we meet and fall in love, love story. It was a messed up broken hearted put me back together love story, and I love it. You have the heartbreak that pretty much all of us can relate to, the angst, the drama, 

the bitch, some more heatbreak, the asshole. All of it. It’s all here. And all relateable. All real. I mean from Chapter one I was pulled into this book. I can’t imagine being in high school and going to a party to see your love about to “lay the love down” with your best friend. What a bitch! And then later to find out it was deliberate.. MEGA BITCH! 

Ahhhh… Tyler, our savior. Swoops in to save Sabrina and get her home safely. The bad guy is the white knight. Jump forward 10 years and Sabrina is still pining after him. I mean, why wouldn’t she? We always love our white knights, don’t we? The one who got away? The curiosity, the one she compares every one else to.

 And what better place to run into him and test the waters than a 10 year reunion? Ah, but we can’t forget that we’re going to run into the cheater and the mega bitch. God this was so well written. I wanted to jump the pages and punch the bitch. She deserves it. Don’t even ask me what the cheater deserves, I don’t think it’s blog appropriate… But the way that Sabrina handles herself, the way that she puts them in their place at each turn.. it was AWESOME! 

 ANY WAY.. the relationship between Tyler and Sabrina is so great. Not only because it’s not perfect – which I love- but just because it is. I am glossing over Ava’s character because I don’t want to give spoilers. But let’s just say she’s a mega slut. 

I loved this book, it was awesome. At the end, the way it works out, I was so excited it wasn't easy peasy. It is so worth the wait to get to the end!

I give it 4 hearts. Pick it up lovies, you will enjoy it and love it like I did.

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