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Interview with Erin Noelle

*Sandie singing and dancing around office....Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, I'm radioactive, radioactive*
*Dee walks in*  ....ummm... *looking around* ... what's going on here? Is it Karaoke Day? Did I miss it? Where do I put in my requests??

SAndie: *laughs* no Dee, we have Erin Noelle coming in today, can you believe that she is crazy enough to let us interview her?? BAHAHAHA this is going to be fun! 

Dee: Oh Oh OH!! Is anyone coming with her? PLease tell me Erin is bringing man candy with her? Not that I don't love Erin, but I LOVE MAN CANDY!! Is she? Is she? Is she? Please please please??? .. WHAT!

Sandie: Dude calm the eff down! no she's not :( BUT later on we get to interview Max, Ass errr Ash and *yells and jumps up and down* MASON!!!!!

Dee: uhhhmmmm... MmmMmmMmmmAxxxx?? OMG oMg OmG! Okay.. I am trying to calm down! Okay so when will Erin be here? Cause I may need a drink. Its 5 o'clock somewhere, right?

Sandie: Shit I think I hear her now...ummm calm the eff down and act professional! Can you do that Dee?? *looks around*

Damn it Dee focus!! btw you have gotten waay better *laughs* cuz I remember when you started...
Dee: DAMN IT SANDIE!! You promised not to show anyone those videos!

Sandie: BAHAHAHA why you look good! Alright look who's here
*opens door and Erin comes walking in*
Erin: *hugs both San and Dee* how are you girls? thanks for having me. 
Have a seat E...This is going to be fuuun!!!
Hello, Erin Noelle. Thanks for coming to our office.. shall we get started?
*Dee's attempt at acting professional*
When did you start writing?
mid October of last year

How did the meta plot come about?
The ladies in my book club and I were always discussing our book boyfriends and trying to find people who we thought looked like them, so I got this idea of a story where girls who read went on a real life search for people who reminded them of their book boyfriends.
Sandie: Let me just say that I love the book boyfriends that were in Meta!!
Dee: THey were great.. Especially Max. He's my favorite. Max San, not Mason, Max. Moving on...
Sandie: Pfffttt he has nothing on Mase you can keep Max....
Dee:Oh I will.. I will keep him all to myself, maybe even tied up for a while .. Oopps. uh... that slipped. 

Are the characters reflective of any people in your life?

Not really, I mean sure, there are characteristics of different people in my life throughout all of the characters, but not specifically any one character represents any real life person

Biggest inspiration?

just my overall love for romance books, Meta was my way of paying tribute to them

Biggest regret?
Not editing Meta before I put it out the first time. Damn, I got hammered for that.

What would you love to do again, that you already have?

go to college ~ I love school
Dee: I love Frat Parties. Does that count as school?
Sandie: No Dee it doesn't LOL
Dee: Oh, right, sorry.. moving on...

When/where do you write the best?

I always write late at night in my bed

If you could go back and change one thing about meta, what would it be?

I'd rewrite the conversation in the first part of the book. When I read it now there are parts that I feel could really be improved

Scariest thing about writing?

Just putting yourself out there for others to critique... these are my thoughts and to have people tell you they suck; well, it really sucks

Do you try all your sex scenes before you write them?

No, sadly, most of them are built off of other scenes I've read
Dee: do you want to?
Sandie: I do!

Anything you've done or been to that is in the book?

Since the book takes place in my hometown, I'm familiar with all of the places discussed. In Ambrosia, there's a section that takes place in California, and  again, its places I've visited and know pretty well.

How do you handle negative criticism?

Now, I take it for what its worth. If its written in a way that's meant to be helpful and constructive, I try to learn from it. Reviews that are just ugly or don't offer any suggestions, I ignore.

What advice do you have for aspiring authors?

If you have a story in your head, just sit down and write it. Don't worry about editing or any of that, you can always go back to adjust those type of things.

What is the weirdest thing you have done during sex?

LMAO... ummm, fallen asleep
Sandie: *falls out of chair doubled over in laughter* STFU! 
Dee: OMG thats hilarious.. Laughing so hard,I think I just snorted.

You have met some major authors but who would you like to meet living or dead and why? (author wise)

I'd love to meet Stephanie Meyer. I love the Twilight series and I'm in awe of the phenomenon that she created with her books
Sandie: Me too!! She is amazing. I just love Emmett and in a way Mason reminds me of Emmett. Except you know without all the tattoos and shit. BUt I wanna break houses with him and have Mason's babies! POW! there is your next story. 
Dee: OH GOD.. Please don't start this again.
Sandie: What? :( I just really love them I could be the meat in the middle of the sandwich! BAHAHAHA no? too much? 
Dee: actually no, that's kind of a hot mental picture

What is the best thing that has happened to you since becoming an author? I mean besides meeting me of course?

Just all of the wonderful people that I've met... I've made so many new friends since putting Meta out. And yes, you are my favorite of all of them!
Sandie: *looks at Dee* see told ya I am her favorite *sticks tongue out at Dee*
Dee: Keep rubbing it in! *cursing under my breath*
Sandie: its ok Dee I got you this. *pulls out bottle of wine* see you're my favorite. 
Dee: SCORE! I need a straw!

If Meta was optioned to be a movie who would you cast as the characters? Just Mase/Ash/Scar/Max/Evie??

Well this is pretty easy for me. Since all 4 characters have twitter accounts, I now see the characters as the people they use for their avis. 
Sandie: ummm crap *searching through desk, under papers* found it...
Yeah these peeps could defo work...Especially the guy for MASON.

where would you love to travel and why?

Bora Bora ~ I'm a beach girl and that is tropical paradise. I want to stay in one of those rooms over the water.

So why was Scar a virgin? do you feel like this SL (of the college virgins is now cliche?)

I definitely think it's cliché. When I made her a virgin it was almost tongue-in-cheek. Meta was written for my book club friends, not to be published for the public. We all kind of made fun of all of the college virgins that guys fell all over themselves for, so naturally that had to be my main character

Alright I am super pissed about Ambrosia I DO NOT want to give anything away but even in Meta men seem to fall at Scars beck n call why????

See above answer... it was supposed to make fun of this girl that doesn't exist, but in a good way. These books are fiction... girls like Scarlett don't exist in real life... neither do guys like any of our book boyfriends; its fantasy, an escape from real life.
Sandie: ummm Mason exsists! I don't know what you think but he talks to me everyday so whatever E. I think you have been in your writing cave too long just sayin!

What do you have in store for my babes Mason?

Lots of hot and steamy sex with some lucky female character... oh, a HEA of course
Sandie: *jumps up from seat and sqeals and jumps up and down* so you are going to use my idea from above! I get Mason and Emmett? *runs and tackle hugs Erin* OMG your the best, OMG OMG OMG that story is going to be EPIC!!!!!

Quick Fire round:

inside ~ I don't like bugs & shit


Sandie: ummm I like it both ways *shrugs* what?? just sayin!
Dee: aren't those the same ? 
Sandie: ummm No! Hard is just like....ugh I will explain later


Sandie: thats hot.
Dee: oh god, does Max have a motorcycle? I have this fantasy... ummm.. nevermind..moving on..
Sandie: looks at Dee no I wanna hear this....
Dee: well let's just say it starts when it would be raining, my hands in his pants as he drives (for warmth of course) and end with a litte Attleboro... Oh you didn't really want to know did you??? ooops. Where is my wine?




bottom ~ submissive by nature

Hidden talents?

I can fit my mouth around a coke can?
Sandie: *holy shit! I gotta see this* drinks a Dr.Pepper then hands E the can* Ummm DAAAYYYUUUMMM E! that is impressive.
DEE: WHAT THE HECK... How come we don't have THAT on video?!?!
Sandie: *nudges Dee and nods head to the security camera and then winks* 


Sandie: *high fives E*


Sandie: *scrunches face* really? ok then....
Dee: Dude.. Flops are the best.. well, with heels you can dig them in... uh... nevermind
Sandie: see Dee this is why we are perfect together you get me!


lingerie ~ makes it more fun doing a strip tease


wall, fo sho


doggie ~ hair pulling too please
Dee: High Five!





spankings/tied up?

Dee: Both?!!? What? Moving on...

whipped cream/ice

whipped cream


def vodka... tequila ~ boke (pmsl)
Sandie: bahahahaha boke oh E! and I love tequila... PATRON!!!
Dee: EWWWW!!!
Sandie: oh shut it drink your wine.


Sandie: *dies from laughter*

Los Angeles/Houston


text/phone sex


Sandie/Dee (bahahahaha)

not going there... I love a good menage
Sandie: its ok you basically told the world I am your fave earlier so I am ok *winks at E*
Dee: GOOD GOD...  *pushes Sandie out of her chair*
Sandie: *looks up at Dee from floor* you have 3 seconds head start then imma tackle you.....1.....2.....

Dee: OH SHIT! Bye Erin!! Attleboro kisses my hooker! Talk to you next time. *Running out the door* Tell Max to call me!

Sandie:Thanks Erin for the interview it was fun *I yell back over my shoulder as I run to tackle Dee*

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Ambrosia the sequel to Metamorphosis drops on 6/24/13

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