Monday, June 17, 2013


Dee Is going to kill me when she sees this. She knew NOTHING about it, which is great cuz I love surprising her. So I thought I would be sneaky and make this post without her knowledge. 
YAY!!!!...I love my partner to death! I am so glad she is aboard and today is her special day. I wouldn't be able to do the things I do here on the blog without her!! 

<--- See Rob Agrees.....
I can literally sit here all night and tell you how wonderful she is. No really I can. Did you know that she has a full time job and still does like 5 reviews a week!??? 
I am serious. Alright sooo I wanted to do something special for my bitch!!! I wanted to give her a new one of these...
Shit sorry that is actually my closet...thats a bit embarrassing...wait who am I kidding it doesnt bother me that you all know I am a bit freaky LMAO. I did want to get her one of these though.
What? she said she needed a new one. I was just trying to be a good friend. Oh man could you imagine me going to her house and being like....
With a huge selection of vibrators, ben wa balls, lube, handcuffs, zip ties, blindfolds....What?? umm...yeah...yeah damn it I am getting distracted. Ok anyways back to my point for the post.
Since I could not show up at her house with the big box I did something else. I asked all her friends to write her something special so here you go Dee.

Now the bloggers want their shot to tell her how amazing she is....
Okay now the guys all want to say something...Promise no sexual acts were committed to obtain these statements BAHAHAHA well....maybe in my head
Man this guy cracks me up! Elvis has left the building, Yo G you should tweet that when you go #offline 
*Swoooning* yeah I love me some Mason! WOWZERS, she got double kisses...just a bit jelly 

HEhehehe...I know how much you love Trav, Dee. I think my panties may have combusted with this one...How are you holding up though? still with me? I got a few more hang in there.
OH yeah Dee I went there for you! I got the new bad boys of twitter to write you up a Bday message cuz I loves ya! I know don't die on me just yet...Ryder's awesome but look you wants to wish you Happy Bday next......HAhahaha Jack cracks me up. Watch out for this guy Dee. And don't let his jackassness fool ya, he is super sweet beneath the assholeness that is Jack!WOW, Ash ummm WOW. Your charms will not work on her to persuade her to pick a team. Wait I think she already did and here he is Last but certainly not leastWHoa! 
Happy Birthday Dee. I hope you realize just how much I appreciate you everyday. You make me laugh and can brighten up my day with one conversation. I will always be here for you no matter the circumstances. You are vibrant, beautiful inside and out and I am honored that you chose me to be your friend. I know you like smut and I am sorry I couldn't get that damn vibrator to you in time. I love you Dee. 
Your sexy whexy, 
*Happy Birthday from all of your friends :) *

**SPecial thanks to all of the peeps that wrote messages for Dee, I appreciate it THANK YOU!!**

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  1. OMG you are so f-ing hilarious! Love starting my morning reading this blog!