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Erin Noelle's Meta and Ambrosia....MASON TEMPLETON interview

looking in the mirror checking my hair, touching up my lip gloss as "Feel this moment" by Pitbull plays in the back round.
Dee!!! Squeeee toooodaaaayyy is the daaaayyyy!!! I am so excited to see my love!!

Girl, calm down!!! You are like all over the place. Is this what it was like when Max came in?  Good lord. Turning to look at Sandie. DAAAAAYUM! You look hot! OOooOOOOoookay. It's like that, huh?

You like this dress??
and my heels pretty hot right?? And girl you were waaay worse. I am just excited....hey what happened after you dragged his ass out of here anyway??

Uhhhh.. Nothing. We just got some beers and hung out.. Moving on. Yes, I like the dress and heels Sexy Whexy. Oh here, he comes. CALM YO TITS! and act normal!

Hey Mason, thanks for stopping by.. Have a seat and we can get started.
*Mason steps into the office and my heart pounds wildly in my chest. Damn he is so good looking.*
Mason: morning ladies
Dee: Morning Mase 
San: Morning 

Dee: okay well then lets start this shall we.

Why didn't you push Bentley away the night at 
the bar when Scar walked in and saw you?
I don’t know, I was gonna tell B about Scar being back but she just showed up unannounced and I knew if I told her there at the bar, she would probably make a big scene or something. Plus, she was my manager ya know, so I didn’t want to piss her off. I didn’t know that Scar was there. I thought that me not touching her back she would get the hint.
San: Hun wasn't she in the back room though? sorry just sayin
Dee: How'd that work out for ya?
Mason: not well. In the end I finally got B out but that was later after all that other shit went down.

What would you do different?
In that situation or in life? Shit I’d do a lot of things different, we ain’t got time for all that

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Fuck if I know, I’m just trying to get through today. Ideally, I’d be playing music and married and happy and shit 
San: With me!! *winks at Mase*
Dee: Looking over at San.. Seriously!?!?! And you told me not to seem desperate. {shaking my head}
San: Shhhhh

Will you try to fall in love again?
Of course, I’m a lover by nature baby.
Dee: Yeah, I think a lot of women can attest to that.
San: Hey hey hey Dee! Sorry Massey

Anything you could say to scar what would it be?
I’ll always love you, Angel. No matter what, you’re my Angel

Is the band better without Bentley?
Fuck yeah it is

Favorite song to sing?
I Want You ~ Kings of Leon

Song reminds you of Scar?
I Love You ~ Avril Lavigne

Dealing with everything okay?
Yeah, I’m getting there. Some days fucking suck but it is what it is
Dee: don't they say the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else? WHAT?!?! Just saying...
San: Gah! Dee

Is riding the Harley the same after the whole airport night?
Ha! Yeah, that was a good night. I won’t forget that anytime soon
Dee: I wont either. actually I think I may have a new fantasy that is quite like that encounter.

One thing to say to ash, what would it be?
If I find out you ever hurt her, I’ll kill you

What do you miss about having a girlfriend? Nothing he has me (Sandie) hehehehe
It’s not about having a girlfriend, it about missing her. *looks at Sandie* you got ideas about helping me forget babe?
San: Fuck yeah I do I have many tricks...errr ways to help you out *winks*
Dee: oh lord you two. throw some ice on it til we're done.
Mase: Ice could be used nicely
San: yeah I could think of MANY ways to use that ice, where's the ice Dee?
Dee: Okay, you two. Tamp it down til we're done pervs.

One thing that u could change about Scar, what would it be?
Her insecurities
Dee: shit, I think that's every chick

San: My turn to ask you questions *smiles*

Can I sit on your lap?
Sure babe, come here *pats leg*
San: runs over and sits on Mason's lap *blushes* Hi
I like the dress and heels
Do you now? so I Heard your pretty uhhh big wanna show Dee and I? 
*smirks* who’d you hear this from babe? *moves her over to sit directly on my crotch* Does that answer your question?
San: I've heard *smirks* HOLY SHIT!!! *nods* yeah that definitely answers my question
Dee: Ugh.. when do I get a turn?? 
*San smacks Dee's arm and shakes head*
Dee: OUCH! I was kidding!

Marry me and have my babies!!???
You’re crazy, I like you. Maybe we should go out or fuck or something first. 
San:want to go to the back room with me?
*looks around* are you serious babe? Erin told me about that back room
San: *looks Mason in the eye* Dead! 

Dee: if you do this, warn me. I am going to turn up the music or leave... and also leave the cameras on. *wink*

How much do you love me?
I’ll let you know after we come out of the back room
San: Well what are we waiting for? Will you let me on a ride on your (looking at his crotch).....Motorcycle?
Haha, babe, you can ride anything of mine
*Shivers as I feel Mason running his hand up and down my leg* ummm *closes eyes and squeezes legs together*
Dee: Uh San! Yo SAN....we are doing an interview hello can you ask him questions about the books please?

*Ok ok I will ask questions pertaining to Ambrosia/Meta....geez Dee party pooper....*
How pissed were you when you found out Scar left AGAIN?
I was pissed, but after finding out what the bitch B told her, I guess I get it

Why drugs?
Have you done em? Makes ya feel good and forget about all the shittiness
San: I know but it scares me to think of you laying in the hospital bed. Promise no more drugs okay! and yes I did plenty and I have found better ways to cope with things.
I hear ya babe.

Do you think that being a man whore while Scar was gone was the best thing to do? *whispers---you should have called me, I know tricks) *what Dee???* 
Probably not the best thing, but I was so fucked up, I wasn’t thinking straight
Dee: Yeah, buddy, probably not the best decisions.

I love that you are so sweet and romantic and so forgiving of Scar *mumbles even if she is a whore* but why? shes selfish and never handles any situation in a good way I don't get it!
Babe, I like ya but don’t talk about her like that. She’s got a good heart. She’s never dealt with a lot of real life shit so she doesn’t know how to react. She’ll always be special to me
San: I know, she is young and doesn't really have much experience. Guess I can't fault her for that. 

Do you think you will ever move on and be happy? *cough with me cough* DAMN IT DEE WHAT???
Yeah, I’ll figure it out one of these days

When you found out about Scar and Max what went through your head?
I wanted to fucking kill him
San: *getting ready to stand up but I feel Mason holding me down* Calm yo tits Dee, geez don't make me body slam your ass, even in this dress and heels I will kick ass, got it!...
Dee: it will be on like donkey kong if he touches Max San, that's all I'm sayin. The flip flops will come off.
Mason: *laughing* the flip flops?
San: yeah Dee is big on flip flops like Scar, *shrugs* 
Mason: you girls make my day. I like it here. You okay Dee?
Dee: I will be as long as you don't say anything about Max. Got it!?

If Scar wanted you back right now would you be a pussy and go back with her?
I’m not a pussy ever. You do selfless things for people you really love, that don’t make you a pussy.
San: *shrugs* mumbles whatever you say dude
Mason: *pulling on the end of her hair* What did you say babe?
San: huh? I said yeah sure 
Mason: *chuckles* you've got quite a mouth on you don't ya? 
Dee: yeah she does, and don't get her mad she is scary

You always know about that stupid "connection" her and emo boy shared, so why even try? 
Why not? It was worth a shot. I don’t regret it at all. And that fucker gets to know that I had her first, always *chuckles*
San: *laughs* very true

Where would you take me on a romantic date?
You want romance huh?
San: yes, I like romance....
Mase: Let’s see… ride down to the coast on my bike, dinner at a place overlooking the water, then back to my place for a night to remember
San: Can we skip dinner?
Dee: okay...moving on.. 

one more question....WILL YOU MARRY ME???? oh and I feel that ya know *beams*
*Laughs* You’re a persistent one aren’t you. *whispers in your ear* lets stop time and enjoy this moment
San: BAHAHAHAHAHAHA that was just awesome *winks at Mason*

 Fast Fire Round..


San: YEAH!!!

really? motorcycle


Dee: HELLS YEAH! *fist bump*

Hidden talents?
You’re about to find out babe
San: yes I am *biting lip*

San: Yes!! 2nd fav position!!
Mason: what is the first babe?
San: *winks*
Dee: fingers in ears LA LA LA LA MOVE ON NOW!!!

San: Holy shit its like youre reading my mind.


San: OMG 

spankings/tied up?
I’m gonna tie your ass up and then spank you
San: Swallows hard and squirms
Dee: heck yes, I like him San. 


San: we have a shower in the back room *smiles*

whipped cream/ice
San: hahahaha see Ice Dee!!!

San: My absolute fav!!

who the fuck cares… football I guess
Dee: I said all balls. Seriously.. why limit yourself?

Los Angeles/Houston
Dee: Why is this question in here??
San: IDK LOL this is what happens when you ask me to come up with fast fire questions...gah move it along

text/phone sex
real sex
Dee: That's what i am talkin about!
San: me too

Sandie/Dee (bahahahaha)
Well since Sandie’s sitting on my lap and wants to marry me, I think it’s pretty clear… Dee, of course! *laughing hard* *Sandie goes to stand up*
No, I’m just playing baby *grabs Sandie’s face and kisses her hard* 
Now where’s that back room?
Dee: okay. Ugh.. I'm sitting right here perverts! Wait until you get into the room!!! Good god it's like a live porno with you two!
San: *dazed from the kiss and feeling Mason's hand on my thigh I stand up and grab his hand walking him towards the back room*... ok bye Dee...uh....lock up when you leave....Mason and I will be back a hellova lot later....

Okay well I guess that wraps up the interview. Checking to make sure the cameras are still recording, I turn on the music loudly, and leave. Before locking the door behind me I call out "have fun you two, I want a play by play tomorrow!"

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