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Amy Ruttan Book Tour – Private Release Excerpt + Giveaway

Title: Private Release
Genre: Paranormal/shifter Erotic Romance Flame rating: Scorching
Released: 6/7/2013 Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Word count: 30K


Jared Stevens hasn't been the same since he was shot. His duty is to marry Mukswa woman and be a strong leader. He lets the elders of his clan choose his bride, because the woman he wants is only in his fantasies, the only woman who brings him to exquisite release.
Adele Banks loved being a Mountie, but one shot ended her career and altered her world forever. Adele is determined to make a life for herself. She's hired to recover Beare Enterprises embezzled funds, but what she didn't count on is being extremely attracted to her client when meeting him for the first time as he's naked in his shower.
Adele is Jared's mystery woman, but she's taboo. He bonds to her, but has to keep his society secret, as much as he wants to mark her as his own.
As Jared fights his own inner beast, remnants of the prior chief's wrath is affecting the clan and Adele. To save Adele's life, Jared may just have to betray his clan's secret and risk his heart.

The scent of the mystery woman was stronger and instinctively he knew the only way he could release was to thrust his cock into her tight pussy.
Only she was just a figment of his imagination. She wasn’t real.
“Fuck,” he roared and then slammed his fist against the frosted glass doors in frustration, shattering it. Blood gushed from his hand. He stepped over the broken glass and blindly grabbed a towel, wrapping it around his hand to staunch the flow of blood. As he tied it off there was a gasp of surprise and the voice was distinctly female, it was followed by shuffling and the thud of the door closing.
Jared’s head snapped up. The scent of that woman he’d been dreaming of was heavy in the air. Like his figment had materialized. It was clinging to the tendrils of steam from his shower.
He turned off the water and headed straight for the bathroom door, leaving a trail of water behind him. All he could do was follow the enticing scent of that intoxicating perfume.
Jared flung open the door. He was pissed someone had invaded his privacy, but he had to know where that smell came from. The perfume that drove his inner beast. “What in the name of...?” He lost track of what he was going to say when he caught sight of the beautiful human female bracing herself against the elevator doors.
It was the woman he had pictured countless times, only more in focus.
His instincts told him—screamed at him—that this was her.
Her scent carried her fear and he could see her pulse point pounding at the base of her throat. Her dark eyes were wide, her pink lips formed a perfect O of shock and his bear growled inside like thunder rolling, loud and clear.
This was the female his inner bear wanted, this human.
Jared took a step back. She was human. He couldn’t have her as a mate. His mate was chosen. The chief had to have someone pure blooded.
The bear growled again, displeased.
He wanted her.
Jared wanted her.
Red bloomed in her cheeks and she looked askance at him. Jared realized he
was stark naked, with a hard-on, in front of a total stranger.
“I’m so...sorry. I thought...I thought it was a closet.” She was quaking. Confused, Jared realized he was standing on her coat, which was now soaking
wet. He noticed two crutches scattered on the floor leading to her and it dawned on him she wasn’t shaking from fright, she physically couldn’t support herself.
Not thinking about his nudity he rushed forward and caught her in his arms as her knees buckled from under her.
“Fuck,” she cursed as she clung to him. Her head plastered against his chest, his face was nestled in her dark hair, which smelled like green tea. Exactly like the woman from his dream. “Fuck. Dammit all to hell.”
She had quite the potty mouth on her.
“Are you all right?” He managed to ask, but still held her close against his body. “Just embarrassed.” She pushed against his chest feebly. Jared helped her
stand, but still held her up. “What do you need?”
“My crutches.” Her cheeks were still pink and she wouldn’t look him in the eye. The poor thing was humiliated beyond all recompense and he didn’t know why, until he remembered he was still stark naked.
“I apologize for my lack of attire,” he offered, but he wasn’t that sorry. The inner beast in him was positively purring, begging to strip her down to nothing and make up for this indiscretion in other ways. He scooped her up and carried across the room to his overstuffed armchair and set her down. Then he turned and retrieved her crutches. She took them and held onto them, but still wouldn’t look him in the eyes.
“Can I do anything else for you?” Jared asked.
“You could put on some clothes.” A smile quirked the corner of her luscious, pink, full lips.


Author Bio:
Born and raised on the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario Amy fled the big city to settle down with the country boy of her dreams. When she's not furiously typing away at her computer, she's a mom to three wonderful children, who have given her another job as a taxi driver.
A voracious reader, she was given her first romance novel by her grandmother who shared her penchant for a hot romance. From that moment, Amy was hooked by the magical worlds, handsome heroes and sigh worthy romances contained in the pages and she knew what she wanted to be when she grew up.
Life got in the way, and after the birth of her second child, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a romance author.
Amy loves to hear from readers. It makes her day, in fact. You can find out more about Amy at:

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