Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ambrosia TEASERS Damn that Erin Noelle!!!!

So I know you all know I am SUPER EXCITED for AMBROSIA....Like  I am to the moon excited...Deeeee where are you????

Hi, I'm here. Whoa.. slow down. You're like vibrating with excitement. Holy Hot pants.. CALM DOWN!! ... Okay.. now... talk...

Hehehe I am vibrating but that might be from the toy I was using earlier....TMI??? ok ok moving on.....
So Dee look what we got.....(shows Dee Pics) should we share them?

{choking on water} what.. did.. you .. just.. NEVERMIND!! GAH!! oooohh.... OOOhhh.. OoOoOoOhHhHhH... Umm... Wait.. I just need  a minute to fully embrace these pictures and let them sink in.. *clearing throat* Okay, I am okay now. Yes, I say let's share them.. NO no NO no.. let's keep them.. NO, okay let's share them.. SHARE BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND!

Geez ok (patting Dee on back) don't choke its okay really. I think she is more excited then I am if that is even possible. Ok all I know is that it is MASON FTW!!! (sorry Ash fans)

Oh LORD. I told you I AM NOT PICKING A TEAM.. though the man is fine as hell...and that voice...and the motorcycle...Wait... What were we talking about again????

Bitch you better back up I think Team Ash needs ppl.....

Here we go....
How gorgeous is this pic?? and yes, Mason you are in heaven, I am right here baby! 

WOW.. IS that Scar?? She's HAWT!


Great with that line now I feel bad for Ash! Damn him saying sweet things :(

Dude, do we need to discuss what Scar walked in on? Butterfly or not.... no bueno. Don't feel bad for him. Who the heck made these pics?? Can I hire them? Shit, even I wanna fight for Scarlett now. I'm kidding.. totes kidding lovies, calm down. But it is gorgeous. Hook me up with the photog

BAHAHAHA damn you Dee! I am laughing so hard.... I know I remember what she walked in on...Oh I remember and lets not go there right now.

HOLY SHEEEEIIIITTTTT!!! how hot is this?? Ummmm WOW no wonder Mason wants me don't I look great?? I meant Scarlett, yeah Scarlett

Uuuuuhhhhh... Nice Gams.. That's hot!!! I think the ice is melting in my glass.. Whew!

Last pic....and....

Holy mother of my word.....WHEEW...Ummm Dee... I uhhh...Yeah I think Erin has me speechless with this one....If its Mason saying this then I am going with Scar's answer....OH.MY.GOD!!!!! 

I agree, I don't know if we can wait any longer just looking at these pics are making me think dirty thoughts.

Oh and I can't wait I hear we find out more about Max!!! He could possibly be a new Book Boyfriend awwwww yeeeeaaahhh....

Aren't you glad we only have 13 days till Ambrosia is released???? Who's excited?? 

Find Ambrosia to your GOODREADS NOW!!!!

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