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Erin Noelle's Meta and Ambrosia's Max interview

Excited? yeah Dee is super excited I think she has literally changed her panties like 3 times...She is driving me NUTSO, she keeps saying shit like Max is so cute...blah blah blah. OMG Max is so funny...Blah Blah Blah...I mean seriously this dude needs to get here already sheesh!!!

Oh god, Oh God, oh God. Oh God. San, do I look okay? Do you think I Need to change? I don't want to try to hard. Do you think this shirt is too much? Showing San my shirt that says " I wanna take a ride on the Max-imum adventure" .. What? It's for a amusement park. But totally fitting right?!!?!? Shit.. I need to go change again..

*grabbing Dee* No Dee its hilarious I totes love the shirt...Ummm it fits you very well. Do I need to slap you so you will calm the eff down? Go Twirl your ass on the stripper pole till he gets here......

Okay.. Okay.. Okay.. I'm good. Calm. Totally Calm. Who am I kidding? I am so freakin nervous. Okay hit me with the vodka.  *throwin a shot back*. Shit that burns.. okay.. okay.. I'm ok now. Totally.. Mmmmeeeellloooowwwww...

*looking at Dee thinking Fudgecicles I hope i dont act that ridic when Mason comes*

Dee: Okay.. Sitting down.. smoothing out my shorts.. Looking at San.. smoothing out my shorts.. Looking back to San.. Smoothing out my shorts.. SHIT! I .. uh... Hey Max {looking down at the floor}

Max: *Max walks in and smiles Big* Hey girls

San: *Glaring at Dee* SERIOUSLY??? you couldn't shut up a min ago now you are all tame..alrighty then. Max please have a seat here next to Dee *Huge smile as Dee's mouth is agape* 

Max: *winks at Dee* Hey beautiful

Dee: Ugh.. Yeah, please have a seat here.. next to Dee.. I mean, me..      {shaking my head}

Max: *Max grabs Dee's hand leans over and kisses her cheek* My pleasure Dee, I really like your shirt. *chuckles*

Dee: Uhmm. Yeah, Thanks. I got it for a free ride on... nevermind. {touching my cheek} .. Hey Max. Thanks for coming in to do the interview. You know how much this means to me.. US!! I mean US!  *looking away and mouthing to Sandie* HELP ME...

San: *Trying to hold in my laughter because Dee is bright red and the       look on her face is priceless* alright here we go

San: Why the name 32 leaves?
*laughs* ummm have you ever seen a pack of zigzags?
Dee: what are zig zags?
San: *laughs super hard* Holy shit I am going to pee my damn pants SERIOUSLY DEE?? BAHAHAHAHA.....searches purse...Here you go.

Dee: How are you handling things?
I’m doing okay, I’ve got good days & bad. My friends really help a lot

If you ever did a tribute to Evie in anyway, what would it be?
I would love to do something for her in the Japenese Gardens at Hermann Park, maybe like a night-time lantern release.
DEE: I think that's beautiful idea. 
San: Agree

How will you honor her on the anniversary of her death?
I’m not sure honestly, I definitely want to do something with Scarlett, since I know that Evie meant just as much to her as she did to me

Biggest regret in life?
Not making Evie get a second opinion about her headaches
Dee: *suddenly hugging him from the side* .. SORRY, I just thought you could use that. 
San: *Rolls eyes* Yeah sure sure thats what it was *shakes head*

Will you fall in love again? Do u want to?
I hope that I do, I mean I’m young, it’s gonna be a long & lonely life if I don’t. I have faith that I will meet someone just as wonderful as Evie.
San: Awww Maxxii I am sure you will find someone wonderful

What do u see in the your future?
After I finish school. I’ll either join my parents in South America, or join a different non-profit group. I’ll definitely travel outside of the US. I’d really love to help set up a school somewhere.

Where do you see yourself in 10yrs?
More of my previous answer and hopefully married with kids of my own

Can we run away and can I (Dee) have your babies?
*Laughs* Well you’re more than welcome to run away with me, and babies are in the plan
Dee: looking at San.. I think that's all we need. Max and I have plans now. 
San: BAHAHAHA geez woman calm yo tits!!!
Max: *laughs* you girls are awesome.

(Dee )Can I help you heal?
You can make me smile and laugh… right now that’s the best thing for me
Dee: babe, now that.. I can do. Count me in. I am here for whatever you need. *winks*
San: Holy Geez didn't I just say to calm yo tits Dee?? Damn woman don't come off to desperate or anything *laughs*

One thing you could do, no expense mattered, where would you go, what would you do?
Ooh that’s tough… You know, purely for pleasure, I’ve always wanted to experience Carnival in Brazil… you know, like go all out

Dream girl?
Jessica Alba
Dee: I totes look like Alba. I could be her stand in. Right??!?! Looking at Sandie- Right??? 
San: *shakes head* sorry 
Dee: No? Damn...

Perfect date?
Anything that’s just relaxed… I like outside things
San: I like motorcycles...You can pass that on to Mase *winks*

Turn ons/offs?
Turn off – smoking; Turn On – wet hair
San: Wet hair??? Ummm oook *takes out spray bottle and sprays Dee's hair. Whispers to Dee* you're welks
Max: *laughs* Perfect!

Where do you get inspiration for your songs? (dude I know I am hot but stop staring at my tits!) 
Noah writes most of our stuff, but occasionally I’ll mess around with some lyrics. My inspiration is usually just whatever’s going on in my life. I haven’t done much since Evie though…

Tell us an embarrassing story and I will have Dee tell one of hers....HAHAHAHA
I can’t think of anything really off the top of my head. One of the first shows we played, I started playing the wrong damn song on our opening number… it wasn’t even close so it was pretty noticeable. We had to start over completely
Dee: WHAT?!?! I did NOT agree to this when I was sober! Ugh.. fine.. I once dipped a white cat in blue toilet water, you know what it looks like after cleaned. YES it worked, and NO  the cat was not harmed in any way. However, I do not suggest doing this to anyway. I am all about clean, safe, not harmed....kitties.
San: Spits water across the room...WTF DEE!! what is wrong with you?
Dee: I was a kid! and curious!

What are you up to now?
I’m still in college getting my degree in social work. Both of my parents are missionaries and have always instilled the importance of helping those in need

Favorite food? 
Thanks to Scarlett, anything chocolate 

If you could play with any musician dead or alive who would it be and why?
Stevie Ray Vaughn ~ he made love to his guitar when he played

How did you meet my future baby daddy?? you know Mason!!!
Noah’s brother got us a gig playing at Empty’s, so I met him the first time we played there. Then when I started dating Evie and he started dating Scarlett, we just ended up hanging out together

Tell me about Mason....
He’s a cool cat. We’ve gotten along from the first time he met. He’s a little more showboat than I like to be, but he’s good guy
Dee: you better change the topic now while you can or she won't stop!
San: Shut up Dee he's talking, about a very important subject!

Sooooo About Mason....
LOL ok ok geez 

Best place you had sex?
Evie’s bed… that girl kept some crazy toys in her room
Dee: baby, I have crazy toys in all rooms. WHAT?!?! Just saying...
San: I was just about to say uh sorry dude, I seriously doubt anyone can out shine Dee and I in that dept...except for maybe Christian Grey..Le sigh...
Max: yeah I, ah saw your back room. Pretty impressive to have all that in your office.
San: *shrugs* we get bored...Maybe Dee will show you how she works the pole! *ouch* Shit Dee quit pinching me. *pouts and rubs arm*

Fast fire questions:

Dee: *high five* that's my boy!

Dee: we may have discussed this before.. clearing throat...
San: Raises brows...Really you all talk outside of here??? so lets hear it.
Dee: *looking at Max* Moving on....
Max: *smiling at Dee*
San: Oh, like that huh?? ok. Got my eyes on you two.
Dee: I'm sweet.. does that count?
San: *high fives Dee* Hell yeah that counts girl...* cheshire cat smile*

San: uh Dee would LOVE to be your bottom bitch! *ouch* What???

Hidden talents?
Wouldn’t you like to know
Dee: {raising hand} I WOULD!
San: *shakes head*

Dee: yes please.. 

can we go back and add the motorcycle to this scenario.. shit, i'm talking too much again, aren't I?
San: Nope I am quite enjoying Max's facial expressions and watching him adjust his pants...this is funny shit!

Well, I prefer women in heels, but I try not to wear them too often (at least not in public)
Dee: Falling over laughing...
San: WTF! BAHAHAHA OMG I LOVE YOU! Oh I found this, you tried to hide it Maxxiii but, I find Everything!!

OMG...32 Leaves is great...who knew..*hops around laughing about to pee my pants*
Max: I have great legs don't I, the heels I think accentuate them.
*San and Dee laughing so hard doubled over in fits of crying laughter*


San: Yesss! love snickers

spankings/tied up?
I like to tie up & then spank
Dee: AGAIN *high five* Atta boy!
San: Me too *high fives all around*

naked, I like simple

San: Hells yeah...I like that too...umm you can let Mase know that one too..*ouch* damn it Dee stop!

whipped cream/ice
Dee: Yes, keep it on the tongue til it melts, so it's nice and... uh..rambling again? Shit.. sorry..
San: Yeah I like ice...shivers...

I’ve got bad memories with tequila, so I’m gonna go vodka

Phone/text sex
is real sex not an option? 
Dee *nodding head* 
San: Uh no sorry *smacking Dee's arm* stop *smiles at Max
I’ll go with phone

Sandie/Dee (bahahahaha)
My baby Dee of course, sorry Sandie, but Dee shows me all kinds of love

Dee: *smiling wide* Okay, now that we can see how perfect I am for Max, I think we can go ahead and call it a day. 
San: *watching as Dee pulls Max up from chair and leads him to the door* WTF DEE?? 
Max: Bye Sandie, *waves over shoulder* it was great to meet you.
San: *waves and yells* Bye Max I really hope you survive *hehehehe*
*Door to office slams shut*
Alright I guess I have to finish up and let you all know that AMBROSIA IS LIVE!! here is the link...If I can get B&N I will link it later 

Hope you all enjoyed our interview with Max...Remember all you Ash lovers tomorrow is Ash's interview and Tuesday will be MASON"S whoooooooooo hoooooooooo. Wanna know who's excited for Mason? this girl right here!!!!

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