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From Erin Noelle's Meta and Ambrosia Ashton Walker interview!!!!

Sitting at my desk wondering how the hell I am going to get through this. I am chanting *be nice San be nice* Ok maybe Ashton Walker isn't that bad but ugh he called my baby Mase a fucker!! Really...

ok be nice San---be nice! * I continue to chant this until its drilled in my head.

Looking over I notice the frustration on her face. Yo San! 
You can do this, and be nice. Ash was nice enough to come in,  no bitch slapping the visitors! YOU. CAN. DO. THIS. AND DO IT NICELY!

Ok ok ok I know and he's not all that bad but gah! ok, I just have to look at it like the faster the emo dude claims Scar...Mase and I can finally be together!! good thinking???

Good thinking Sweetie! Okay let's do this. I think he is here...
*Dee opens door* Hey Ash Welcome.
Ash: Thank you ladies for having me, I hope it won't be too brutal.
San: Yeah, uh thanks for coming have a seat please.

What were you thinking taking that chick to your room the night of the funeral?
I was trying to numb my pain.
Dee: Seriously, Ash? Really? Alcohol would've been a better choice my friend.
San: bahahaha *high five* true dat!!
Ash: At the time I knew what helped take my mind off things and that was my way of coping, I've learned a lot since that time.

What went through your mind when you heard her words and her pain?

It broke my heart into a million pieces

What did the slut have to say after Scar left?

I believe it went like this "Who the fuck was that?" In turn I told her to leave.
San: Ok that is pretty damn funny! wish I could have seen her face.
Dee: Seriously, that would've been some funny shit. It would've been better if you would've tossed her ass off the bed. Just saying.

When no one could find or contact her, what did you feel? How did you cope?
I was devasted, worried, sick...I got my tattoo and sang about her.

Biggest regret in life?

Letting Scarlett go.

What would you do over?
Really telling Scarlett how I feel.

Fave song to sing or play to Scar?

Butterfly by Lenny Kravitz

Next tat?
I am still working on that one. I will let you know when I am done.
Dee: can I come with? I want a new one.
Ash: Sure babe

Fave thing about Scar?
Everything but if I have to pick one thing it would be her voice.

Where do you see yourself in 10 yrs?

Being with my butterfly.
Dee: dude, seriously. I think you need to branch out. Everything has been about Scar. Is there an Ash without Scar?
San: good question Dee? so Emo errr Ash is there??
Ash: Yes, there is more to me then just Butterfly, but she is the most important thing in my life. I can't help it, she is my better half.
San: Damn, when you put it like that I can't fault you.

One thing you haven't done yet, you want to, or go, no expenses barred?
Go surfing in Hawaii.
San: I am sooo going with you and IDC if I am invited or not! *smiles pretty*
Ash: *laughs* sure thing *winks*

One thing to change about your relationship, what would it be?
That I am always with Scarlett.
San: Dude noooo don't be all clingy. I say even though I am not your biggest fan, you deserve Scarlett. *looks at Dee* see I am nice!
Dee: *patting her on the back* well done, San, well done. 
San: yeah the sooner she moves on the sooner I can have Mase 
Dee: Wow, San, Subtle. Laughing.

One thing to change about Scar, what would it be?


What would you change about your past?
Probably my whorish ways and not telling my mom about my dad a long time ago

Well We all know you are soooo not my tell me surfer boy how would you make me change my mind?
I could sing to you or just let you see that I have changed.
San: hmmmm nope that's so not gonna work, think bigger like take Scarlett FAAARRRRR far away to like Australia. 
Dee: Seriously San?
San: Uh yeah, see the further she is the better my chances are of helping Mase heal, see win-win! plus great surfing in Australia. *smiles*

So what is the reason you just never like said fuck it I just want to be with Scarlett? Like seriously if you loved her that much why not just be with her?
I felt like she needed her time to fly and I know if it is meant to be we will be back together.
Dee: is this code for "I need to screw around more before i settled down?"
San: yeah the whole sow my wild oats, pffttt if Travis Maddox did it you have no excuse dude...move it along before I get pissy...
Dee: Don't let her get pissy. It's seriously scary... Okay, Moving on..

Ok so then you see her with my baby daddy....errr Mason and you get all pissy like WTF you told her to live her life. So why get all jelly?
Grrrr...Don't really care for Mason.
San: Hey hey hey Mr no Grrring at me! I don't understand what your problem is with him anyways...
Dee: Do you two need separate corners when this topic comes up?
San: *takes a deep breathe chanting be nice, be nice* 
No, no I am ok.

And how can you say you love and have this deep connection and still be okay with being a man whore?

I know I have messed up but I still love Scarlett with all my heart. She is my psyche.

In Ambrosia you get to say your piece and I think I softened a bit, but what do you think the future hold for you and Scarlett?
I don't know. Something everyone will have to wait to find out to see.

What is the best quote you can think of that coveys your love and appreciation for Scarlett?
Some love one, Some love two, I love one, and that is you---Pluto
San: yeah that is actually kind of perfect!!
Dee: Aww.. I think I swooned a little.

How often do you get to visit your sister?

As often as I can. 

How long have you been surfing?
For about 7 or 8 years.

How do you feel when you see the tattoo that you designed on Scarlett?
It will always be in remembrance of her and that is something I will cherish.

Ok seriously though I like you waaay better in Ambrosia, and yes you are sweet, and damn it I can't even believe I am about to say this shit but ummm....You're charming. Does that only come out for and because of Scarlett or are you that way with all females?

Because of Scarlett. She has taught me a lot.
Dee: If you're not this way with all chicks, how are you a man whore? What was your best pick up line?
San: bahahahaha Geez Dee I fucking love you!!
Dee: What? I am just wondering how he got laid so much.. I just don't get it. 
San: Geez Dee, I can see why...I mean he's not  ugly and he's kinda smooth but just not my type at all.
Ash: *smirks* Dee, pick up lines are not needed. With a body and face like mine, all I have to do is smile and say hello and the panties drop. Its all about confidence and the way you carry yourself, women pick up on that. 
San: damn it, he actually makes sense

Fast Fire Round... Get Ready...




Dee: Atta boy.. The kitchen thing was so hot!
San: *rolls eyes*

San: seriously?? 




Hidden talents?

Baking. Don't tell anybody.
San: Nice, I wont say a word but do you wear an apron?
Dee: Our office has a kitchen, will you bake for us?
Ash: *laughs* no San I don't and yes I would love to bake for you girls *smiles*

San: SERIOUSLY??? dude *shakes head thinking sex with him seems boooorrriiinnnggg*







spankings/tied up?

tied up
San: good choice!




whipped cream/ice

San: damn Ash your starting to look better and better with each of these answers





Los Angeles/Houston

text/phone sex
Phone sex

Sandie/Dee (bahahahaha)

Both (hahahahaha)
San: sorry not so much!
Dee: hahahahahaah....{straight face} NO!

Dee: Thank you Ash for coming in today. We appreciate you taking time out for us. 
Ash: Sure, anytime *smiles* and Sandie...
San: yeah Ash?
Ash: Did I change your mind at all? *gives her a full mega watt panty dropping smile*
San: *thinking damn he really is good looking and that damn smile and those eyes* uh....uh....uh... what? ummm yeah, no I mean what was the question?
Ash: *laughs* 
Dee: Oh damn San you can never resist a good looking man can you?
San: yes I can. My mind has changed just a little bit. 
Ash: That is a start *kisses her cheek, turns to Dee giving her a hug and a kiss her on the cheek* Bye ladies be good.

Dee: I am so proud of you San that entire interview and you didn't bitch slap him. 
*Sandie turning to Dee* Yeah I know, and not that I didn't want to but I figure I should be nice. Now what?
Dee: *handing Sandie a drink* ummm we could go practice the stripper poles again or you know post links to Ambrosia and Meta.
San: you really love that pole! LMAO ok later lets post links

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