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Resisting Ryann by Alyssa Rae Taylor Blog Tour

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 USA Today Bestselling author Alyssa Rae Taylor amplifies the angst-filled love story that started in RAISING RYANN. What happens when the person you love becomes threatened by your very existence? How far will you go to keep them safe? Luke Ryann will do anything to protect the woman he loves, even if it means shattering her heart. When the mystery of his past comes back to haunt him, he leaves Reese behind and enters the life of crime he had worked so hard to escape. When all is said and done, will he be able to get out of this alive, or will he be in over his head? She’s been in love with him since her childhood, but now she questions everything. After Reese Johnson discovers Luke’s disappearance has nothing to do with the MMA, she faces a difficult choice. Can she find it in her heart to forgive him? Or will the secrets and lies be too damaging for her to trust again? Will this couple ever have a chance? You know what they say. Sometimes … love just isn’t enough. RESISTING RYANN is the second book in the Bad Boy Reformed Trilogy.This story isn’t just a romance. It’s filled with action, suspense, mystery, and a touch of humor.

Recommended for mature readers due to situations of abuse, violence, language, and sexual content.

Meet the Author
7142650USA Today Bestselling author Alyssa Rae Taylor lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband, their three daughters, and two English bulldogs. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and watching Sam & Dean Winchester fight off scary creatures on the WB. She enjoys stories that tug at her emotions and isn't a fan of the insta-love type of romance. Her dream is to travel the world with her husband and children beside her. The first time she started writing, she couldn't stop, which leads to now, and the publication of her first novel in the Bad Boy Reformed Series, Raising Ryann.

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He places his hands on my thighs. “You’re shaking.” His warm breath blows over me.
“Really?” I pause. “Funny, I must be cold. Tell me if I’m hurting you. Okay?” Leaning forward, I blow on his cheek.
His thumbs rub circles over my thighs. The movement feels sensual. “You want me to get you a blanket?” I shake my head no, blowing on another area. I don’t trust myself to speak. “That feels good,” he says, moving his hands up and down my thighs, attempting to warm me up. “Your skin is really soft,” he mumbles.
Does he have any idea what he’s doing to me?

You can find my review of Raising Ryann, Book One --->> Here<<-----

I'm trying to write a review based on this book and not my deep hatred for cliff hangers. I liked the first book of this series, no scrap that, I LOVED it. So I had high expectations for this book. I don't know that I can narrow it down but I didn't connect with it as much as I did book one. I liked where the story line went. I liked that Luke was still valuing her virtue as much as he did and wouldn't just use her and leave. And I love that he couldn't stay away while doing what he was going. I know I have some odd feelings about the other characters. I don't trust Rachelle at all. I don't know what it is that gave off this not-trustable vibe when I was reading. And Sean. I don't trust that man either. Yes he was saying all the right things and doing all the right things, but he was almost too perfect. Too perfect is never good. Too good to be true I guess. I do love Logan and her best friend too, I think they compliment the series, storyline and characters so very well. I love the man Luke is and that he stayed true to himself even under the circumstances he was in. I honestly didn't expect him to, but I was wrong- he did. My heart broke for Reese in this book, for what she is put through. My heart kind of goes out to Luke too. I don't know. I liked it, I did. I guess I just wanted more. I was left with such heart break for so many different reasons that I just wanted more. Not more waiting, more story. 

I give this book 4 hearts

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