Friday, May 16, 2014

moments In Time Release Day Blitz

15 authors.
Fifteen unique stories.
One cause.
"Moments in Time", a charity anthology of short fiction comprised of fifteen novelette and novella length stories by fourteen authors, totaling nearly 200,000 words.

These are not excerpts, or cliffhangers, these are entertaining and enthralling COMPLETED stories ranging in genres such as Steampunk, Erotica, and Paranormal, to Contemporary Romance and Fantasy.
100% of money earned from the sale of this book goes directly to the WNY Independent Living, Inc. - a non for profit organization whose goals are to promote education, equality and empowerment to all individuals with all different kinds of disabilities.

Moments in Time

“The Airship’s Heart” by Dominic K. Alexander
A captain’s young widow longs to avenge her husband’s death, so disguises herself as a boy and enlists in Her Majesty’s Navy to take a post on an . . . airship?
“Baby Special” by C.C. Brown
A gung-ho Marine learns to adapt to a situation beyond his control as his wife gives birth to their first child.
“Because You Are Mine” by Madeline Sheehan
Half human, half wolf, and promised to a purebred alpha wolf who wants her to submit. What’s a girl to do?
“The Benson” by Karina Halle
Ghost hunters investigate a hotel rumored to be haunted, and discover more than they bargained for.
“Dark Paradise” by Karina Halle
Distraught by her husband’s affair, a woman flees to Hawaii to lose herself, but instead finds something unexpected.
“Home” by Joanne Schwehm
Newly divorced Sophia DeMarco returns to her childhood home ready to pack up her past and begin her new life. What she discovers is there are parts in her past that aren’t so easily left behind.
“Maverick” by Chelsea Camaron
An ICU nurse takes a personal interest in a patient’s recovery, changing both his life and hers forever.
“One Night Away” by Nicole Jacquelyn
After chasing her kids around the house all day, a stay-at-home mom goes out for a much-needed night on the town and encounters a sexy man.
“One Night with a Cowboy” by Lisa M. Harley
What’s a sure-fire cure for a broken heart? A cowboy, of course!
“Reaching for the Stars” by Sophie Monroe
A shallow, self-centered party girl sets her sights on a rock-and-roll star for her happily-ever-after.
“Sapphire” by Ashley Suzanne
Traumatized by the abuse in her past, a hooker working in a strip club is shocked to learn that fairy tales sometimes do come true.
“Shouting with Silence” by Kahlen Aymes
An off-Broadway actress struggles with whether to continue an online relationship that has been a constant presence in her life. But when the enigmatic man she chats with refuses to allow her to truly get to know him, she is forced to face the fact that words—while powerful—may not be enough.
“The Slum Queen” by Daryl Banner
Though she came from the slums, she is now queen of a world far in our future. Ignoring the uprising that threatens her throne, she sets her focus on filling the hole inside her heart. But will she succeed before it’s too late?
“Uncharted Waters” by Amber Lynn Natusch
After years on the run from her abusive ex, Cristina seeks refuge in an unlikely place—Alaska. When a handsome fisherman enters her life, can she stop looking over her shoulder long enough to give him a chance, or will her past continue to dictate her future . . . a future full of solitude and regret?
“Unleashed” by Erin Noelle
A young shifter who has been captured and abused is eventually unleashed in more ways than she could imagine.

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