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Lex by S.K. Logsdon Blog Tour and Review



Lex Keagan isn't your typical woman. Her past has left her broken and afraid, yet she remains bold and successful. As a result of her painful past, love has never come easy; therefore, she’s convinced herself to spend her entire adult life staying busy working at her own company--that is, until her best friend Roni persuades her to give online dating a try. When she concedes, Lex quickly discovers that the world of online dating is nothing like she's ever dreamed. The mysterious charm of her online crush leaves her reluctant and afraid to let love in. As two more men enter her life outside of the online dating world, she's left confused and overwhelmed. Who will she chose? With the deep scars and raw truths her past contains, is anyone capable of accepting the real woman trapped inside, or will she remain alone forever?
Note: This is a story of finding oneself, through the horrors and pains of life. This isn't just a story about love. It's a story about anguish. This is a story about Lex's journey to acceptance.
Caution: This book contains heavy adult sexual context, which may include f/f and/or m/m scenes. Some heavy emotional scenarios, including ones of abuse, might be difficult to read. For ages 18+

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S.K Logsdon is the author of four series; Stricken Rock, Attraction, Unconventional Hearts and The Circle of Blood. She writes erotic romance novels, full of steam, unpredictability and sass. A stay at home mom for the past ten years. She enjoys her family, loves cake decorating and is an avid reader.
"I've always had a passion for reading and the creative nature for writing. Being an only child growing up I spent hours living in my own world of imagination. Note books were filled with my thoughts and ideas and as an adult I have been lucky enough to turn those creative juices into a product for others to enjoy."
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This book took me by surprise about 50% into reading it. To read this book you need to keep an open mind and really take in the love story being told. Now I have probably got your interest peeked about it and I hope you would take the time to read it. I can’t say what the BIG thing was that took me by surprise because it would give the whole book away. So now I am going to give you a summary of the book.
Lex is a bright, intelligent, and a thriving business woman. She owns her own business where she has become wealthy all on her own. She has had a hard life with an abusive past. After being beaten and broken she still is a fighter with a strong personality. Although she still has the terrified little girl deep down inside her. Her best friend is totally opposite of her. Roni is a tomboy whereas Lex is a complete girly girl. But if it wasn’t for her best friend things wouldn’t have happened like they did.
Gage is a hard, stubborn, hot head, sexy lawyer. He is tall and built to make a woman’s panties melt off.  He has a knack for pissing Lex off any opportunity he gets. He can be a bit of a douche. He also has a past full of abuse and sorry excuse for an ex-wife. He has a precious little girl, Emma, whose mom could care less for her. Honestly it broke my heart the way she treated her. I mean how can you do that to your own child. Anyways Gage will start to grow on eventually.
I am giving this book 4 hearts. Like I said it has a great love story. It was sweet and written really well. If you start to read and need to talk about it I am here for ya. 
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  1. Thank you so much for posting a review- It means a lot to me! I hope to see it on amazon and goodreads- Should you get a chance to post there--- I appriciate all your support and help. Thanks so much and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.