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Cursed Love by TH Snyder, Interview with TH and Cover Model Lance Jones

Cursed Love


Lincoln Minzotto has the life everyone wants, yet he resents it. He’s grown up as the youngest of three children to a wealthy congressman and successful lawyer. Pushed to his absolute excellence, Linc felt the real path for him was different than his parents’ hopes and dreams.

On the most important night of his father’s reelection, Linc makes a choice that will lead to a lifetime of regret. Deciding to start a new life, he and his best friend, Daulton, purchase a rundown tattoo shop called Cursed Magic.

While restoring Cursed Magic, Linc’s faith in life is put to the test in more ways than one. Faced with the horrors of the bleak, starless nights and the women that come and go, he decides to give up all together, until one fateful night with a stranger. 

Will one night shape his future forever? Can he turn the Curse he’s endured into a blessing even though all odds are against him?

 So I met TH Snyder and Lance Jones at the Cleveland Author Event. They are both so amazing and nice and just so easy to talk to. Well, okay... let me tell you this story. *preparing to be embarassed*  So I walk up to TH Snyder and tell her of course I want to buy her books and get her to sign them for me. . and I say Hi to Lance. I'm all nervous, well because he's amazingly hot. So he asks if I want him to sign my book too.... You know what I say right??? NOTHING. I am literally stunned stupid. I looked up at him and . COULD. NOT. SPEAK. um... yeah. totally a stupid moment. But ladies, I can't help myself, did you see the cover? The man is freakin' gorgeous. Even more so in person. And that was without the tats being all on display. Can you imagine what would have happened if he had his shirt off? I. WOULD. HAVE. FAINTED. Anyway,so my friend has to nudge me so I am shaken out of my stupor. I finally pulled my tongue off the floor, responded and got him to sign my book. I wish I could say I was graceful and was uber cool... but nope, I was goofy ol'  silly me. So.. here it is, the amazing TH and Lance signing my book! And before you even think it, no I didn't get a picture with him. I probably would have pissed my pants. Or needed an ambulance.

So before I go into my review, I was able to have a little chat with both the author and cover model... enjoy my lovelies!!


How did the idea for cursed love come about? 
This story came to me about six months ago. I knew I wanted to create a story that dealt with a tattoo shop, tatted men and pain of the past.

Are the characters inspired by anyone you know in real life? 
This story is 100% fictional, but I did base the character appearance off of my cover model/MUSE.
And can I say what an excellent muse he is. The man is gorgeous with all the ink and piercings. scrumdidlieumptious.

If you had to pick just one character out of any of your books that could be real, who would it be? 
That’s a tough one. I love Riley from the Touch Series. He’s sweet, genuine, caring yet knows how to be tough and firm.

If you could turn one of your books into a tv series or movie, which would it be? What book by any other author would you pick? 
Pierced Love, it deals with a topic that is well known across the world, bullying.

Who inspires you? 
My readers, their reviews and the amazing messages they send me everyday.
Can I just say I love that answer? True story, I Do~

Who are your idols? 
There are a lot of authors that move me, but the two that really pushed me along are Jenn Foor and Rachel Van Dyken.

Have you ever fan girled before? 
YES!! I don’t see my self as a big time author, I’m just me. BUT when I see my favorite authors….let’s just say that there’s a bit of hugging and humping go on.
bahaha that's awesome! Take pics next time!

Where and when was your first author event?
 New Jersey October 2013.

Do you have any funny stories from author events you could share? 
Hahaha, we are a crazy bunch. There was twerking and making a singer take off his shirt in Savannah, GA and something about climbing on a pool table in Cleveland, OH.
Now THAT sounds like a good time!

What's the best gift a fan ever gave you? 
Oh wow…a group of readers did a buddy read for the entire Touch Series. They sent me a Red Sox jersey with t. h. snyder #04 on it and a Red Sox hitch cover for my Durango….it was amazing.

Have you ever written anyone you know into a book and done bad things to them? 
Nope…not yet 

*note to self, stay on Tyf's good side*

Will cursed ecstasy be the end, or will the end to the story not be til book 3? 
The Cursed Series will be a 3.5 series. Cursed Love, Cursed Ecstasy, Cursed Fate and Cursed.

Did you intend to leave us with such a cliffhanger or did something change while writing? 
Nope, I fully intended on making this a cliffhanger series. My last series was happy all over the place. I wanted to leave the reader wanting more this time.

I love that Linc and Etty have an immediate connection, that best friend everyone needs in their lives.  Do you have anyone like that in your life?
 I have few guy friends that are always there for me, it's a connection like that we have a hard time finding.

How did you pick Lance for the cover? 
Actually I was searching Facebook for a tatted model, a friend of mine pointed him out and I knew he was the one I needed for this book.

Why does he make the perfect Linc? 
Linc was created based off of Lance. His appearance is the same, his clothing, his mannerisms….he’s my Linc.
He is seriously hot. He's like one of those people you could just stare at all day he's so pretty. Did I just move in to stalker territory? oops...awkward...

How did you approach him for the cover? 
Oi vey, I was nervous as hell. I had only ever spoken to one other model so I was kinda sweating bullets. I messaged him on his page and the rest is history. I’m very lucky to have Lance in my corner, not only is he my cover model, he’s a good friend.

What did you do when he agreed? 
Let out a huge sigh of relief…lol!

What do you think makes him so sexy? 
Hmmm, his tats, his piercings and of course the smile we never get to see.
**Agree 200%**

Where do you do your best writing? 
At home in my office.

What's your favorite way to brain storm?
 Listening to music.

Have your friends and family read the book, or any, and what did they think? Was it hard for you to let your family or friends read the sexy parts? 
My mom is my biggest fan. She loved it and repeated that it was way hotter than any of my other books. Her opinion means the world to me.

What's the best advice anyone ever gave you?
 Don’t read 1 star reviews.

How do you handle negative criticism? 
It hits me hard. I understand that not everyone will like my books and that’s okay. Some people just take it to a level that is unnecessary. I spend a lot of time on my books for the readers I know will love it. There’s no reason to slam an author, we put our blood, tears and sweat into our stories for you.
Yeah, there's a huge difference between critiquing someone and just being flat out mean. I hate that writing gives people and open outlet to be so mean to authors. I wish it was something that could be stopped.

What's the best advice you could give to aspiring authors? 
Go with your gut….grow tough skin early on…ignore the haters.

Are there any stories you haven't finished yet, but have started? 
Currently I’m working on 4 books…I have to do more than one at a time.

Quick fire round.  Answer with the first thing that pops in your head.,..
Favorite book? 
In the Stillness Andrea Randall

Favorite movie?
 Dazed and Confused

Favorite band? 

Favorite song? 
Lips of an Angel

Coffee or tea? 

Beer or liquor? 
*cheers to that!*

Cars or motorcycles? 

Fast and hard or soft and slow? 
Both J

Hot or cold? 

Tats or piercings? 
Both J
AMEN sista!

Man in a suit or in jeans? 

A huge thank you to TH Snyder for participating in my little interview and indulging me!
You can keep in touch with T.H at the following social media links: 

Now.. here's my interview with the hot stud, Lance Jones...I tried to focus and stay on task ladies... but hello, it's Lance Jones. Do you know how hard that is??!?!? 


Sitting down, I need to focus. Okay, Lance, bare with me here. You make me super nervous with all your hotness right up in here. So.. I may lose focus a little....Okay *deep breath* Let's go.

What's Lance like?
A-I like tattoos,  working out, modeling,  building things with my hands , hiking and hanging with friends

How did you get started modeling?
A- My girlfriend got me into modeling a little over a year ago
well, yay for that!

What's a typical day like when you have a photo shoot? Or when you don't?
A- I usually only shoot weekends cause my work schedule. So I usually sleep in and get well rested , but being a guy doesn't require much to get ready lol

What do you do to unwind?
A- I usually unwind by a hot shower and relax and watch tv

Are you a book lover? If so, what genre?
A-no I don't read much
*too bad, you'd be surprised the ideas books can give you*

Have you read Cursed Love?
A- I've read the first chapter so far, trying to find more time to continue

What was your first modeling gig?
A- Went with a few girl friends to Dave Kelley for there shoot and kinda got talked into shooting a little while I was there, next thing u know I got into modeling

How does it feel knowing that possibly 10s of hundreds of women will be drooling over you on a book cover?
A- feels nice, and flattering :)
I'll admit. I drooled. True story.

Do you enjoy going to the author signings?
A- yes I really enjoy them

Do you have any funny or awkward stories you could share with us about modeling for covers or about author events? No, nevermind. Please don't answer that. My story was enough.

How often do you work out?
A- try to get in 5 days a week for atleast an hour a day
*trying not to think of Lance sweaty and with his shirt off... it's totally not working. Now it's all I can think about..oh hell**

What question do you get asked the most?
A- why aren't you single ? Lol :)
Seriously.. why can't this man be single?

How did you get picked for the cover for cursed love?
A- Tyf contacted me on fb
Thank heavens for that!

What was your first reaction to seeing yourself on the cover of a book?
A- was stoked, never thought I'd ever be on a book cover, its very cool

Is this your first cover? 
A- yes this is my first cover

Do women recognize you on the street in your every day life?
A- I have been recognized a few times from my modeling,  not cursed love

What does a woman have to do to catch your eye?
A- Be sexy but classy, have a nice smile, sucker for a nice smile :)

What do you find sexy in a woman?
A- nice smile, determination,  drive, motivation
*TAKING NOTES* Oh.. sorry.. back to the questions...

What's your kind of date?
A- nice dinner and a nice walk on the beach in the moonlight :)

Kissing on a first date- yes or
*staring at his lip piercing* oh.. um.. sorry. Moving on.

And you know the question everyone is dying to know... Are you single?
A- no I'm not single, but relationship is kinda complicated
*sigh* I know ladies, I know. The good ones are always taken.

Ok quick fire round. Answer with the first thing that pops in your head ....

Heels or flips flops on a woman?
A-flip flops

Jeans or sweats?

Going out or staying in?
A- going out

Playing pool or playing poker?
Gaga's poker face just popped in my head. I know.. random

Beer or liquor?
I'm an amaretto sour or wine girl myself, just in case you were ever wondering... hehehehe. Am I being too obvious? Oh well...moving on...

Tats or piercing on a woman?
A- tats
I have 3, tats that is... how many do you have total? and how many piercings?

Favorite movie?
A- pulp fiction

Favorite band?
A- zz top

Favorite song?

favorite sport?
A- football

I'm a fan of full contact with men too...especially when balls are involved. bahahahaahah sorry. I couldn't help myself.

Hand holding or no?
A- hand holding

Does Lance have a sweet side?

Fast or slow?

**fanning face**

Hot or cold?

Whipped cream or chocolate syrup?
A- chocolate syrup
** oh dear**

Indoor or outdoor?

Car or motorcycle?

Video games or movies?

Scary movies or action movies?
A-scary movies
OMG I love scary movies!! The Strangers, When a Stranger Calls and Amityville Horror are my three favorites! I could watch them over and over. Well except for The Strangers, I will never watch it ever again. It scares me that badly!

Well, anyway. Thanks for the interview and letting me chat your ear off. I'm surprised I got as far as we did with the questions. In case you didn't know, you're amazingly gorgeous my friend. Congrats with all your success and here's to more covers in your future! *CHEERS*

If you want to chat with Lance, you can find him on following social media links:

Facebook page for Lance Jones Tattoo Model and
 Instagram : LanceJones2k

After all that you are waiting for my review, aren't you? Well.. here it is...

The story of Linc and Etty, Jo and Daulton. Sigh. I'm dying to get the answers to all these unanswered questions. I mean that ending was.... cliffhanger is an easy explanation. I'm dying here!

 What happened after Linc's parents picked him up all those years ago? Why does he get so angry with Dault? Who's in the hospital? Does Etty see the similarities in her relationship with Dault in Jo and Linc's relationship? Will Rick get away with it? Will Dault man up? 

Gah! TH why did you do this to me?? Why must you leave me hanging on so many things?? Why?? Why!!! Whyyyyyyy!! 

I liked the way that both sets of relationship had so many similarities. That both men are going through the same thing, maybe just at different times, and don't see it. But I want to ask Linc if you can change, why can't Dault? I liked that Etty and Linc are like long lost best friends-their immediate connection. You can feel how they need each other and are going to help the other get past their demons. I loved the growth of Linc in this book. My heart broke for Jo. I mean, you can't help but empathize with these people. It's like you get so sucked in you feel it all right along with them. I am dying for Cursed Ecstasy, I can't wait to see where TH Snyder takes us on that journey.
 I give this book 3.5 hearts

You can buy Cursed Love on Amazon, Kobo or B&N

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