Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cleveland author event 2014

So I was lucky enough to attend the Cleveland author event this year, in my hometown... and volunteer to assist with the event!! Not only is that so awesome, but hello.. there were some KICK ASS authors at this event. 

So let me share with you how it went down. Our blog donated this nifty difty little nameplates that you may have seen on the author's tables. It took me forever to make them, but they look pretty cool... and each author had a different color. yes, for those of you who are crafty.. I quilled nameplates.
So let me tell you why I had such a good time. Let me break it down before I share all the pics with you... I am in the middle of a divorce. Yeah, yuck. That being said, I also don't feel like the friends around me, sometimes they just don't GET ME. I'm sure you know what I mean.. a book comes out you've been dying for.. you stay up all night reading it, and your head is stuck in the book for days. You want to talk about what happened, you want to discuss it, drool over how he did that to her there. My friends don't read the smut I do... so I don't get to go to coffee and discuss cocks and cookachoos.  So when I get to go to an author event and be surrounded by dirty girls just like me.. it's pure heaven. And let me tell you.. I met some pretty awesome girls! and again, some amazing authors that I completely love!

Here's Tracy McKay, author and blogger from Books, Coffee and Wine.. holding her very FIRST paperback!
Kelsie Leverich!
Gail McHugh.. 
Skye Turner
oh dear... this man stunned me stupid.. Cover Model Jacob from Hilary Storm's books!
Dude do you see how the tank still shows off his 8 pack??
Carey Heywood.. I love her.. she's grabby...AND I LIKE IT!

Stacey Bentley
Alice Montalvo-Tribue... love her face!

Renee Carlino! Seriously this chick is hilarious!

Lexi Ryan!!!

Adrrrrrriaaannnnnneee Leigh!!
Adriane Leigh and SK Hartley!
Oh... Jasinda and Jack.. I love them!
 Here is my sign.. I get one at each event.. it's my thing. I get one signed at each event...

Now.. the afterparty. I'm not goin to share those pics with you.. well because I'm kind of crazy and that shit does NOT need to be on the internet. That being said, I did get to meet all the authors, and did get a tablet case signed by everyone ... so stayed tuned for a giveaway to include that!! 

Rock on and enjoy the shit out of the dirty books!

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