Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Unbeautifully Review by Dee

by Madeline Sheehan


Warning: This is not a story about fate or destiny. This is a story about pain, sorrow, and suffering. This is an impulsive whirlwind romance between two lovers that are not meant to be together. Theirs is not a world with sunshine and roses. Instead, their love blossoms in a secret world full of crime, violence, and death. Their story is about what can be born from nightmares.

Danielle “Danny” West is the daughter of Deuce West, President of the Hell’s Horsemen Motorcycle Club. A sweet and beautiful girl, she loses her way, searching for things that are always out of her reach. Erik “Ripper” Jacobs is the Sergeant of Arms in the Hell’s Horsemen. Once a man who always had a smile on his face, his life takes a turn for the worst when a tragedy befalls him, leaving him scarred and broken. During a midsummer night, Danny and Ripper’s paths cross, forever changing their lives. Hastily, their lust turns to love until another tragedy forces them apart. On a journey that is marred with ugliness and chaos, Danny and Ripper must discover if their unforeseen connection can find the beauty in their world.

This is Danny and Ripper’s story.

Everything has beauty. Even the ugly. Especially the ugly.
Because without ugly, there would be no beauty.

Dee’s Review

Ever read a book that sticks with you weeks, hell months after you read it? That’s what Unbeautifully is to me. I mean, holy shit, I can’t believe half the stuff I read. Literally I think I went from turned on, to pissed, to crying, back to pissed and depressed within a few chapters. I mean Madeline, way to wrip a chicks heart out and then give it back to her. But that’s what she Madeline does, right? Finds the rawest, dirtiest, gonna wrip your heart out and break it, and give it back to you duct taped back together, with a tattoo on it and you’ll have  a smile on your face, cheesin like a third grader. But I still sit asking WHY.. WHY?!!?! then you move to What just happened?

 I know it sounds fucked up, but damn if the ride ain’t worth every freaking page. EVERY PAGE! Danny and Ripper. Talk about a fucked up love tale. But I’ll be honest I … read it twice. And damn if I won’t do it again.  Madeline writes these love stories that take you on some pretty turbulent rides, but I promise you friends- they’re the fucking best rides of your life. I was honestly afraid where this one was going to go after Undeniable. But I will tell you what I loved. I loved that we got to see more of the aftermath of Frankie. How it affected all of them, and how they all fought to overcome that demon. And out of those fights, come some of the most beautiful loves that I have ever read on paper. We get to see Eva and Deuce fighting to overcome that battle of what he did to them, and how he still haunts them both. We see how Ripper fights with what Frankie did to him, and the blame he places on those involved. We get to see a little more of Crazy Kami. And of course, the shot hear round the MC world. That was some crazy crap right there! But I ate up every word. I never saw that coming though, never even thought it would happen. I guess that's why  Mads is the mastermind behind this series. She thinks of all this messed up, raw, gonna eat you up and spit you up drama. Where at the end you can't believe you made it there and that everything made sense and you loved every minute.

But most of all we have Danny and Ripper together, and some apart. But lets be honest, even apart they were together. I mean when you belong to someone, you belong to them.  The drama is to the max, there is so much shit going on. Danny is so complicated but simple at the same time. And when I say simple, I mean simple with what she wants, who she wants. But that is never easy with Madeline, is it.. and that is why we love her. Then one night changes it all, one night. Ripper changes it all. And I was so stoked, just when I thought things were going to go down and be all hunky dorey and happy unicorns and rainbows.. the damn rug is pulled out from other me and shit hits the fan all over again. And it doesn’t just hit the fan, she throws us down into a pit and we have to crawl out. Without a ladder.. when its raining. And you come out dirty as shit with a smile on your face, then you dive back in for more. Feel me?

 Poor Danny. She struggles with this fight, and damn if I wasn’t there with her. Screaming at Ripper to stay, then to pick up the damn phone. And just when you think she will have her happy ever after, she might get her forever after all. HOLY CRAP!!! Not just yet. But she’s not the only one who’s happy ending gets a wrench thrown at it. Nope.. a little bit of everyone has something going on. And you will want to pay attention to every detail. Never saw some of this stuff coming, and obviously neither did Deuce. And let's not forget about that toe curling, jaw dropping, bent over a motorcycle, slide down the wall sex.

Me too, my friend, me too. Jesus Madeline. I don’t know if this review makes any sense because my head IS STILL REELING! I freaking love your ass. This is for you.. this gif right here. This is what you need to tell people, because...it applies. If I were you, I'd have this made into a shirt and wear it.. daily. 

  I give this book 5 hearts. I don’t think this book could’ve been any better.  If you haven’t read this yet, you are seriously missing out. You need to pick this up and read it.. like yesterday.

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  1. AGREE 100%...Read this on vacation and HOLY SHIT, SOFA-KING GOOD!... really it was perfect and the fact that she went back and revisited Deuce and Eva, I really loved that.