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Breaking the Rules Blog Stop, Review and Giveaway

Breaking the Rules

By HB Heinzer

Growing up in small town Wisconsin, Carly Turner couldn't wait to escape when she graduated high school. Now, she's living the life in New York City, even if she isn't seeing her name in lights like she used to dream about at night. She's living paycheck-to-paycheck, working behind the scenes in small theaters off Broadway. When there's an equipment malfunction the week before opening night, Carly makes a call that winds up changing everything.
Life in the city isn't all it's cracked up to be. While she feels like she's getting closer to making the move from behind the scenes to center stage, she misses being surrounded by people who understand the quirks that come from living in a town of five thousand people. That, and the fact that he's sexy as sin, make Adam everything she feels like she's missing.
The only problem? He's her best friend's kid brother...
Adam Sanders wants to settle down, find a good woman and start a family like he sees so many of his friends doing. But how is he supposed to meet Ms. Right when he's constantly on the road for work? When he's sent to New York to handle a repair that would typically be contracted out as a favor to his boss, he's just about to his breaking point.
Everything changes when the stagehand sent to open the theater for him is none other than his big sister's childhood friend. The same girl he lusted after as a teenager. Could this be fate's way of showing him that he was looking in the wrong place for love?
As Adam and Carly's friendship develops, lines will be crossed and rules will be broken. Will they be able to come out the other side without destroying everything they had back in Brooklyn?

Meet the Author:

With the exception of three years spent in the middle of Nebraska, H.B. Heinzer has called southern Wisconsin home. During that time in Nebraska, she imagined one of her favorite authors living on the far western edge of the county, just south of the highway. At the time, becoming a novelist was a distant dream for her. Now, she is the author living in that location. Ironically, she later found out that same favorite author lives just outside the town HB lived in for the first eighteen years of her life.
Now, HB lives in the middle of nowhere but still close enough to the city to not feel isolated. It's the perfect place to let her two kids run and explore their huge yard, teach them about the food chain as they prepare their first-ever garden and debate building a chicken coop. It's one of those dreams that is only possible thanks to the amazing opportunities that have come through writing.

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Dee’s Review

I read this book right after reading Bent. I strongly suggest if you have read Bent, you read it again before reading this. It makes much more sense ;0) . I really liked this book. I liked that we got to see the story of Micah and Jules, but from a different point of view. We saw how Adam responds and reacts to everything that happens to his sister. We also get to see him in the big brother role.  But then we also had the story of Carly and Adam. That's truly the main focus. I did realize when reading this that I had the same type of reaction to Carly that I had to Jules. I wanted to slap them both. Or shake some sense in to them. 
 Okay that is a little extreme..maybe a little more like this...

No joke.. I just wanted to scream at them to get their crap together. I didn't want Carly to lose Adam, but I almost sure that was what was going to happen. He was trying so hard, and he was so perfect- THEY were so perfect. I get it, people have problems. Most people do, but come on chick- get your crap together!! GAH! 

Anyway. I love HB’s style, the way she sucks you into the story and you don’t want out until you know how it’s gonna end. OOOH yeah!!! I really did like the epilogue too, the tease she gives us. Nicely DONE!! I also really like that it was like Carly grew up in a way through the story. Adam was always so resolute in what he needed and wanted, and we just had to wait for Carly to get there. It’s worth the wait. I give this book 3.5 hearts!
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  1. Looking forward to it, and thanks for the heads up to read Bent first. It's on my Kindle, but I haven't read it yet - so I'll start there.