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Be All

Be All

By Marie Wathen

Sent away every summer after her father’s kidnapping, while deployed in Afghanistan, Breesan Maxwell is allowed to spend her first summer in thirteen years at home. Invited to a welcome home party for Morgan Walker, playboy and future heir to Walker Corporation, Breesan’s self-made world of exile begins to fall away.

An introduction to Morgan only initiates the downfall of her self-contained world. His brother, Marcus Walker’s return adds to the chaos by uncovering family secrets, lies and plans that make protecting her heart and those around her extra difficult.

Family responsibilities and deceits twist these three lives together and threaten their meager existences. One brother will offer her a love that will be all worth the downfall.

About Marie:

New Adult Author of the All Series, book one Be All expected release date of September 2013. I am the mom of two beautiful & intelligent daughters; Kaitie and Kayla (Kyle), and wife to the most loving man I’ve ever met, Barry. He supports me and encourages all of my dreams no matter how neurotic. I recently became a grandmother and have special instruction for all to call me Lola. I'm too cool for a name like Memaw or Mawmaw, not that there's anything wrong with those sweet names. My first grandson RJ owns my heart and I can't wait to spoil him beyond rotten. I’m a proud Italian-American, Alabama girl born and raised but my heart resides in cities all over this great country. Barry & I have a love for travel by car, and have visited over half the country in our ten years together. I adore reading, Japanese food, and have a warped addiction to the reality show Big Brother. I love Facebook but hate to overload the news feed with posts about me so you’ll see more shares than original posts. I recently started a blog and hope to find time to connect and use it as an outlet for my insane ramblings. If you follow me on my fan page at Marie Wathen Author Page I will do my best to keep you updated on where my books are as well as sharing teasers. Thanks for all the love!

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Release Date:

July 14, 2013

Shannon’s Review:

Growing up in Alabama I never knew of the good books that could come out of my state and this book is one of them. I love reading a book and hearing about sweet tea. Seriously I know you don’t care but it made my day. This book has a lot of screaming moments to the point I could have slapped Breesan a couple of times and it had some good action. Not that kind of action ladies but some good fighting action.

Breeson, Breeson, Breeson. Broken and devastated would sum up her life. Which makes you feel sorry for her but then again I wanted to say snap out of it sweetie. She had two hot guys after her and well you will have to read to see who she chose.  She is a gorgeous, smart, and quite feisty one; I think that is the southern coming out in her. I liked the fact that she was strong enough to fight when she needed to and she backed down when needed to. She also had to find herself in many different ways and aspect of her life.

Then you have Julia. One word comes to mind when I think about her and it is Bitch. 

Then we meet Morgan. Sigh….He is hot, charming, and a player. He is something else ladies. He intrigues me and makes me want to believe in him but he makes it hard for you to do that.
Marcus…..SIGH…..he is so sweet, hot, charming, built, sexy…ok I could go on and on about him. He has is head on straight more than Morgan. He is after something more and I truly wanted more.

This book has some great characters in it besides the ones I have mentioned. The all fit together really well. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and hated the cliff hanger ending. So now I have to bide my time till the sequel comes out. It is well worth the read and I give it 4 hearts. So go and get it so we can discuss!!!

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