Thursday, July 11, 2013

Blackout by Joey Jameson review by Dee

By Joey Jameson

He’s the one you dream about. 

He’s the one you obsess over. 

He’s the one you’d kill for.

Dice Valentine was born to strip. With the body of a god that drips with sex appeal, his dance moves leave his male clients breathless and begging for more. But lost in a dark world of hedonism and indulgence, Dice is beginning to want out. That is until a night of mind-blowing sex with a mysterious lover takes a grim, shocking turn, and he finds himself in a desperate attempt to clear his name…as the hunter becomes the hunted. 

“Blackout” is a haunting dark tale of sex and betrayal that raises doubts about what exactly is the truth.

Dee’s Review
Have you ever read a book and during it you decide you know EXACTLY where the book is headed? Then BAM! Nope, you were wrong, change of course. Then BAM! Another change of course. Seriously I Was reading this thinking that Dice had to be high, there was no way he was sober. BAM! I was wrong. So okay, then I’m thinking I know who the killer is. BAM!! Definitely wrong. Okay , let me start over. So Dice is a Male stripper.

 You didn't think we were going to discuss male strippers without some Channing, did you ?? I didn't think so. . You're welcome.. Anyway, back to the book...Yay for me, reading about all him and his glory and hotness. I was worried. I didn't know how I would handle a M/M relationship. I’ve never read one before, so I wasn't sure what I was going to do. I don’t know why I worried. The way Joey wrote it was intense, erotic and ummm… *cough* hot. The way the whole book was amazing. It wasn't just a romance story, it was mixed in with a suspense thriller.  It was so well written. Designed to keep you on the edge of your chair guessing at every turn, and it does just that. And the end... I could NOT believe who was behind it all. 

 So Dice is a hornball, I’m going to be completely honest. He uses sex as a way to almost validate himself and feel close to someone..okay, well anyone. When he feels wanted and desired, then everything is acceptable, he is on top of the world. And he knows how hot he is, and he uses it as often as possible. So he thinks he’s met a good guy, a keeper,  until he finds him dead in the alley and takes off and suffers from blackout. Did he kill him?? Did he call the cops? And now he is a suspect! But he can’t remember what happened. What to do?? Who is going to believe him when he doesn't even remember what happened? Where are all his friends disappearing to?? 

 I loved the way this was written. I am telling you, it has been days since I read this book and I am still suffering a severe mind @#&* from the way this ended. Once I got to the end, and everything played out, I sat back and could only think “nooooo, did that just? Did that guy just? And admitted? Huh.” 

I am telling you that was my internal conversation. Notice- no complete sentences. Told you, complete mind %^*. Oh and let me tell you this, not only is Dice a complete piece of man candy, so are all the other characters…especially the one who surprises you in saving him at the end. Go read this book, the links are below. I give this book  4.5 hearts.
Blackout can be purchased on Amazon or Goodreads

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