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Toxic by Meghan Quinn Blog Tour

Title: Toxic
Meghan Quinn
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

His life consists of his best friend, Jack Daniels, his favorite drug and women who give him what he wants and leave. Rook Tyler lives for performing at night and wasting the rest of his days washing away the pain from his childhood so he doesn’t have to feel anything...ever. The only people he trusts are his band mates from Shattered Souls and he wants to keep it that way. His life was completely under control and simple until he heard the voice of Maisy Madison filter through The Tavern speakers.
Growing up in the foster care system with her two other band mates from Twisted Perfection, Maisy finds herself doing pretty much anything to get her and her band noticed but nothing seems to be working.  One lucky night, Shattered Souls, the most popular band in the country, decides to show up at their little concert and luckily signs them on the spot and books them for their tour but the arena venues and massive amount of fans isn’t what has Maisy shaking in her heels.  It’s the deep baritone voice of Rook Tyler that haunted her dreams for years that has her wondering if she can actually go through with the tour.
The force is almost too strong.  He can feel her everywhere he goes and no matter how much he tries to resist her, he finds himself gravitating towards Maisy, wanting to hold her, kiss her and fuck her. He knows he shouldn’t get involved.  He knows no matter what, he will end up hurting her but he can’t help it, his soul is connected to hers and the pull is too strong for him to resist.
Rook warned her time and time again but she didn’t listen, she didn’t want to listen. She needed him and she didn’t care that she knew deep down in her heart that their relationship was going to end in disaster. She didn’t care that their jealousies, stubbornness and baggage were getting in the way of their relationship. She didn’t care that they constantly hurt each other and that no matter what they did, their love was toxic.
Toxic, book one of The Addiction Series, tells the story of Rook and Maisy’s relationship, how it develops into an undeniable love and then crumbles apart every chance it gets.  Follow their twisted relationship as they fight off lies, temptations, addictions, users and try to overcome the toxic love they share.

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“What if I want to take the risk? What if I want you too?”
                Rook looked down at her and she could feel his hot breathe on her skin which caused goose bumps to ripple across her body.
                “You’d be a fool to want that. I’m not lying when I say I will destroy you. What’s flowing between us is toxic. We can’t get enough of it but it will slowly kill us. I know I shouldn’t expose you to such a thing but I’m too damn selfish to stop myself. I want you, Maisy. I need you and to hell if I’m going to put your needs in front of mine.”
                With that he crushed his lips against hers and set every nerve ending in her body on fire. She knew he was right, what they had was toxic but she couldn’t stop herself. She felt the same way when it came to Rook Tyler. She needed him, her soul begged for him even though she knew in the end she would die from heartache. 

Holy shit. I feel like my heart wAs just ripped out and trampled on. This book has so many possibilities for happily ever afters and no one got them. Well they each get happy endings if you know what I mean, bowchicawowow, but no ever afters. Well Landon kind of does. It's a huge kind of. So many of the relationships are toxic. It wasn't just Maisey and Rook. Landon and Quinn. Willow and Grey, that's toxic. Cruz and Maisey is toxic. Quinn and Grey. They're all toxic for each other and they just don't realize it. But I will say Rook takes the cake. Though Quinn gives him a run for his money. They both want their cake and to eat it too. I love you but don't want to be with you so I'm going to say who you can and can't be with. Oh hell no! I get how deeply Rook loves Maisey but how he betrays her, broke me. Literally my heart stopped and I couldn't believe it. I was like how many times are you going to do this on purpose asshole!! I feel like Kaid is the only one who didn't get screwed over or screw someone over. But this whole bunch they just lash out when they're upset, when they're hurt. They all just hurt those around them. You know, misery loves company and all. An each character is sexy as hell. Each. One. Of them. Sigh. This book was really good. It's continuous push and pull. Back and forth. Heartbreak after heartbreak. But will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat waiting .... Because we need to wait til the next book to find out how it all pans out. I really hope they all get their shit together. These bands have the capability to have multiple HEA. And since when is multiple a bad thing ;)

Blind! Completely blind that is the way I went into this read. I liked the synopsis so I was like yeah this is going to be good. It was it was good. Did it have that extra something special that sets it apart from other books out there? No, not really.

Let me explain. I read so many books that sometimes I feel like its one continuous book replaying over and over. I liked that the characters in this book have drama, and I mean lots of drama. I liked the premise for the book. Then it was just too much up and down and no real resolution. Someone gets mad or jealous and instead of talking they act juvenile. I get for some of them this is a new thing (a relationship) but in order for it to work you need to communicate. There were parts that I felt that the characters were contradicting themselves. They want the person to stay with them, the other person says they need space, but the other says no I won't let you go then says I will wait for as long as I have to all in the same sentence. HUH?! First shouldn't you let them go and then tell them that? the characters are just wishy washy in their feelings. I so get why the book is called Toxic because I swear every relationship is toxic. Not a bad thing.

It wasn't a bad read, I enjoyed most of it. I think I just wanted some things to be resolved. I was looking for growth from the characters. I am thinking that in the next book there will be that and resolution. I am hoping that Rook straightens up and behaves! That Maisey will be more open, I am not saying forgive quickly but at least hear him out, let him love you because gawd knows he does.

I gave this book
3/5 hearts

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