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Day 4 of our Favorite Author's Valentine's Day Special

It's Valentine's Day!!!!!!!! We have some more book boyfriend's special Valentine's for you!!!

Add Underestimated Too to your TBR Goodreads

Sebastian and Ysabelle from VIP-Amazon
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Dream Valentine’s Day
By Derek Alexander for Melissa Jones
(characters from One-to-Hold-Amazon, by Tia Louise)

Hi, ladies, thanks for inviting me here. I’m honored to be one of your book boyfriends.

Melissa is my lovely fiancĂ©e, and she’s expecting, which makes me incredibly happy. It’s also limiting on what we can do to celebrate. No worries there. I can be creative, and I still have something very special planned for her.

It starts with a jetted foot bath. (I know, that doesn’t sound sexy, but neither do family restrooms. Stay with me.) Her feet are tired most of the time now, and I’m a master of the foot massage. But you have to clean them up first.

Once they’re prepped, I start by rubbing her ankles. From there, I work my way down her feet, no tickling, my thumbs sliding right up her soft arches. I kiss the sides of her feet slowly, not too light or it makes her laugh, which is fine, but this is a warm-up for other things.

Using my tongue, I work my way along her toes until she begins to squirm and rub her knees together. That’s the signal to change directions and move back to her ankles.

I follow the old song about the feet being connected to the calves, which lead to her knees. Some women are really into kisses on the back of their legs, where their knee bends. Melissa’s no different. I spend a few moments there.

My favorite place is next—her luscious thighs. Mel’s always been thin, but she’s got the cutest little ass now that she’s pregnant. I’ve told her to stop complaining about it. She’s gorgeous. By the time I’m covering that soft skin with kisses and massaging her inner thighs, her feet don’t seem to be aching anymore. At least that’s the way it seems. Her hips move with my mouth, and she’s making little noises.

Her fingers thread in my hair, and my thumb hooks the crotch her panties… And I’ll leave you here to use your imagination on what comes next.

Mel’s would rather you not see everything outside the private pages of our book. I will say she ends up crying out my name before it’s all over. That’s my Valentine’s gift.

Have a lovely night~ 

Written from Levi from Hers-Amazon

Happy Valentines Day ladies.
You know if Seven knew I was taking the time to write anything for another woman she would probably kill me. Anyway. 
The perfect Valentines day for me would probably be a romantic dinner for two, followed by a little strap on action. Y’all know what I like. I can’t help it.

Enjoy your Valentines Day this year, and push your boundaries.
You never know what you might like.


Levi Parker
Seven’s Bitch

Mia never really experienced a proper valentines day before she met me and if I’m being honest I never really gave a shit about it until I met her. When she came into my life she filled a void in my heart that I didn’t really know was there and because of that I want nothing more than to make this day special for her.

The house is quiet when I walk in the front door, I look around searching for Mia and Lily but they’re nowhere to be found. Assuming that they must be upstairs I hang up my coat and toss my keys on the entryway table before heading up. I go into Lily’s room first and look in on her, watching her sleep for a moment and thinking about how such a little thing turned my world upside down. Who would have thought that I would love having a baby around so much or that I’d be any good at being a dad? The only thing that matters is that there’s no one left standing that could ever take her away from me now.

I open the door to our bedroom to find Mia standing by the window peering outside wearing nothing but a short black lingerie.

She turns to face me when she hears the door open. “Happy Valentines Day Logan.” She says, a bashful smile on her lips.

The sight of her half naked and timid does all sorts of things to me but I catch my breath and manage to compose myself enough to close the door.

“Happy Valentines Day baby.” I smile at her and take slow strides toward her. “You look beautiful.” I say, stopping a few inches away.

“Whatcha got there?” She questions, her eyes lighting up, her mischievous side taking over.

“What this?” I reply pulling a large bouquet of flowers and a box from behind my back. “These are for you.” I say handing her the flowers first.

“Thank you, I love them.”

I grab her by the hand and walk her over to the bed, pulling her down so that we’re both sitting.  “I got you these too.” I say handing her the box.

“There’s more?” She shakes her head but takes the box nonetheless. She opens it up and giggles. “Chocolate covered strawberries. My favorite, Thank you babe.” She leans over and places a kiss on my lips. “I have something for you too.” She says.

I grab her hand to stop her from reaching for something and pull her back to me placing another kiss on her lips. “I can’t wait to get your gift but I have one more thing for you.”


“I know the past few month’s have been crazy, you’ve been through more than anyone should ever have to and I’m so proud of you. I… You are the strongest person I know and you and Lily mean more to me than anything. You have made my life so much better than I could have ever imagined and I meant it when I said I wanted us to be a family.”

Her eyes are bright with unshed tears but she smiles through them. “We are a family Logan, you’ve made us a family.”

“Here.” I say, handing her an envelope and wiping away the tear that escaped from her eyes.

She opens the envelope and starts reading, it doesn’t take long for her to figure out what she’s reading. Her head quickly snaps up and she looks at me, eyes wide with disbelief. “Logan.” She whispers, tears streaming freely down her face now.

I point to the adoption papers that she holds in her hands. “My signatures already on there. It’s all up to you now. All you have to do is sign and I will legally be Lily’s father.”

She throws her arms around my neck and holds on tight. “I know you said you would do this but I didn’t think you meant so soon.”

I rest my head in the crook of her neck, wanting to get as close to her as possible. “It’s just a formality right? I’m her dad in every way that counts.”

“Yes. It’s just a formality.” She pulls away from me, gets up and walks over to the nightstand table. She grabs a pen and quickly signs the document. “These adoption papers are ones that I actually wanted to sign.” She says, sitting back down and handing me the papers.

“I’ll have them filed first thing Monday morning.”

“Okay.” She whispers, wiping the remaining tears away. “Here.” She says handing me a box that was sitting in the middle of the bed. “It’s not much but it means a lot more now.”

I open the box up and smile at the contents, a silver plated frame with the word ‘Family’ engraved and a picture of the three of us. “I guess you and I had the same idea for Valentines Day huh?” I shrug, looking at the picture once more. Such a simple gift filled with so much meaning.

“I love you.” I say, putting the frame down and pulling my girl into my lap.

“I love you too.” She replies, and I hold onto her, hold on tightly to everything that she is, everything that her love represents. My family.  

Hunter and Maddie from Unforeseen Heartbeat

Gage and Elena from WalkedOnTheStripedSideGoodreads

Ashoton from OneTinyLie

Danny and Liv from Just Human and Still Human

Walking out of the bathroom I see the black box on the bed. I get that sinking feeling. We promised, NO GIFTS! I pick it up and read the tag. 'This is not a gift.' 

I laugh out loud and shake my head, what is he up to? Pulling the red ribbon off I open the box and find the outfit I planned to wear tonight. Weird. I lift out the card that sits on top and open it. 'Wear ONLY what is in this box.'

That's when I know he has taken away my underwear! I rifle through the box and find that he has indeed stolen it. I got that especially to wear tonight as a surprise. I was going to take a picture and text it to him in the middle of our busy 
Valentines night shift. I pick up my phone from the bedside table and rattle off a text.

'That's stealing lover and it was a surprise too!'

Dropping my phone back on the bed, I take out my clothes and lay them out. My black dress, hmmm, with no underwear, this should be interesting. It suddenly seems a bit short. He has put in my red cardigan and my red converse. 

Very Valentines. A reply comes through on my phone.

'We agreed, no gifts, you cheated, I just removed the unwanted items.'

I giggle; I can imagine the smirk on his face. Fine, no underwear, if he can stand it in the bar tonight, then so can I. I'll just have to remember not to bend over.
Dressed and ready to go, I head downstairs. Connie and Jack are in the living room waiting for me.

"You look gorgeous my darling," says Jack.

"Thank you, we're all dressing up for work tonight." I go over to the fridge to make sure the bottles are made up ready. "You have everything you need, you'll call me if you need me though, won't you?"

"Of course we will, but you know we can manage." Replies Connie. "Now you go, or you'll be late."

Kissing them both I pick up my keys and bag and pull the door quietly closed behind me. As I climb into the car I see a small box on my dashboard. The tag reads, 'Also not a gift.' I open the box and blink at the contents. My remote control bullet sits in the small black box. Minus the remote! Oh fuck, this is going to be an interesting night at work. There is a note, its says. 'I will give you three things to make this night better, this item #1-You know what to do.' I laugh and 
start the car.

As I'm pulling in to my space behind work, I hear a text.
'Don't even think about coming in here if you haven't followed my instructions.'

I sigh and look at the box on my passenger seat. I can't work with that thing in; he'll torture me with it. My phone goes again 'Stop thinking about it and do it'

'I'm not doing it out here!'

'It's not a request.'

Oh! Wow, so he's being that Danny tonight. My stomach does a little flutter, I love that Danny, just not at work. Still, I'm not going to refuse. I glance around, there doesn't seem to be anyone about. I hitch my skirt a little and slide the bullet in, I hope it stays; I don't have the security of underwear. 

As I'm putting my things away I feel Danny come up behind me. He kisses the back of my neck and whispers "Good girl," then he's gone. I'm now exposed, horny and at work. Oh, yeah, and Danny has the remote control to my certain humiliation in his pocket. Awesome.

I fill the dishwasher and put it on. Carrying the rack of clean glasses back out to the bar, I look for Danny. I've been here almost an hour and Mr. 'It's-not a request' has barely glanced in my direction let alone pressed the button. I know it sucks to work on Valentines day, but I at least thought we'd have some fun. 

Max even asked me if everything is ok with us. 
He looks up from making a cocktail and winks at me, causing my heart to bang. He still gets me, just with a look. I smile back, but a customer draws his attention away, so I go round to take a food order from a couple. I'm just reading 
back their order to them when the bullet inside me erupts into life. I grab the edge of the table and clear my throat to try and disguise the little sound that escaped my mouth. Really smooth, Liv.

I turn and glare at Danny as I try and walk back to the bar. He isn't looking my way. I draw in a deep breath. Ok this isn't so difficult. With the bullet buzzing inside me, I walk to the kitchen with the order. When I come back out, Danny is 
going to change a barrel and he corners me at the doorway to the cellar. He slips his arm around my waist and kisses me tenderly.

"You look beautiful tonight." He says quietly.

"Danny, turn it off."

"I like it on."

"I like it on too, just not here." He kisses me and slides a hand under my skirt. "Danny, someone will see!" I hiss against his lips.

"Fuck," he breathes as his discovers how wet and ready I am. His thumb passes over my clit and I whimper. He grins and starts tracing his maddening circles over it.

With the bullet buzzing and his thumb on my cilt, I'm barely able to stand. I can feel him hard against me as I lean on him for support.

"You like that?" He asks.

"Uhhuh," I whimper.

"You want more?"

I nod, so close I can't speak. Then just when I think Danny is going to make me come in the corridor at work, he pulls his hand away.

"No!" I gasp.

"I have to change a barrel." he laughs and winks. "Later." Then he's gone again, leaving me stunned and desperate with need. I start to walk back to the bar, but I'm so aroused that this bullet is near torture. More than I can stand, yet not 
enough to finish me off. Dazed, I start to clean tables, just trying to look normal and breathe. 

"You ok chick?' says Max coming over. Oh no, don't come over, please, I think, not right now. I can't deal with this and talk to you.

He stops in front of me and frowns. "You look a little flushed," he says putting his hand to my forehead. "You're warm too. Are you feeling ok?"

"Mmmhmm," I dismiss, picking up some menus. 

"Well, take a break if you need it." 

"I'm fine, thank you." I go to walk away, but he stops me.

"Oh, Danny said to give you this, he said its number two, whatever that means." He hands me a folded piece of paper and walks away.

I unfold the paper and it just says '021414' I stare at it for a second, not understanding what it is and then it dawns on me. It's a code for the door to the flat. I slam the menus on the bar and race past the kitchen; he has changed the code so no one else can get in, but upstairs is a building site. Right now I don't care, I cross the garden, reach the door and punch in the code. Flinging the door open, I'm confronted with darkness.

"Danny?" I step forward, "Danny?"

A hand around my mouth and the sound of the door banging freak me out, but in the same second I know it's him.

"Shhhhh," He whispers in my ear. Holding me tight from behind, his hand keeping me silent, he pulls up my dress. I hear him unbutton his jeans. "Are you going to be quiet?" He asks, "there's a diner full of customers on the other side of 
that door." 

I nod. 

The only sound is my laboured breathing as I wait for him to make his move. His free hand comes around and I whimper again as he brushes my clit. I try and contain it as his fingers slip inside me, but it's too much. I moan behind his hand.

"Quietly," He commands.

His fingers grasp the bullet and slide it out, but he doesn’t discard it, he holds it over my clit. I gasp but before I can think, he fills me.

"Hold on." He growls beside my ear.

I grip the banister in front of me as Danny starts to move. Fuck it's intense. The bullet is pressed firmly against my clit and Danny thrusts hard into me. He is as worked up as I am and this is going to be fast.

A sound escapes, but he's too far gone to stop and berate me, his hand still clamped around my mouth and my grip on the banister are about all that is holding me up as he slams into me and pushes me right to the edge. Just as I'm 
about to come hard, the sound of the code being entered on the other side of the door pierces my concentration. Danny falters for only a second and carries on his relentless rhythm, moving faster and harder. 

Then he whispers "come" and it's so out of my control that I do. I come violently and silently, expecting the door to open any moment. I take Danny with me; I can feel him tense and then with a final thrust, explode into me.

"I fucking love you." He whispers, shuddering out his release.

I nod, my mouth still held tight.

I hear someone tapping the code in again. I pull Danny's hand off my mouth. "The door!" I whisper.

Danny thrusts into me one last time, still riding out the last wave of his orgasm. "I changed the code." He manages.

I sigh with relief and relax against him.

Just then his phone buzzes in his jeans pocket...and again...and again...someone is calling him. He laughs quietly and slides out of me. I shiver at the sensation against my over sensitised skin. His phone stops, then after a moment we hear Max on the other side of the door.

"Danny, it's Max, I can't find Liv and I can't find you and now the code to upstairs doesn't seem to be worki..." He stops mid-sentence, chuckles and, adds, "never mind!" He bangs on the door and shouts, "back to work!"

Danny and I both burst out laughing.

He switches on the light and straightens us both out and then he takes my face in his hands and kisses me deeply.

"Happy Valentines Day baby, I love you so much"

"I love you too." 

"Oh! I almost forgot," he says. "The third thing." He reaches into his pocket and pulls out my new red knickers. "That'll teach you to go back on the no gifts rule.
I laugh as I take them, "oh yeah, you really showed me!"

Happy Valentines Day

Whoooo hooo look what these 3 delicious guys have planned for me....ummm well for the girls they love....We asked what three items they would have for V-day and why?

Ollie and Jared from Bound Together and Burning Up
And Adam from Diary of a Dieter

Ollie - My three items would be tickets, a bottle of jack and a stack of steaks. Those are my items because my date would be a concert in the park. Open air, night sky with a bottle of jack. Follow that up with a walk on the beach, a fire and you’ve got to have a little barbecue going. Can’t get all amorous on an empty stomach. And then…Ladies choice ;)

Jared - My three items would be my car, a dozen roses and a velvet bag…My date would be a romantic dinner for two in one of L.A’s top restaurants. I’d wine her and dine her before sweeping her off her feet and into my jag. Then it’s a long drive along the coast to a privately hired yacht where we’d sail off of the coast to a remote spot. And then, that’s where the little velvet bag comes in…

Adam (Diary Of A dieter) - My three items would be a tub of ice-cream, a romantic comedy DVD and a pizza on speed dial. Charlie is amazing and she deserves the best date in the world. But I know my girl and nothing makes her happier than curling up on the sofa with a movie, pizza and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s…that we’ll inevitably end up eating off of one another later…

Eli Dragen from Darkness of Light and Fire In the Darkness

“Valentine’s Day….that a human concept right? A made up holiday? Yeah, I don’t give a lot of credence to those. I am not the guy who brings flowers or candy. But if you want to ask me what I want to do with Brycin on any given hour…

My idea would be Brycin, me, and my motorcycle. While my bike’s engine is revving. Her back pressed between the bars. Having two vociferous, shuddering things between my legs. I want to grab her by the hair, yank her head back and kiss her so deep that she forgets anything but the fact she wants me 
deep inside her. Claiming what is mine. Taking it in my mouth and driving her to the farthest edges of ecstasy. The desire so fervent and raw she is begging me to consume her, to drown under the weight and ferociousness of my body. Hot, wet, and pounding. I want to fuck her so hard and for so long that my dick will think we moved in.

Well, that is one of ideas. The other thoughts I have would not be appropriate to say in an interview…

Well that sounds....AMAZING!! 
Thank You to all the authors for giving us a glimpse of what our fave book boyfriends have in store for the women they love!

Ian Taggart from Love-and-Let-Die

I'm going with Ian Taggart who would spend 

Valentine's Day with his wife, Charlotte. As 

hearts and flowers make him vomit, he 

would tell his wife he loves her by taking her 

to the shooting range and getting in some 

practice time. They would go from there to 

the private dining room of Sanctum where 

he's brought in her favorite Chinese food. 

The three items? His favorite deer skin 

flogger, a box of lemon donuts and Guns n 

Roses Sweet Child of Mine playing in the 

background. His surprise for the night? He's 

thrown out the condoms because he's going 

to give her what she really wants - a tiny 

human of her own. It scares the hell out of 

him because he doesn't seem to like poop as 

much his child rearing friends do - but he 

knows one thing. He loves the hell out of her.

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