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In Your Honor by Heidi Hutchinson, review by Dee

In Your Honor 
by Heidi Hutchinson
My rating: 5 of 5 hearts

He was as wild and unpredictable as a prairie storm.
She was trying to pretend like he wasn't everything she ever wanted.
How long can a storm be in stasis before lightning strikes?

Double Blind Study is taking charge of their future. Coming off of one of the most successful tours to date, they start their own label and decide to get back to what they love the most: the music. But relearning how to be responsible adults can be a long road.

Blake Diedrich has been running from himself his whole life. Being in a band with his very best friends has helped to keep him on the move during that time. But then Blake's past joins the tour and he's forced to think about all the choices he's made to get him where his is today.

Lucy Newton, raised by her widowed rock star father, has a talent beyond measure. But she's placed her hopes on the back burner, putting family first. An opportunity arises that allows her to chase her dream but there's a catch: Blake Diedrich, the man who broke her heart too many times to count is part of the package.

Pride is a destructive foe and Forgiveness is hard to accomplish. Friendship is powerful and Love is unpredictable. Every journey has a purpose, will Blake and Lucy come out stronger for it on the other side? Or will it destroy what's left of their shattered hearts?

Warning: contains foul-mouthed rock stars, surprise appearances from exes, heart wrenching revelations and of course, fantastically loud music

**arc provided for an honest review**
Heidi delivers again!! These stories are so incredible. Such intense tales of loss, love and family. I love it. She had me at hello..well really, page one. 

 It's such a complete story. When it was over, I don't feel like anything was left out. Like anything was missing. I just had this feeling of wholeness. Like the story came full circle. No stone was left unturned. It's so amazing, so perfect.

 Blake and Lucy's tale is full of so much heartbreak and love gone wrong. But as the story is told you find yourself torn. Blake grows so much in this story but still, should she be with him or the other guy? What to do, what to do!

 Blake really does work on becoming a better man, and does an amazingly good job. And Shane.... Who knew I would actually like the guy. Who knew he would change and I would actually be in his corner. 

When he did what he did FOR her, it was like my heart breaking with his. I'm holding out hope for him, for them. That's how you know how amazing Heidi is. She can take someone who was a villain in a previous story and make you fall in love with them.

 She can take someone who is a villain and actually turn them into a hero. Someone who's corner you are in, who you support. I loved this story. I loved more Lenny and Luke. I loved Lucy and Blake. I actually kinda like Chad and Kendra. Someone who completely surprised me was Kendra. Who knew the mousy chick actually had a backbone! Just everything about this book is amazing. So many characters grow...So much love... Such a strong family. Like I said, perfection.
I gave this 5 hearts

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