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Big Bad Bite by Jessie Lane, review by Dee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What would it be like to live in a world where you are considered abnormal to those who are above the norm?

Jenna O’ Conner has been taught her whole life to hide from everyone. Never to let anyone to close enough to know that she would prefer a shotgun for her birthday over of a bouquet of roses. She’s been smothered by her over protective family so that no one learns what she truly is. Which is not human. Nor, is she considered the norm for the supernatural Other community that is benevolent enough to share this world with the humans.

In a desperate attempt to live her own life away from the small town she was raised in, Jenna obtains her dream job as the newest member on the Wilmington Police Department’s SWAT Team. What she didn’t predict was that she would run into trouble her first day on the job, in the form of a deadly, mouthwatering man named Adam McPhee. Who is also not human, but more like a wolf walking around in human skin. He’s determined to figure out exactly what Jenna is, which unbeknownst to him, could very well put her life in danger. He’s also determined to have her all to himself.

As if that wasn’t enough for Jenna to deal with, bad news blows into town. A group of extremist Shifters who think humans are cattle and factions of Others worldwide should stay within their own species - never to intermingle. Chaos ensues. Jenna has to find a way to shut them down, but in the process of trying to do that, discovers things about herself that even she never thought was possible.

Who said the wolf was what you had to worry about?
Welcome to the real world

I loved this book. When Adam is first introduced to Jenna, she said her wolf wanted to rub up against him and I swear that is what i was doing with my kindle. Rubbing my face against it. 

Adam is just one hot alpha. It's not only him that made me want to purr and rub my face lovingly against my kindle, it was Alec and Gage, Logan, all the men. They are just all so..damn. 

There were so many times where i just wanted to reach in my kindle and slap Jenna. Hello. CLAIM. YOUR. MAN. But she kept pushing him away, I was afraid something was going to happen. But then when they explained how obsessed his wolf was with her, I was like CHA-CHING! yes! 

He's not going anywhere. And he's so damn good to her. Even when she is the ice queen. But even then, even then, he shows her how good of a man he is. Then we have the little trip to Germany. *Ahem* HOLY SHOTBALLS!

 Between the fight, the club, the bathroom, the alley...lord have mercy. Guess that was a bit of an eye opener for Jenna. I did really think when she made it out to the woods, that she wasnt coming back alive. I thought she wouldn't get through to him. But..that's just what Jessie Lane does. They let you think something is going to go one way, and it goes another. They keep you on your toes with sass and snarky comments, smiling at attitude dished out, then swooning and worrying over whats going to happen next. Well done ladies, well done.

I give this 4 hearts

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