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Author Special Valentine's Day Special

Prepare yourselves. . . This is hot hot hot material. These men here, will heat up your day with their plans for Valentine's Day. 

Here are some special Valentine's Day plans from some of your favorite book boyfriends!!!

Razer is planning on giving Beth breakfast in bed. Afterwards he will carry her to the shower and shave her body with a new lotion he bought just for her. The day will be spent in bed relaxing until, they get dressed for the party that The Last Riders are having for the women members. He has a special surprise in store for her, having bought her a new outfit to wear to the party. She will open a mystery present during the party. It’s a box game called “If you dare” where he wrote down several of her fantasies on cards and placed them in the box. He is hoping like hell she picks his favorite. He bought wax candles for her, when they melt it turns into massage oil where he plans on rewarding her with a message for being a bad girl at the party.

Viper has a special night planned for Winter. He had his tongue pierced and bought a tongue ring vibrator, which he is waiting to surprise her with on Valentine’s day. He also bought her a set of Ben Wa Balls because she’s always busting his balls over something. He plans on getting her all hot and bothered before the party, even icing a six-pack of her favorite beer. After the club party he’s taking her on a midnight ride to Cash’s homestead to lay a blanket out and build a fire. He’s not sure yet if he’s going to invite anyone else along, he’s leaving that up to the game Razer told him he was bringing to the party.

Knox has been a good boy since he’s become Sheriff but he’s forgetting that tonight. He’s planned a special night at The Last Rider’s taking his old bedroom back he’s bought a new cock ring and warming lube that’s going to get Diamond’s mind off of zombies for the night. He’s made a special bug-out bag with a few special outfits that he’s planning on her trying on for him and he’s leaving the door open for anyone to watch. He knows how to deal from under the deck and he’s going to make sure he’s the winner in Razer’s card game.

Stud knows Sex Piston will kick his ass if he gets to romantic so he spent three months building her a new custom bike. He’s hoping like hell she rewards him with the sexy Persian lingerie set he bought her with black lace panties and garters. No one wears a garter like Sex Piston. He had bought her a box of chocolates but Fat Louise found them when she babysat and ate them all, so he replaced it with a necklace with a diamond star. He didn’t think even Fat Louise could choke down that many carets.

Colton had a special Valentines Day planned for Vida but she beat him to the punch. She rented King’s Strip Club for an hour to give him a special performance in a white lace body suit, which she took off one inch at a time. Tormenting him for the hour before they went home where she gave him a free lap dance. She did like the special chocolate liquor, which he spent the rest of the night taking body shots off different parts of her body.

Kaden wants them to have a memorial Valentine’s Day that they will never forget. He took her to the Naughty Playground where they each picked their own present. He picked a feather tickler for her with honey dust and she picked a pair of handcuffs for him. He was amused to see that they had suction cups. She planned on cuffing him to the shower wall while she bathed to pay him back for always interrupting her bath. He didn’t mind. The bath bombs he had already bought for her had scents that were guaranteed to raise her libido. She wouldn’t keep him cuffed for too long if she wanted him to put out her fire.

As you can see my lucky heroines will have a Happy Valentines Day!

Love always,

Jamie Begley

Declan's dream date

If you haven't figured it out by now ladies, men are simple.  
We don't require flowers or candy...hell we don't even care about lingerie that much.  Having you naked is about ten times better--nothing to rip and miles of flawless skin to worship.  The only things I'd need for a dream date is the woman I love and a few hours to make sure she's screaming my name over and over until she's hoarse and barely able to walk afterwards.  Throw in a tube of red lipstick and that's all a guy needs.  
Here's to a sexy Valentine's Day.

Today we sat down with Nathan Skye, the hero of the 

recent book Hedge Your Bets, By Kimberly Kennedy, to find 

out what his big plans are for that holiday of hearts, St. 

Valentine’s Day.  This afternoon  Mr. Skye is looking 

delicious in a fitted brown blazer over a pair of dark blue 

denim jeans and, are those snake skin boots?  Either way 

his sparkling emerald eyes below his tousseled black hair 

has caused more than a few of the interns running around 

here to sigh out loud. 

Book Boyfriend Reviews: Nate, can you tell us your plans 

for Valentine’s day with Jessi?  I believe this is your first 

together after being married is that right?

Nathan Skye: You’re absolutely right on that fact, which is 

why I’m not doing anything.  We are going to get a pizza, 

have a few beers and watch some movies on the couch.  

I’m not a hearts and flowers kind of guy.

BBR’s: Oh.  Really.  Then what kind of guy are you?  And 

how did you become a hero in a romance novel?

NS: Got you too! I’m the kind of guy for the dramatic, which 

is why Jessi thinks we are just going to be hanging out at 


BBR’s: So you tricked her?

NS: I wouldn’t call it tricking, more like pulling a little con.

BBR’s: Isn’t that how you won her back in the first place?

NS: Well that’s another story for another day…

BBR’s: Then what are your real plans, Mr. Nathan Skye?

NS: I want to recreate some of our early days together, 

when we were little more than kids, running around the 

western United States in my grandfather’s Buick, having 

ourselves a grand adventure.

BBR’s: The Wild West in an antique Buick?  How are you 

planning on achieving this one in Manhattan Nate?  Perhaps 

you’ve bitten off more than you can chew?

NS: Never underestimate Nate Skye, my friends, especially 

when it comes to love.  I might need to do a little tweaking 

involving more of a pimp mobile and some questionable 

“cowgirls,” but either way it’s going to be a Valentine’s Day 

Jessi will never forget.  I just hope that she understands I 

will always love her, and continue to show her, in my own 


BBR’s: We look forward to hearing all about it!

NS:  I’m sure there will be some sort of story floating 

around about it somewhere.

BBR’s: We certainly hope so.

If you want to read this bonus Valentine’s Day story with 

the two main characters from Hedge Your Bets, head over 

to Kimberly’s Kennedy’s webpage at http://wp.me/p3GeTv-22 . 

Intersted in reading the original love story, Hedge Your 

Bets, by Kimberly Kennedy? Go and get it here Amazon

Perfect date with my little firecracker?
I'm renting the entire Underground ring. All lights will be on the stage. Pete's getting a table, chairs, linens, silver, and a rose on her place setting. Music? You betcha. I'm making a playlist of all our songs. Even her sassy songs about her not needing a man. Yeah, I kind of like it when she plays that because she sure as fuck needs me. Josephine will be taking care of Racer for the night. And I'm dining my girl on the ring,  the finest restaurant in Boston serving us -- all organic foods, natural and good for us. The best for Brooke Dumas. They're making her a special dessert made of dates with caramel and nuts, and while she licks up her plate, I'm going to be licking every one of her fingers, one by one. Starting with the littlest one, then working my way up to her palm, her wrist, her arm, her shoulder, and then her full pink mouth....cause that mouth belongs to me. I'm going to make it last, the dinner, the foreplay, the evening, make it sweet and hot, savor those gold eyes looking at me, just like they watch me when I'm fighting on the ring, except I'll be dining her on my ring instead. I'll be wining her too, and when she's smiling and laughing and her eyes are shining with lust and love and excitement, I'm going to haul her over my lap, slowly make love to her mouth, and then make her my fucking precious Valentine.

- Remington Tate, REAL, MINE, REMY

 Hi, This is Jaime Zander. The lovely ladies at Book Boyfriend’s Review have asked me to share how I dream of spending Valentine’s Day with my beautiful Gloria.

You all know, I’m a pretty creative guy, but it’s going to be a challenge to top last year’s Valentine’s Day. If you remember from Gloria’s Secret, I cleverly seduced Gloria and made her lose control. I’ll never forget the expression on her face when she saw what I was having for dinner--a taste of her. Let me tell you, she didn’t disappoint. Her warm pussy melted in my mouth, and I practically devoured every ounce of her.

Things are little different this year. We’re married now and living in Malibu in the dream house we built on my father’s beachfront property. Plus, Gloria’s eight months pregnant with our twins--Paulette and Payton. So mile high sex is not happening though I did dream of going skydiving with her and fucking her the whole way down. Maybe next year.

This year we’re just going to take it slow and easy. Though she keeps telling me that it’s okay for us to fuck our brains out while she’s pregnant, I’m too worried about the babies’ well being. I can’t fucking wait to be a dad though I’m nervous as shit.  So, here’s how I think our day will go….

I’m going to let her sleep late--thought fat chance, because Valentine’s Day is the busiest day of the year for her lingerie empire, Gloria’s Secret. So, knowing Gloria, she’ll be up early. Me too with a wake-up fuck. Slow and delicious. I’m going to trail kisses over every part of her body. There’s nothing more delicious and sensuous than kissing a pregnant woman’s belly with the exception of devouring her pussy.

Then I’m going to bring her breakfast in bed. Gloria’s eating for three, so it’s going to be big and hearty. Confession: I’m not the world’s greatest cook so I’m having it delivered from the Malibu Mart. Fresh granola, yogurt, a bowl full of assorted fruit, freshly squeezed OJ, and decaf lattes. Got to keep everyone healthy and well nourished.

When she’s done with breakfast, we’re going to shower together in our bathroom that over looks the Pacific. We’re going to make our own glorious waves, and then it’s off to work. I have a special present for Gloria, but it’s going to have to wait until dinner.

Dinner reservations are at Geoffrey’s. I reserved a window table that faces the ocean. We can never get enough of it. I found a bottle of non-alcoholic champagne online, and we’re going to drink it. Toast each other and toast our babies. And then I’m going to give Gloria her surprise. I had them custom made: a pair of earrings with two dangling diamond hearts--the two beating hearts of our babies. They match her toi et moi ring.  I know she’s going to love them. Probably bawl her eyes out. Gloria’s hormones are all out of whack and she’s super emotional. She cries at the littlest things. I plan to kiss away her tears. Each and every one of them.

Then, back to our house; it’s just up the PCH, not far away. The minute we get home, I’m going to take her in my arms and make beautiful love to her in our bed as the waves softly crash in our ears. Make her fall apart for me and shout out my name. My beautiful Gloria is my Valentine’s present. I could have no better…

Of course, this is all wishful thinking. Because things didn’t quite turn out how I planned them. An unexpected turn of events at the Gloria’s Secret Fashion Show the day before put our lives in turmoil, and the truth, I didn’t think I’d even be celebrating this special day with my beloved. You’ll read all about it in Gloria’s Forever.

Oh dear. Let us pick ourselves up off the floor after reading those.. anyone else need a cold shower? We are totally jealous of the Valentine's Days these women get to have... which one was your favorite???

**the purchase link to each book boyfriend's book is the title of each scene 

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