Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day TWO of our favorite Authors Valentine's Day Special

Ever wonder what your book boyfriends do on that special day? No not the first time they make love to that special woman but on Valentine's Day. Are they cliche or do they do something spectacular? We round up a few book boyfriends to give us the inside scoop. Here are a few for today but make sure you check back daily as throughout the week we will have several posting on what they have in store for that special lady in their lives.

George and Stella from
George sat at the bar in another hotel and waved to the bartender to get him another whiskey. It was Valentine's Day and he was alone. This job was really getting on his nerves.  He was always away from home, away from her. He took the first gulp of his whiskey and let his mind wander to what Valentine's Day would be like if he were home.
He came in through the garage door and Cooper met him at the door, tail wagging, and waiting for the pat to the head. Then he went and lay on his bed in the dining room so he could look out the window at the dog park.
"Love?"  He called as he entered the den.
Stella turned and came into view wearing one of his blue button down shirts, barely buttoned, and that was it. Her hair was long again and hung halfway down her back. It covered her nipples when she was naked. A genuine smile spread across her face and she kissed his cheek. "I've missed you."
"You too," George leaned in and inhaled her scent of coconut. "Why are you…?" He waved his hand in front of her shirt.
"I went to yoga, got out of the shower and just put this on."
He ran his hand on his favorite body part, the curve from her leg to her round ass. "No underwear?" His dick hardened immediately.
Stella winked and walked into the kitchen and pulled steaks out that she'd been marinating.
She nodded, but was silent. He watched as she sauntered to the fireplace, the curve of her ass on display as she bent over and turned the fire on in the fireplace. He chuckled at the gleam in her eye as she padded over to where he'd sat down on the couch to go through the mail. Without a word she unbuckled his belt, his erection bursting through his pants, and pulled them down.  She got on her knees and unceremoniously took him into her mouth. George leaned back, his head resting on the couch as she licked and sucked him until he swelled in climax; she palmed his balls and quickened her pace until he felt everything fall away at his release. While he was still in ecstasy she got up and went into the kitchen to make their dinner. He turned on ESPN and didn't even bother to pull his pants back up. Stella brought him a glass of his favorite wine, a Cabernet by Flora Springs.
He caught up on all the sports he'd missed while she cooked and finally pulled his pants up when she told him dinner was ready.
She brought over their dinner of New York strip steaks, sautéed spinach and roasted squash. They ate making small talk and nibbling on each other. Then she took his shoes off and walked him over to the fireplace. Stella took off her clothes and began kissing him softly. His dick responded immediately and he lay her down and tasted her everywhere….
His phone shook him out of his daydream and he was disappointed to find himself back at this hotel bar.  His dick was hard from the dream and he adjusted himself as he checked his message.  He laughed out loud at the message.
Happy V-Day, be happy you don't have any VDs
That was his Stella.
That's all I can ask for
He responded laughing.
It's a low bar 
She texted back.
I miss you Love of my life
Stella responded immediately.
Miss you too glutton for punishment
That was his Stella and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Luke Woods and Andi Morgan from

 I’m sitting in the Wynn’s Encore Tower 

Salon Suite, one of the most 

prestigious and luxurious hotel rooms 

in Las Vegas. There are two floor-to-

ceiling windows in the living room that 

overlook the city lights. But my eyes 

are locked on my beautiful lady, Andi, 

as she looks around the room in awe. 

This is her first trip to the Vegas strip 

and she’s definitely impressed.

“Luke, you didn’t have to do all this for me,” she gasps. 

She hasn’t seen anything yet, 

though. She finally notices the three 

wrapped presents waiting for her on 

the couch. The boxes are expertly 

wrapped with big beautiful bows, 

beckoning her to open them and reveal 

the contents. Her eyes fly up to meet 

my intense stare. She looks at 

me expectantly but I give nothing 


Inside, I’m already dying for her to 

open them and the events that will take 

place immediately afterwards. I walk to 

the wet bar and pour our drinks while 

she inspects the wrapping. She lifts one 

box and shakes it but the contents 

refuse to give her any hint. Unable to 

contain my smug grin, I tell her, “Pick 

one. We’ll start with whichever one 

you open first.”
Her eyes meet mine and her seductive 

side emerges. She knows me better 

than anyone. She knows more than 

anything, I just want to get her alone 

tonight. She picks up the long, flat box 

and declares confidently, “This one.”

I nod casually, hiding my exhilaration 

and the ever-hardening bulge in my 

pants, as I respond, “As you wish, my 


Carefully unwrapping it, her sharp 

intake of breath tells me she’s figured 

out what it is.

“Really?” she asks me on a whisper.

“Really,” I state resolutely. Andi picks 

up the clothing and runs to the 

bedroom to change. I take the other 

item out of the box while she’s 

changing and quickly assemble it.

It’s my turn for the sharp intake of 

breath when she returns from the 

bedroom. don’t know if I’ll make it to 

use the entire ensemble of this box. 

She’s wearing red heart pasties, a black 

garter belt with black thigh-highs, 

black stiletto heels, and crotchless 

panties. Her beautiful body is 

completely on display for me even with 

the few stitches of material that covers 

her. She looks over my shoulder and 

sees that I’ve already hung the strips of 

nylon covered with soft fleece from the 

hooks in the ceiling and the smile on 

her face tells me she’s perfectly fine 

with it.

I crook my finger, motioning for her to 

come closer to me and she readily 

complies. Helping her into the swing, I 

help her get comfortable and take a 

moment to just enjoy the view. She’s 

waiting for me, in a sex swing, directly 

in front of the full wall of windows. 

We’re high enough that no one can see 

her but that doesn’t diminish the 

illusion and excitement of knowing 

people are out there milling about. 

“Luke, if you don’t get over here, I will 

have to start without you,” she purrs. 

That’s the only invitation I need. 

Grabbing the other two presents, I stalk 

towards her like she’s my prey and I’m 

going to eat her alive. And that sums up 

my intentions exactly.

I quickly shed my clothes and model 

my new boxer briefs for her, flexing my

muscles and showing off a bit. They’re 

red with white hearts – perfect for

Valentine’s Day, but there’s no fucking 

way anyone at the gym will ever know 

about these. Her eyes widen and her 

smile lights her face as she moans 

appreciatively, “Oh my god – you look 

good enough to eat, baby.”

Like I said, that’s my plan.

“What’s in the other two boxes?” she 

asks excitedly.

“Oh, you’ll see,” I promise her as I place 

them within reach.

Shedding my boxer briefs, I pull on the 

straps to hold her tightly to me as I 

ravish her with my tongue. I’m not 

slow and gentle – I’m ravenous and 

demanding, taking what I want and 

giving her what she needs. She 

screams out in pleasure as I lap her up, 

sucking on her most sensitive nub, 

scraping it lightly with my teeth, and 

then plunging my tongue deep inside 

her. Adding my fingers, one at a time, I 

thrust them in and out of her sweet, 

wet channel. She comes unglued in my 

hands. And mouth. Damn, I could do 

this all night.

Her cries of pleasure indicate she has 

climaxed, her cum on my tongue the 

evidence. She limply lays back in the 

swing, “You are incredible, love,” she 

sighs heavily.

“I’m not done yet, love,” I reply. Picking 

up the two boxes, I hold them up in a

balancing motion, indicating for her to 

pick one. She nods towards the shorter,

cubed shape box.

“Your wish is my command,” I reply.

open the lid to the box and let her peek


She laughs, “Yeah?”

“Oh, yeah,” I respond with a chuckle.

This box holds the digital camera and 

the chocolate sauce. Yeah, yeah – 

strange combination but I’ve never 

claimed to be normal anyway. I drench 

her torso in the thick, gooey chocolate 

and can’t resist licking a path from her 

breasts to her sex. Her moans are the 

most incredible sounds I’ve ever 

heard. Snapping a few pictures of her in 

this state makes me want to take her 

again already. Just thinking of being 

able to memorialize this moment with 

pictures….pictures that will be safely 

hidden in a secret vault with a three-

headed monster that keeps guard so 

that no one but me will ever see these. 

My Andi….my sexy little chocolate-

covered, sex-swinging vixen. Damn, 

how’d I get so lucky?

I lap her up from one end of her body to 

the other. I’m sure a sugar-induced 

coma is in my near future, but she’s so 

fucking worth it. The scent of her 

arousal, the taste of her skin mixed 

with the chocolate sauce and I’m in 


But I’m not done. Flipping her over, she 

squeals with excitement and I start 

working on her other side. She has the 

perfect ass from all the hours she 

spends in the gym. Her feminine 

back muscles are incredibly sexy, as is 

the ridge that runs along her 

spine. Pouring the chocolate sauce in it, 

I lick her from neck to ass, paying 

special attention to the indentions just 

above each ass cheek. She squirms 

under my ministrations, begging me to 

touch her again. Her wish is my 

command. I kneel and take her in 

my mouth again, using one hand to 

hold her close and the other to spank 

her ass cheek, then gently rub it. Over 

and over again until she can’t hold 


"Damn, baby. How many turns do I get 

tonight?” she asks me

“As many as you want, love,” I answer 

as I gently turn her back over. Unable 

to wait any longer, I position myself at 

her soaked entrance. She’s more 

than ready for me if the stiletto heels 

digging into my ass and pulling me 

closer to her is any indication. Fuck, I 

love my sexy little vixen.

With one swift motion, I am buried in 

her to the hilt. She screams loudly as

growl in response. Her fingers grip the 

straps tightly as I simultaneously yank 

them toward me while my hips thrust 

towards her. I feel her inner muscles 

quiver, tighten then grab hold of me 

while I’m deep inside her. She’s so 

close to coming again and her body is 

demanding that mine also give in. 

Pulling the straps under her legs, I bury 

myself even deeper in her and continue 

thrusting until she yells my name and 

her body milks me dry.

Now it’s time to hold up the last box. 

It’s flat and the lid is wrapped 

separately so she can simply lift it off.

She sees the contents and laughs, “You 

are wicked, Lucas Woods.”

The box is filled with small plastic cups 

of pink lemonade shots – her favorite. 

“Just a little twist, though,” I add. 

Taking out one of the shots, I dump the 

contents on her stomach and she yelps. 

I quickly lap it up with my tongue and 

she stretches out flatter in the swing, 

giving me full access. Another shot 

poured on her, and I’ve covered her 

entire torso with my tongue.

“I want to do you, Luke,” she pleads. 

How can I resist that? I help her out of 

the swing and she inclines her head, 

motioning towards it.

“You want me to get in that thing?” I ask 

incredulously. She nods her head with 

wicked, wicked smile on her face.

“Oh, yes, baby, I want you in that right 


My dick is immediately rock hard again, 

just thinking of all the possibilities this 

will bring. I manage to get myself into 

it and she wastes no time in working 

me over. Pink lemonade shots cover my 

body – from my stomach, to my chest, 

to my dick and balls. And she’s lapped 

it all up. Every. Single. Fucking. Drop.

Shots gone, and my baby’s buzzing, she 

takes me deep into her mouth. Up and 

down my shaft, her wet, warm mouth 

wraps me in her own brand of silk. She 

pumps her hand and works magic with 

her tongue until she has licked up and 

swallowed down every last drop of me.

Extricating myself from the swing, I 

escort my love towards the shower. 

But the bed and her outfit catch my eye 

and my imagination takes over. Posing 

her provocatively in the middle of the 

bed, with her propped up on pillows, 

and that just-freshly-fucked glow still 

intact, I swiftly grab the camera and 

make my own boudoir shots. She’s so 

damn sexy I can’t stand it.After another 

raucous round in the shower, with her 

back pressed up against the tiles, her 

legs wrapped firmly around my waist, 

and me buried deep inside her, we are 

both fully sated and completely 

dehydrated. The concierge arrives just 

in time with the dinner and champagne 

I ordered for us. With our bellies full 

and our bodies replenished, we settle 

into the bed and prepare to fall asleep 

in each other’s arms.

“I love you, Luke,” Andi whispers softly. 

“Thank you for this wonderful surprise 

– I loved every second of it.”

“I love you, too, Andi,” I whisper back. 

“And you’re welcome, my love. 

Happy Valentine’s Day.”

And as I drift off to sleep, I already 

know that I will wake during the night 

to watch her sleep. And I won’t be able 

to resist waking her – just one more 


Tank and Savannah from

The rumble of the exhaust of the two bikes pulling into the compound alerts me to her arrival. Walking out of the clubhouse, I watch as Tripp pulls in with his hand draped on Doll’s thigh. Rex is right behind him. They cut the engines. Rex reaches back tapping her thigh to signal she can get off. I approach stopping by the bike and crossing my hands over my chest. She’s not moving only staring at me.
“Get off the bike, Sass.” I command. She nods her head in defiance, still with a gaze of shock.
“Savannah, get off the fuckin’ bike and come here.” I drop my arms opening them to her.
Rex taps her thigh again. It’s taking every bit of my self-control to remember he’s my brother, they were ordered to take this ride. His hand on her leg isn’t romantic it’s a silent communication to get off the bike. A communication she’s ignoring.
“Damn it, Sass. I know I fucked up when you left now get off the bike.”
She finally complies. As soon as her other leg swings around the bike and hits the ground, I have her in my arms.
“Baby, no more. It’s Valentine’s Day the only bike you’ll be on is mine. Let’s go.” I take her hand, leading her to my bike. She has yet to say one word.
Climbing on, I gesture for her to climb on behind me. Once she’s settled, I pull her arms tight around me. Her head on my shoulder, her thighs pressed to mine as we ride. Arriving at the old barn, I smile to myself thinking how it all began for me right here. Tapping her thigh, she gets off the bike still watching me with wide eyes.
Taking her hand, I lead her inside. There sits Roundman’s car just as it did all those years ago. Turning her back to the car, I lift her gently to sit on the hood of the fully restored black 1967 Chevy Nova.
“Everything began with this very car, Sass. I tried to steal it as a punk kid. Roundman and Danza caught me. They didn’t kill me rather than made me accept the shit hand of cards life had dealt me. The Hellions life made a man outta my punk ass, made me take responsibility for my mistakes, and own my life and where I was headed. Everything I am is wrapped in that club. That includes you. Damn the consequences to hell, you’re mine.”
Before she can respond, I crash my lips down on hers. At first, she’s unmoving then suddenly her arms are around my neck, her legs wrap around my waist as she’s pulling me in for more. Laying her back against the hood of the car, I kiss my way down her neck. Lifting up the hem of her shirt, I kiss her stomach as I make my way to her breasts, pulling them out of the cups of her bra. Watching her nipples pebble hard with every movement I make causes my dick to get tighter against my jeans. Needing her now, I remove her pants. Running my fingers through her folds, she’s wet and wanting more. I trail kisses south. At her juncture, I spread her pussy lips, using my lip ring I run my bottom lip over her clit. She jumps at the contact. Licking, nipping, and sucking, I bring her to her orgasm as I reach in my back pocket for a condom. Letting her relax through the aftershocks, I sheath my cock and enter her. Balls deep, I kiss my way around her neck and breasts, sucking hard on her right nipple causing her to squeeze tightly around my dick as I begin pumping in and out of her. She’s whimpering under me as I increase the pace. My release is building I lean down and nip at her ear before kissing that sweet spot below it.
Whispering to her, I say, “Remember I once told you that you could push the buttons on a dead man and bring him back to life. You push my buttons and bring me to life, Sass.”
She stiffens under me before I can finish. Her reply shakes me to my very soul. “You’re in a coma, this isn’t real. I didn’t bring you back.”
Suddenly, we’re not in the barn. She’s not under me on the hood of Roundman’s car. All I can hear are the beeps of the monitors beside me. Fighting for the light, the sounds, I can’t pull myself out. The darkness is consuming me once again. Will I ever wake up for her?

Anthony Rawlings and Claire Nichols from

Anthony Rawlings
Hello Ladies, I’ll share my dream Valentine’s Day date with you, but first, you must make me a promise. This information is private. I do not want Claire to learn my plans until I personally share it with her on Valentine’s Day—if you know what I mean. Now, only if you’re willing to follow my rules, and you will not divulge this private information, you may continue reading.   
I enjoy surprising the beautiful women in my life. First, I’d have my personal shopper deliver a very special clothing ensemble accompanied by specific instructions.  Now, as you may remember, I used to have certain clothing requirements when it came to Claire; however, she’s taught me that what is under that stunning dress can be incredibly erotic when momentarily hidden by sexy lingerie. I’ve found that inventing new ways to remove that lace has become one of my favorite past-times.
Next, I’d whisk her away to a very romantic location—Paris or Rome?—both stunning, yet with our family responsibilities, we like to stay closer to home. I discovered a secluded hideaway in Wyoming, surrounded by the grandeur of the snow covered Grand Tetons.  Knowing Claire’s affinity for the outdoors, this is perfect; nevertheless, I plan to keep her busy inside: first we’ll share a private dinner fitting of her gorgeous attire, and then we’ll spend time alone to explore the lace and all it covers. 
Our chalet will be private, include a roaring fire, soft music, and a king-sized bed. There will be roses and rose petals...Champagne and caviar... candle light and a warm bath. By the time February 15th rolls around, I intend to show Claire that she is the most precious Valentine’s gift I could ever want—she will know that I do want her—and most importantly, I always get what I want.
Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! 

Clara and Dominic From

I smile at the screen. Clara’s been sending random texts to me since we came back from
our honeymoon. They’re usually short, always sweet, and I never know when they’ll come. I do
know they are sure to keep my interest sparked, and a smile on my face, which I love.
I shoot a text to Sawyer asking if he has plans for the evening of the fourteenth because
I want to take Clara on a real date. One where I pick her up, open doors, take her somewhere to
just talk and flirt and then secure myself a kiss goodnight. I love getting her worked up, knowing
what she feels like, how my touch drives her wild. The heat in her eyes some nights is almost
too much for me to handle but I’ll never tire of it. She’s freed me in so many ways. Lightened
my life up from the weight of responsibilities that were drag it down. Allie too. She’s so
amazing. Sometimes watching the two of them creates a pain deep in my chest. I want to be a
part of that. I want us, the three of us to be a legal family. I want the intimacy that comes with
having a wife and children. It’s hard knowing that Allie has a biological dad who’s a scum bag, a
father who’s raised her that she adores, but is not related to her, and then me, the extra third
wheel. I try not to let those feelings bubble up but its hard sharing her. She’s an extension of
Clara, and I love all of Clara.

I push through the shop door, quietly making my way out back. Clara sits hunched over a
calf, working intently on a piece. She doesnt look up or acknowledge me. Why would she? I’m
not due home until tomorrow. Sawyer lifts his head and grins slightly before lowering his eyes
back to his own work.
Dom!” Allie squeals from behind me. Her small, slender arms wrap around my waist
happily. Did you know that I’m Sawyer’s date tonight?! We are going on an ice cream date and
to the movies!” she elates. I grin at her and tussle her hair.
“Hi.” Clara says an inch from my face. I lean back slightly, surprised at her appearance
next to me.
“Hi. How’s your day?”
“My day was good but it’s about to be better,” she smirks at me devilishly.
“Oh?” I ask.
“Hell yes! You’re home early! She excites, tugging me closer and leaping into my arms
before raining kisses all over my face and head while I laugh. I hold her tightly to me as I start
towards the front of the shop for some privacy. Gently, I explore her face with my fingers as a
blind man may, as if I’d never seen it before, and may never again. She stops my fingers with a
quick, clinging kiss that scatters my thoughts like ashes in the wind. I set her to her feet gently
and gaze down at her.
“I missed you.”
Ditto.” she smiles, pushing up onto her toes to reach my lips. I give in. I always give in
when her lips are involved. Still, to this day she captivates me. Her strength, her determination,
her will to be who she is and own it. It still turns me on. I break the kiss and step back a half
step to gain enough distance to get a word in. She pouts at me. Such a spoiled little sprite. I lick
my lips and grin at her display of petulance.

“I’m picking you up tonight at six pm.” I state. Irritation flashes across her features.
Presumptuous, eh?” she whips back. Her little quirks, although now understood, still
rear their heads sometimes. She likes to be the boss, not the one bossed around. She also likes
to feel as though she has a choice, even if she doesn’t.
“You’re my wife. I earned that right.” I respond, not backing down.
“Still, it’s polite to ask...” she huffs, slowly losing the willpower to fight me on this.
“Darling. I’d like to take you on a date tonight. Would you go out with me?” I ask,
knowing that the idea, to her, of me caving will turn her to mush.
“I’d love to.” She smiles brightly. Pick me up at six.” she finishes before running her hand
down my arm and turning back to the back room. She glances over her shoulder at me and
winks. I shout my thanks to Sawyer and my goodbyes and head out. I’ve got planning to do.
The theater is packed. Which is good because it means the show is bound to be decent.
This particular theater has a stage, but is surrounded by tables. It’s a dinner theater. You get a
show while you sit at your table and order dinner and drinks. Clara, I’ve found, loves these
unique types of places. I was sure to secure us a seat towards the back though, shrouded in
darkness. It seems we have a penchant for putting the moves on each other whenever there is
a live show at hand. Vegas, the Yacht, the list has grown since that first date. Tonight's theme is
burlesque. Clara’s entire face lit up when I told her. She finds the whole thing fascinating
apparently and has been contemplating taking a burlesque class at the local university. Who
knew? Her linen pants and silk shirt brush against all the right spots as she rounds the table to
be seated. Sometimes I’m still stunned that she’s mine.
“I have something for you.” she says shyly. It’s not often Clara is, well, muted. She pushes
a box across the table at me.
You shouldn’t have.” I laugh. She kicks me lightly under the table. Unwrapping the gift, I
stick my hand inside the tissue and pull out a photograph of her tattoo. I look up to her, cocking
my head in question.
“Look harder. she urges. I inspect the photograph in detail and suck in a sharp breath
when I see what I’m meant to see. My name, worked into the veins of her butterflies, added
skillfully to Allie’s and Sawyer’s. I’m worthy. I’m a worthy enough part of her life to be included.
This is huge for her, but equally big for me. A permanent place on her body with those she loves
and values more than her own life.
“I don’t know what to say.” I say quietly.
“Show me what you feel, later.” she smiles, knowing damn well how touching her gift is.
“I intended to do that anyhow.” I mutter.
“I know. You don’t need things Dom. I wanted to do something better than a possession.”
You did, my love, you did.” I answer as she fingers the butterfly necklace I gave her so
long ago. She takes my hand in hers as the waiter stops by to take our order.
“How was your appointment with Dr. Harger?” I ask. She tutts under breath but answers
none the less. Open. Honest. Communication. It’s our little promise to each other.
“Fine. Still working on my... burliness.” A chuckle escapes me.
“Burliness eh? Is that a nice term for being bossy and blunt?”
“HAR, HAR, Dom. The good doctor still thinks that I have control issues that I need to

work on. They’re affecting my, what did she say, right, emotional well being.” she waves her
hands around when she explains what the very well trained and very expensive therapist told
“Care to elaborate?”
“Sawyer related... care for more?” her tone is cautious.
Not really.” I say, trying to keep my voice neutral. Sawyer. I wish we could co-exist more
easily. I dont know how to deal with him or with Clara about him. He can’t be cut out or
avoided but it’s a painful memory that still brings up jealousy for me. I just wish he’d meet
someone and fall in love. Although, for Sawyer that would be best, for Clara, it could be hard
for her to accept and find joy in. Part of me still believes that he has a place in her heart. What
Clara doesn’t know is that I did see a therapist, while we were dating, who helped me come to
terms with the fact that Clara and Sawyer would be in each others lives forever because of Allie
and that although I might not like it, he will always hold a piece of her heart. That it was natural
given the length of friendship and the nature of their relationship. If I wanted Clara in entirety I
had to accept Sawyer’s role in our lives, which I’ve done. I’m just not sure Clara is to the same
point that I am. I have no doubt she loves me, or that I consume her. I know she made her
choice in a clear frame of mind and for that I’m grateful. I’m not sure I could live with the
Maybe you should see a therapist with me.” she laughs, watching me. Her hair moves
around her shoulders with the movement captivating me. I want to touch it.
The waiter brings our dinner and drinks just as the show starts. Thus far it’s well done and
exciting. I’m glad I chose this for our date tonight. I watch as her eyes light up in pure
enjoyment and pride swells in my chest.
I rest my hand on her thigh but she’s too engrossed in the show to really notice. She’s not
even interested in the dessert waiting on our table. My thumb sweeps back and forth slowly,
moving the linen softly on her skin. As the show continues, my fingers drift dangerously up her
thigh and inward until she gasps as my thumb brushes the spot where her hip meets her thigh.
My eyes scan her face before locking on her dark eyes. “Are you enjoying it?” I breathe into her
ear. I feel like I’m on fire. How does she do that still from a simple look and gasp? She turns her
head slowly, bringing us nose to nose. Her gaze intense and unwavering as she answers, “Yes.
I move my face a centimeter closer to hers and watch her eyes drop to my mouth as I wet
my lips, hungry to taste her. I tilt my head a fraction in invitation, lust gripping me so strongly I
can't shake it. Reality is better than anything I come up with in my head when it comes to her. I
can't get enough of her. My tongue pushes into her mouth, tasting and exploring, warm and
hot. Running it over her bottom lip before biting it, then soothing it again with my tongue. The
sensations are electric and shocking but I want more, as always. She shifts unconsciously in her
seat, angling her body towards mine. My arm slips under her rear and I slide her onto my lap as
we continue to kiss. Sliding my hand along the silk of her shirt and up her side until my thumb
brushes the underside of her breast, her body wiggles with need. I love that I still have that
effect on her. Her body is mine. It reacts to me as mine reacts to her. It’s a heady feeling.

With her mouth on mine I can't form a thought and my blood pressure sky rockets. My
erection throbs under her rear, the flimsy material of her linen pants hiding nothing from me. I
wiggle, adjusting her on my lap until I align my hardness between her thighs. She rubs herself
shamelessly against my lap as we feverishly kiss. My chest heaves against her and I have no idea
if the show is still on or not. Right now there is nothing else in the world outside of Clara and
me. The sensation of the silk on my hands, her fingers in my hair, and my lips devouring hers
have me lost in my own neediness. A low, raw groan rips from my throat and her hips stop
rolling as our kiss becomes tender and lazy. Holding her firmly in place on my lap I pull my
mouth from hers. She mewls at the loss of me and pouts. I can’t help but smile broadly and look
her over. Flushed skin, swollen lips and rumpled clothing. She’s a vision. I wanted to touch and
kiss and hold her from the day I’d met her. I wanted her to burn for me, just as I’d wanted to set
her ablaze.
Take me home, stud.” she murmurs coyly. I nod my agreement, stand and reach my
hand out to hers. “Always a gentleman,” she laughs. In public, yes. Always. At home, she knows

We burst through the door clinging to each other. The greedy nature of her kisses tells
me she’s not in the mood for foreplay tonight, but I have other ideas. I scoop her up and carry
her to our bedroom. The soft light from the bathroom spills over her as I set her on her feet.
Stunning. I am quite possibly the luckiest man alive. She grasps the edges of my shirtfront and,
with one fierce yank, tears it in open. Pulling her against me, pressing her bare breasts to my
chest, my heart beats next to hers, to the same frenetic rhythm. Grasping the back of her head
and crushing her mouth to mine, I drive out pride, and thought in one long, devouring kiss. She
is standing in front of me self-confident, bathed in light, and astonished at the sudden discovery
of gestures that makes me grunt in a feral sounding way. Stepping back, she takes in my
glances, a slow provocative striptease starts, slipping off each piece of clothing with caressing
movements and enjoying each stage of exposure. I could become addicted to this. I adore the
way she looks at me in these intimate moments and the way the world falls out of focus around
us. I long to feel her, to be moving inside her. Above all though, I always want to make her feel
as beautiful as she’s made my life. I focus on the tattoo as she approaches me, finding my name
easily in the mix. I trail a finger over it as she wears nothing but the sparkling butterfly necklace.
I push her onto the bed and grab her hips to pull her to the edge, before wrapping my lips
around her nipple, my cheeks hollowing slowly as I suckle, she gasps and arches into my hand
cupped between her legs. Caressing her side from breast to hip and back again, over and over,
gentling her as my heart races wildly. I kiss her navel and then move lower, as I settle between
her silky legs. Spreading her open, I nuzzle her clit. My light, teasing licks through her cleft and
the fluttering dips into her trembling core take us both to the edge of insanity. I cant seem to
taste her enough and she can’t seem to give me enough. I hunger for her when I’m away on
business knowing that when I arrive home, she’ll attack me, having missed me just as much.
Her back bows. Hoarse pleas leaving her lips. Tension spreads through her body, tightening
everything until I can feel it in her muscles. And then I happily push her into orgasm with the
softest nudge of the tip of my tongue.

Sated, she tugs my hair, my cue to move upwards and sate her in a different way. Our
mouths move together in a heated kiss that reminds me that I will do whatever it takes to
always keep our family safe and happy. This woman is a challenge, but a challenge I can’t
imagine not having. She stole my heart with some witty sass and secured it with the ultimate
sacrifice, giving up her heart.
“Happy Valentine’s Day, love.” I whisper into her ear.
“You, my love, make almost every day feel like Valentine’s Day.”
Her words cement my erection. Pure steel under soft skin. I push into her slowly and start to
rhythmically thrust, deep and slow. She groans and kisses my chest as she wraps her arms
around my back and her legs around my waist. Our bodies molded together in perfection. I
quicken my pace as my own need to climax takes over. Her hips tilt up, pushing me in deeper. I
love her greedy eagerness. A throaty moan escapes me as I finish. Wrapped in each other’s
arms, sated and spent, we blissfully drift slowly to sleep.

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