Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Chance by Joanne Schwehm Blog Tour

Aubrey Ryan thought losing her sight would be the biggest shock of her life. Then Alex Logan turned her world upside down by standing right in front of her in Paris. Alex convinces her to take a chance just in time for them to land in a specialist’s office in New York. Aubrey’s new diagnosis sends them on a journey through her past and the negativity she’s wrestled with her whole life.
As they work through their issues, they’re forced to choose sides with their family and friends. The only thing Alex and Aubrey know for sure is that they need to move on from their mistakes and focus on each other in order to turn a chance into their dream.

Okay I'm going to start this review with what I didn't like, don't worry it will be brief. I wish Aubrey's recovery would have been longer instead of just like bam! Fixed. I wish it would have drug out a little longer. And I wish her confrontation with Garett was a little more dramatic. Can you tell I like the drama? Okay, now on to what I did like. I love the relationship between Alex and Aubrey. I love that Aubrey grew up in this book. And I mean the way she handled herself so well with what was happening. She stood up to Leah, mended a relationship, told Brett how she really feels about his situation, told Alex to read the whole journal and didn't hide. She didn't run. She didn't push him away. So I feel like she matured some in this book. And Alex. I feel like he did too. He feels so guilty for what happened, but he worked with her and Dr Russo on that. He was committed to so whatever it took, cost no matter, to get her the best help ever. And they have a lot of sex, what's not to like about that? I really liked this sequel..well done Joanne, well done!!!

 I give this 4 hearts 

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