Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day Three of our Favorite Author's Valentine's Day Special

Today is day 3 of our book boyfriend Valentine's Day Special. We have some really juicy one's for you today. We hope you enjoy!!!

Ronin Flynn from Rook and Ronin

From: Flynn, Ronin
To: Huss, JA
Date: 2-14-14 5:06AM
Re: Valentine’s Day
Your friends at Book Boyfriends Reviews want to know how Rook and I are spending Valentine’s Day? This has to be up there with one of the craziest requests you’ve had, but I’ll indulge you.
 Once my beautiful girl wakes up, I will bring her coffee in bed.  Julie, as you know, my Rook is not a morning person. Then we’re going to relive some of our firsts.  We’re going to eat burgers & fries in our booth at Cookie’s Diner.  We will watch the first movie that we ever watched together, The Last Samurai. I barely saw the damn movie because I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her the first time.  That was also the first time I kissed Rook, and I have not stopped kissing her since. Later in the evening, I’ll take her out to the swing on the terrace, next to the cherry tree and I’ll remind her how much she means to me, over and over again.

 Ford Aston and Ashleigh
 from Slack and Taut

From: Aston, Ford
To: Huss, JA
Date: 2-14-14 5:38 AM
Re: Valentine’s Day

Let me get this straight, your friends at Book Boyfriends Reviews want to know how I’m spending Valentine’s Day with Ashleigh… and you thought I’d indulge them by answering?  I’ve always thought you were funny, J. Ashleigh reminds me I got her by playing nice so, what the hell, I’ll answer.

It’s a quarter to six on Valentine’s Day. I’m up early changing Kate’s diaper so Ashleigh can sleep.  I love this time with Kate in the morning. Who’d have thought it right? This baby… this baby has me wrapped around her little finger. She’s sitting up on my lap now banging on the keyboard and grabbing for the mouse. Babies sit up at five months by the way. Not in a chair, but propped up on my lap, she does okay.

So, the rest of today, that’s what the nosy ladies at Book Boyfriend’s Reviews want to know about? I know what they’re thinking. They’re thinking my perfect Valentine’s Day involves a babysitter for Kate and a blindfold and ties for Ashleigh.  They’d be wrong.  We’re still in New Zealand for a few more days while I finish this film project.  I love having my girls all to myself. Once Ashleigh wakes up I’m going to bring her coffee in bed. Then Kate and I will sit on the beach and watch Ashleigh have her morning swim. Later we’ll walk into town and have an early dinner. We’ll walk back to our rental house, with me carrying Kate in one arm and swinging hands with Ashleigh in the other. Ashleigh will say something to make me laugh, and I’ll fall a little bit more in love with her, as I do, every single day.

Kate will go down for the night about 8. Then… well, I’m still Ford, aren’t I?  Ashleigh as it turns out, likes it slow & tender, and fast & dirty. What can I say? I’m a lucky, lucky guy.  I’ll let her sleep in again tomorrow morning, she’ll need it. Kate and I will review emails and get the coffee started while we wait.

We’re back in town next week Julie. I’ll have you over to meet Ashleigh & Kate once your background check clears.

Spencer Shrike from Guns
Mark this one on your tbr list. It will be out in March

From: Spencer Shrike
To: Huss, JA
Date: 2-14-14, 4:30PM
Re: Valentine's Day
Hey Jules,
I love those hot chicks at Book Boyfriends Reviews. I can’t believe they want to know how I'm spending my Valentine's Day.  Fuck that.  I’ll be alone, thanks for the fucking reminder.   Ronnie is still pissed, and I still can’t do anything about it. I can’t risk her safety, I won’t.  So, I'm off to the strip club for some drinks…  after all, it is Friday night. Take care and stop in to see the new custom bike I'm designing. I think I'll paint her cream, with some blue accent details. It's gonna be the BOMB.


Brady Carsen’s Valentine’s Date with Sadie Miller (Don’t Let Go)  Dont-Let-Go  and Let-Me-In

Why the hell are my palms sweating and my heart racing like I don’t sleep with this girl every night of the week? Sadie’s absurdly romantic idea that I pick her up outside our shared bedroom has me thinking she has assumptions for tonight. Assumptions that I’m not going to fulfill. Assumptions that could very likely make us not share the bedroom door I’m about to knock on.
I stretch my arms, bend my knees, already feeling restricted in this damn suit. I miss my jeans, my Henley and Chucks. But tonight has to be special, especially for Sadie. Living with three guys and a revolving door of girls from two of them can’t be easy. She needs to be rewarded for putting up with me and my friends. We don’t always get the alone time we desire. So tonight, I’ll swoon her. Remind her why she choose me. Why she loves me. Most of all, prove to her how much I love her.
My shaky hand knocks softly on our bedroom door. I can hear her heels click down the stairway before the scent of her perfume wafts out, filling my senses. My jaw drops and my heart skips a beat when as I take in the woman standing before me. She stands in the doorway, looking at me with timid eyes, as though she’s worried I wouldn’t like the sight that just unfolded in front of me. The same red dress she wore on our first date forms to her curves and breasts just like it did then. Except this time, I know what’s hidden underneath. The control required to keep from pouncing on her, has me shifting ten times more than I did all those months ago.
“Well?” she tilts her head and licks her lip.
Oh hell, don’t grab her and take her up to our bed. Swoon, Brady, not screw.
“You look magnificent,” I tell her as my eyes gradually glide up and down the body I love.
“Are those for me?” She points to my hand, and I follow her vision.
“Yeah, you’re favorite.” I hand her the bouquet of daisies— her favorite flower—along with a box of caramels. The classic Valentine’s Day gifts.
“Thank you,” she takes the vase of flowers and box of chocolates from my hand and walks out placing them on the hallway table, “you know me so well,” she says, bending over and smelling them.
My eyes focus on her ass, my hands flex with want to place them there. I haven’t shown this much restraint since we first dated. Ever since we divulged our feelings for one another, my hands roam where and when they want.
She turns around, and I watch her eyes blatantly appraise my body.
“Do you like what you see, baby?” I ask, and she seductively nods her head.
“Always,” she says with her eyes focused on my lips. When I snake my tongue out to lick them, her body shifts and she grips the side of the table.
“So, I have a few surprises for you.” I try to distract myself from the image projecting in the forefront of my mind; her naked in our bed while my lips connect to every inch I love.
“Oh, I can’t wait,” she tells me. Our eyes focus on one another, the electric current taut from end to end over the invisible connection we share.
“Hell, Sadie,” I whisper and take the two steps to reach her. Lifting her in my arms, she wraps her legs around my waist. My hands squeeze her bare ass covered only by a thin piece of fabric.  "Sorry, baby, I just can't wait for my gift any longer." I wink as I take her up the stairs she just came down.

"That's alright, you're the best gift I've ever been given, and I get to have to you every day." 

All these yummy men can be found in Marking-Her

*grumbles and groans fill the room*
“It’s not that bad.” I huffed.
Talan looks me in the eyes and whined. “Have you not met the woman I’m attached to?”
“Attached too? That’s a funny way of admitting you are seeing someone.” The boys beside him laughed, until our Talan shut them up with a glare.
“Talan,” Simon began once sobered up, “it’s not our fault that Maya has you by the balls. It’s impressive actually. This shorty says jump and he does.”
“Fuck. You.” Talan laughed, but didn’t deny it either.
“Pathetic, if you ask me.” Lance chimed in; both Simon and Talan looked at him incredulously. “What?”
“This coming from the fucker, that let his girl paint his bedroom pink?” Simon asked.
“Don’t forget the bathroom…” Talan trailed off.
“What’s wrong with leopard print?” Lance growled out. “Veronica likes it.”
“Of course she does?” The other two laughed and fist pumped.
“You three are incorrigible. Can we get back to this interview?”
“Fine.” All three huffed and raised a brow at me.
“Are the girls expecting anything for Valentine's Day?”
“No.” Lance and Simon shouted out at the same and high-fived each other.
“What the hell…how’d you two asses manage that?” Talan huffed.
“Easy,” Lance laughed, “they don’t trust us enough to get them something decent, and asked for money.”
“I call bullshit.”
 I ignored Talan’s indignant outburst and pushed on. “What is Maya expecting, Talan.”
“According to her, she expects nothing. She wants to be surprised. Hearts and flowers and all that Valentine’s Day shit.”
“You are fucked my dude.” Simon said with a solemn look. “If you screw this up, you get nada!”
Talan ran his hand over his face in frustration. “I know.”
“Moving on.” I waived my hand in the air. “What’s your definition of romantic?”
“Why are you trying to put us on the spot? You do realize that the women that own our cocks will read this, right?” Simon grumbled, while the other two glared and nodded.
“Who the hell do you think gave me these questions?”
“Jesus.  Is that why they’ve been secretive all week?” Talan asked.
“Makes sense.” Lance added in.
I nodded and huffed. “Could you please just answer the damn question?”
“Fine. My ideal of a romantic evening consists of a dinner cooked by me, in front of my fire place. Maya would be lying down on a mountain of pill—”
“I’ve always wondered why you have a fire place in Miami, of all places?” Lance interrupted.
“It came with the house.” Talan defended.
“But why? It’s hot as all fuck outside.” Lance countered. You could almost see the steam starting to come out of Talan’s ears.
“Will you shut it…or do you prefer answering for me?”
“But—” Lance began, while Simon tried to hold in his laughter.
“Look lady,” Talan hissed through clenched teeth, “my idea of a perfect, romantic, evening consists of only one thing. Maya. Nothing more. Nothing less than her, to make it memorable.”
“Awwwwwww.” That was the boys, not me. And Talan’s mature reply, he flipped them off.
“Next question. Tell me about your worst Valentine's experience.”
 “Never celebrated it before,” Lance smirked. “Had no one special enough, to merit the effort.”
“And now there is?”
“There is.”
“Third grade.” He sighed. “I was in love with my teacher…well, as in love as one can be at that age.”
“Cause you’re so much older now?”
“Fuck you, Talan.” Simon snapped and turned back toward me, ignoring the men beside him. “Ms. Garcia was a beauty. Even then, I could appreciate a killer smile and pair of legs. She was sweet, caring, always opened my milk for me.”
“So what happened? Why was this tragic?”
“On Valentine’s Day that year, she broke my heart. Found her making out in our classroom with the assistant principal. Bastard was her husband.”
“Still a bit bitter, I see.”
“Nah, just pissed that I wasted my only ten bucks on a box of chocolates I ended up giving to my mom.”
“But that’s sweet.”
“No. I was rich at that age lady…ten bucks would’ve gotten me far with Stacy Thomas.”
“I’m going to leave that one alone.” I sighed. “Talan?”
“One word…Janice.”
“That’s it? Janice?”
“That’s all Elena will let me share. Sorry. Read Marking Him when it comes out to find out.”
“Okay, here’s the last one. Do you expect to be rewarded for the romantic evening you are planning with the ladies?
“Hell yes!” All three shouted.
“How would you like to be rewarded?”
“Sex.” Simon answered.
“Lots of it.” Lance added.
“Obscene amounts of fucking.” Talan demanded.
“Those three lucky bitches are in for one wild night.” I pouted and the boys just smirked. Ruined panties anyone?

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