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Burning Up Blog Tour, Interview with Ollie and guest appearances by Layla, Marie and Jared

Scorching heat...

Erotic pleasure...

Intense passion...

Layla Jennings thought she had it all figured out. The right time, the right place and the right guy.
After leaving behind her life and friends in Long Beach, Layla must now walk the path she has chosen, hand in hand with the man who holds her heart.

As the flame of love continues to burn brightly, she discovers more about herself and the man she loves every day. But what happens if the fire goes out? What happens when half of your heart is across an ocean?

With the other man in her life unwilling to give up his fight for her, and a danger she is too blind to see, Layla must battle between the safe and steady journey she has embarked on and the one that leads to destinations unknown.

Hey Ollie, we want to thank you for taking time out of your super busy schedule to sit down and talk with us. Let's get started so we don't keep you tied up long, we know you want to get to your girl, okay?
Ollie: Sounds great.

*Sandie runs in and tackle hugs Ollie to the ground* OMG I have totes missed you Oliver!!!!! 
Ollie: *Falls to the ground and grunts* Jesus H Christ!
Shannon:*Looking at Dee* We may have to tie San down.
Dee: dear lord, this may take a while

Any regrets about things that have happened so far?
Ollie: How long do you have? I have a lot of regrets but I try not to waste time thinking about it. Can't change it now. Can I? 
Sandie- nope sorry bud *laughs*
Anything you would do different?
 I'd fight harder. I would have stayed in L.A a little longer. Who knows. But I didn't so I guess what's happened, happened but it all lead me here. 

What do you see happening in your future?
The band is on tour and I'm stoked at the reception were getting. As for my girl, I see big things. The whole shebang! 

How have you handled all the ladies having an infatuation with you? I know Sandie does and I (Shannon) know I do too.
 Sandie is one of a kind. It's flattering. I don't mind it because they and I know where the line is and we don't cross it. My fans are the coolest in the world. 
San- awww thanks Olliekins you know I'm part of Ollies Angels for life!!
Shan- That line can be might fine!! *wiggling my eyebrows*
 Down, ladies!

Why do you feel it was so hard for Layla to decide between the two of you in the first book?
God knows! I mean, I'm the obvious choice, right? (Winks and bites lip ring, smiling)
Dee: *stares at lip ring*
San-*Smacks Dee*--Stop it he's mine remember!
What is it about Layla that is so appealing? 
Hard to pin it on one thing or even a few. All I know is that the second I saw her looking up at me from the hallway floor, I was hooked.

Layla kinda grew on me (San) I get where she is coming from but are you truly happy now Oliver? 
 So happy. Like, un-naturally happy.

San:If things don't work out you know I will always be here waiting for I will
 Oh, I know. *winks*

Can we still hang out and drink and go to strip clubs with you Ollie now that you have an old lady?
 Haha! Layla would freak at that title! Of course we can. Layla is surprisingly cool about that stuff. I guess she trusts me.

How does It feel to be known as a book boyfriend and be in bed with so many different women at night?
 Awesome! It’s amazing.

How is the tour going?
 It's awesome! I'm in rock heaven! 
San-I think we need tickets to the show. I really want to see Nick he makes me laugh.
 I’ll totally hook you up! *takes out cell phone and sends a quick text* You’re all set.

How are the guys behaving? and by that we mean Nick?
He’s driving me insane! He gets us almost kicked out of hotels, his disgusting habits make him unbearable to live with and don’t even get me started on the wall banging!
Dee: Ummm.. wall banging?

What is the one thing that you take with you from home on tour with you? *besides our pics* (laughs)
My cellphone. I cannot be without it. It has my pictures, music and a little video I recorded of Layla when we were at the beach.

Do you miss Mel and Amy? 
Every, damn, day.

Sandie looks at Ollie...Okay you know I adore you, I have been here for you, you're a great guy but yeah you kinda broke my heart Ollie. Now that you're officially taken and I guess happy *rolls eyes* I have to ask you a really serious question...Can I have Nicks number??
 I love you too much to do that to you. *rolls eyes and shakes head while smiling.*

As we sit and talk, in walks Marie and Jared. Ollie calls Layla and she joins us for a chat too. Okay.. so we've asked you all to be here for this last little bit of the interviews. This is what we call the Quick Fire round. So just say the first thing that pops in your head.. ready? aaaannnddd here ...we... go...

peanut butter 
J- sandwich
O- spoon
L- jelly
M – I hate the stuff!
O – Jar of peanut butter and a spoon.
San-WTF Ollie Spoon? 

ice cream
J - heat
O - naked
L- sticky sheets
M - Vanilla

J- Layla 
O- Layla
L- Ollie 
M – Infinite. I should explain. I have two tattoos and one is a love is infinite design with flowers. It hold deep and personal meaning for me.

J - car
O- Christmas
L- my tree
M – Rain. I live in Britain…it always rains.

J- peaceful
O- life guard hut
L- ahem, lifeguard hut...
M – Beach

whipped cream
J- playing
O- hell yes! 
L- tongue
M – Ice-cream sundae!

J- teasing
O- I don't like them. I like to see her eyes. 
L- Jared
M – Sunday nights.

Last Book you read
J – I don’t really have time to read
O – Keith Richards autobiography
L – Diary Of A Dieter by Marie. I loved it, by the way.
M – I’m glad! I just finished one by a British comedian. But I think I told you that…

Best Dinner
J – Steak.
O – A big fat cheeseburger
L – I love chili dogs!
M – A creamy pasta dish.

Best Date idea
J – Wine, dine, flirt and fuck.
O – Whatever she wants.
L – I love a nice evening on the beach with a fire and a guitar.
M – Anything as long as I’m with my hubby. Dates are rare these days with a newborn.
J – Desk… *Glances at Layla*
O – Work *Eyes Jared and Layla suspiciously*
L – Desk… *Tries not to look at Jared.*
M – Writing!

J – Sex
O – * Looking at Jared* Hell no! Bathroom sex!
L – Oh god. There is no answer that doesn’t get me a raised eyebrow or suspicious look so…sex.
M – Next!

J – Bathtub
O – See previous answer! *Sits back with arms folded behind head and grins.
L - *swats Ollie on the arm* Don’t be an ass.
M – Candle lit bath.

Piercing or tattoo
J – Tattoo…
O – Both! *Bites on lipring*
L – *Staring at Ollie’s mouth.* Both!
M – I’m a fan of both!

Dominance or bondage
J – Both.
O – WTF? Why are you asking that? *Looks at Layla*
L - *Looking away and blushing.* Uh, I don’t NEED it but…both…
M – I’ll happily choose both!

Shower or balcony
J – Balcony
O – Shower
L – Shower
M - Shower

Dee: I knew there was a reason I liked Jared.

Heels or flip flops
J – Heels
O – Heels
L – Heels
M – Heels

Blond or Brunette
J – Blonde *Smiles at Layla*
O – Blonde *Kissing Layla’s cheek* as if you need to ask.
L - *Smiling* Blonde
M – Redhead! I’m a redhead. But a natural brunette/blonde. Best of both.

Dee: *rolls eyes* ugh.

Dancing or Movie night
J – Dancing
O – Movie night
L – Movie night
M – Movie night

Dee: Jared.. dancing.. oh dear. I need a fan.

Foreplay or no
J – ALWAYS yes.
O – It’s a must!
L – Hell yes!
M – It’s the best part! The tease…

Manscape or peen bush
J – Hahaha! Manscape.
O – Manscape.
L – Manscape
M – I never get close enough to look these days! But manscape!

Dee: *jaw dropping* HOLY SHIT. Did Jared just laugh? *shaking my head* Okay.. well, thank you all for taking time to sit and chat with us. You know how much we love you! See you sooooooon!

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